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astroquestions  asked:

Part 1: hi hello. ^^ how do you think "completing missing energy" would be different if it were the sign versus the planet? for example, say someone has a cancer sun pisces moon, and met two people: someone with scorpio placements and another person with pluto energy. how would either individual "fill in the gap" differently for the cancer sun, pisces moon?

Part 2: another scenario is sign versus co-ruler planet. what effect would an individual with scorpio energy have on the cancer sun/pisces moon versus the effect an individual with mars energy would have on the same person? 

Part 3: a third scenario is sign versus sign that shares the same planet. how would meeting a scorpio person be different than meeting an aries person for the same cancer sun/pisces moon? or a capricorn sun/virgo moon meeting a taurus person versus a libra person?

Interesting question! I believe that whatever complementary exchange takes place will depend on how integrated the people (and their natal charts) are with each other, and their natural ability or inability to create such an exchange, primarily concerning their capacity to receive others. In my opinion, it has less to do with the distribution, type, behavior, manifestation, or arrangement of themes/forces & more to do with the unique nature and disposition of each individual involved, which is a limitless variable.

Generally, I think it can be broken down by element, the aspect relationship between archetypes, and energetic temperament:

- Water & air are much more apt to absorb and interact, whereas earth & fire are more self-centric (so it can be harder for the empty/neglected parts of their chart to be filled by other people).

- Signs that typically make harmonious aspects to each other would probably integrate more easily with one another, and planets of those signs would likely take over. Signs that typically make discordant aspects to each other would probably have more dynamic connections, and the planets of those signs would easily be rejected (or generally just harder to accept and get along with). So in scenario one, the Scorpio/Pluto person would easily have a strong influence on the Cancer sun/Pisces moon individual and activate a dormant part of the psyche (which depends on the houses and such). If it was fire rather than water, it would be more of a conflicting relationship with obstacles.

- The signs are generally more passive and the planets are generally more active, energy-wise, so planets are more obvious. Planets are the will of the sign in action, in a certain sense, so if it’s looked at that way, it’s a bit easier to see how/why the planetary subjects would have a more apparent affect on people who lack that archetype/energy in their chart.

It’s a big topic haha so I might make a post about this.

more stuff about the signs


  • they look like don’t mess with me but actually they’re love me
  • too smart
  • they don’t care a lot about emotions… unless their own
  • one of the easiest ways to lose them is lying to them
  • cry baby
  • they talk too much, so it’s hard to know when they’re serious
  • somehow they can convince people to do the most stupid things
  • sexually frustrated 24/7
  • they’re strong like when everything is going to shit they have strength and don’t let themselves get dragged
  • they move their hands a lot when talking
  • they’re the kind of people who bite their lips when thinking and accidentally bleeds


  • on the outside they look very calm and quiet, but in the inside they burn like hell (they’re too intense)
  • they don’t lose control easily but they do lose it often
  • they have a hard time trusting/believing in people’s emotions
  • they could kill you if you hurt an animal
  • a great part of them have a great sleeping schedule
  • they care too much about people they love
  • they cheat on board games
  • very good friends
  • too selective when choosing who to spend their time and energy with
  • they move their eyebrows a lot in their facial expressions
  • stubborn
  • they don’t let people go completely
  • their hugs are the best hugs when you have a bad day


  • emotional mess (they feel nothing in the right way)
  • they know a lot of useful shit
  • but they don’t know what sleep means
  • being bored is the worst thing that can happen to them (they get too mean, like little children)
  • narcissistic af
  • they’re never wrong
  • they express their feelings in thousands of different ways, however none of them seem to work
  • incomprehensible love for snacks
  • misunderstood
  • they cover their feelings with humor/indifference 87% of the time
  • they can make anyone laugh, no kidding
  • they lie to themselves
  • sensitive af, if you spend a lot of time with them you’ll see they’re such babies
  • very insecure
  • random happiness/sadness attacks
  • their brain is an exhaused roller coaster
  • innocent without wanting to be
  • they seem to fit everywhere but nowhere at the same time


  • they look like love me but actually they’re like i fuck with you or you fuck with me
  • they don’t know how to handle their feelings, so they don’t
  • drama,,,drama,,,dRAMa,,..drama
  • they can be too selfish
  • unpredictable af
  • leave me alone, but give me attention
  • their cellphone is part of their body
  • their true friends knows their family (even if they have never seen them) because of all the stories they tell, all the time
  • they victimize themselves a lot
  • they know how to listen and they give the best advice ever but they don’t use it
  • that kind of people who their first impulse when doing eye contact with someone is smiling
  • they care a lot about what other people think
  • they plat a lot with their hands and lips
  • the most adorable people when they’re not angry
  • children loves them
  • they can tranquilize people quickly
  • misunderstood because they don’t let anyone understand them


  • very sharp ideas/way of thinking
  • high moral
  • they need constant acceptance/validation
  • if you do them one you pay ten
  • always reading your intentions
  • they tend to joke about other people insecurities
  • they tend to do good things for people without even realizing
  • despite being surrounded by people, they still can feel very alone
  • they talk to themselves when nobody’s whatching
  • insecure af
  • a lot of craziness under the calm person they have
  • they wink a lot
  • will never cry or look vulnerable in front of others (unless they totally trust that person)


  • they always look like they want to kill someone (maybe they do)
  • public nerds
  • the most damaged sleeping schedules lol hello it’s 4 am
  • they read weird things
  • super committed and and helpful
  • they get angry when things are not done in their way
  • they’re the midpoint between introvert and extrovert
  • they have a great stalking until they have no crush anymore
  • they can’t tolerate it when someone is angry at them, even if they’re the ones to blame
  • their favorite acronym is lmao… laughing my anxiety off
  • they do this face a lot > 😏


  • they’re always in love
  • they listen to shitty music but won’t admit it
  • super emotional
  • they probably don’t know what is happening right now
  • they get too weird when they’re not comfortable
  • a stranger is a person they’re not friends with yet
  • they have good intentions
  • creative
  • they blush easily
  • they have a hard time saying no
  • they hide things so they don’t disappoint people they care about
  • they try to make everyone happy, even if it’s exhausting


  • they try to look rude, actually they’re cry babies
  • dark mind, bright personality
  • they have secret hobbies
  • they crave love
  • talking to them will make you either appreciate life or want to jump off a bridge
  • they get easily offended
  • scary when angry
  • protective with people they love
  • they hate being ignored
  • random laugh attacks
  • they can make you laugh in the most fucked up moments
  • they’re that kind of people who give more priority to the problems of those who love than their own
  • they easily connect with music


  • ready to disappear in any moment
  • they have watched every. movie. on netflix
  • using my emotions? caring about yours? nah, tomorrow… maybe
  • 34 hour-long naps
  • they fuck up 10 moments and make a very epic one
  • they have a hard time when apologizing
  • they have a hard time when asking for help, they believe they can do anything
  • would yell at strangers if needed
  • intentionally do things and then say they weren’t planned but went well anyway
  • they tend to be sad before sleeping
  • this is probably not a good idea but i’ll do it anyway
  • very competitive, but never satisfied


  • superiority complex
  • more party souls than you could imagine
  • they just want you to shut the fuck up
  • they’re cute until you’re obstrusive
  • able to intimidate people for good or for bad
  • they recognize their mistakes and then apologize without making a lot of drama
  • they keep their cool in the craziest situations
  • have random acts of love, like biting, cuddling, etc…
  • can make you feel important one minute and shit in the next minute
  • always have backup plans
  • physical appearance is important
  • always have weird obsessions
  • they play a lot with their feet
  • they need hugs and you to show them love, but will never say it


  • they disappear with no reason
  • cuter than you
  • they get confused when choosing between good and bad
  • everything is overrated for them
  • they’re addiced to memes
  • feelings out of control
  • they’re the special snowflakes
  • cannabis 23/7
  • they will know if you lie
  • they lose their shit often
  • they think and feel more than they show
  • rebels
  • the smartest ones


  • they don’t like dealing with their responsabilities
  • they like music more than they like you
  • they like attention but not too much
  • will never accept being the 2nd option for someone
  • can listen to you for hours, without making it awkward
  • fake friendliness (sometimes)
  • too weird but in a sweet way
  • super funny. their humor is either too simple or too hard to understand
  • they overwhelm your mind
  • big heart, even bigger imagination
  • confused af
  • if you really analyze them they look like they’re stoned

translated from x

The signs in a nutshell

Aries: Either very angry or very calm, always looking to pick a fight even if it doesn’t involve them. They love so much but are so scared to admit it they’d rather hide behind the fire.

Taurus: Very sweet, always there for you to talk to when you need it. Very loving but try to make it hard for you to love them back. Often the ‘mom’ of the friend group, loves looking out for others.

Gemini: Either sweet and shy or outgoing and argumentative. Loves to talk about their passions and ideas, very open minded. Very detached but loves to love.

Cancer: Puts up a front like they’re hard and tough at first. Usually acts like they don’t care which is ironic because they care about e v e r y t h i n g. Accepts you for who you are and talks about anything you want, great conversationist and loving people.

Leo: Subconsciously does things for attention. Has one or two people they’re themselves with because they don’t want to get hurt. Loves very deeply and everyone underestimates that. Will be mean for your attention but is actually so sweet and so caring. Would protect you forever.

Virgo: Detached but loves very much. Thinks of other people before themselves but likes to talk about themselves a lot. Huge dorks, have watched probably every sci-fi show/movie you can name. Good person to tell your secrets to, they will love you through anything.

Libra: Quiet but sociable. Doesn’t like their private life to be known or mouthed about. Their mind is always somewhere else, always thinking up scenarios. Cutest people to be friends with, will always have your back.

Scorpio: Intense and likes to come off as complicated but really isn’t. Wants to be loved and wants to love. Can be mean if they’re nervous or if you’re being rude. Don’t hold grudges but pretend they do. Mysterious because nobody really asks them about themselves. Very awkward and loving when you crack their shell. Will love you forever no matter how dirty you do them.

Sagittarius: Subconsciously problematic. Likes the thrill of things they aren’t supposed to do and are usually attracted to people they wouldn’t expect. Is a huge dork, loves to talk about art and music and passions. Will lie to cover you up, will sneak you out at 3 in the morning. Great friends, never give up on you.

Capricorn: Likes to pretend everything is okay , likes when other people are happy. Very thoughtful and generous and remember little things about you. Kind-hearted but have an evil side. Lowkey brats when they don’t get their way. Very easy to love, funny and loving people.

Aquarius: Big weirdos. Very awkward and usually tall. Have long limbs which makes them even awkwarder. Love music with a passion and want harmony. Very accepting and always there for you to talk to. Takes them a while to get comfortable but will love you like nobody else. Can get annoying but just want you to know they care.

Pisces: Sweetest most open minded sign. Love very hard even if you do them dirty. Loves to show affection and shower you in love even when they can’t afford it or think the relationship is going wrong. Blames themselves for a lot of things, feels like they have no one to talk to but let’s everyone know they’re always there. You can tell them anything and they’ll hold your hand through it. Loving and compassionate.

Sources of Addiction

Aries: recklessness; “why not?”
Taurus: gluttony; “what damage could just a little more do?”
Gemini: boredom; “that is the only interesting thing I see”
Cancer: compensation; “this is as close as I’ll get to what I need”
Leo: self-indulgence; “I deserve this”
Virgo: taking liberties; “I can be bad just this once”
Libra: peer pressure; “here is an answer to the disparity”
Scorpio: self-destruction; “I have to put an end to this”
Sagittarius: adventure; “I need to to experience this”
Capricorn: despair; “the only way left for me to go is down”
Aquarius: experimentation; “I wonder what that’s like”
Pisces: escapism; “I need to forget”

Your sun, moon, and Jupiter signs will apply the most. Also look at the ruling sign of the house Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto are in.

(Indicators of inclination to addiction)

the signs as stages of falling in love
  • aries: stage 9, confession - admitting to the person that you have fallen completely head-over-heels for them
  • taurus: stage 1, initial attraction - recognising that, for whatever reason, you'd potentially like to be with this person
  • gemini: stage 3, friendship - establishing friendly relations with the person in hopes of getting to know them better
  • cancer: stage 10, comfort - feeling completely at ease with the person; being able to tell them anything/do anything with them
  • leo: stage 4, envy - wishing that it was you that was spending the most time with the person
  • virgo: stage 11, planning - looking ahead to the future with the person
  • libra: stage 12, bliss - complete, utter, and total happiness shared by the both of you
  • scorpio: stage 7, lust - becoming even more physically attracted to the person in the hopes of getting them in bed
  • sagittarius: stage 6, bravery - owning up to the fact that you are falling deeper and deeper for the person at hand
  • capricorn: stage 2, investigation - finding out more about the person to evaluate whether they'd be right for you
  • aquarius: stage 8, hope - being convinced that there is a chance for you and waiting for the right time to take a shot
  • pisces: stage 5, embarrassment - being flustered around the person, trying to avoid them because you know they make you nervous
Signs forgetting an assignment

OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO: Virgo, Aries, Pisces, Sagittarius

*quickly scribbles some numbers to look like work*: Gemini, Scorpio, Leo, Taurus

Wait…what’s homework?: Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius

The signs when angry
  • RAGE: Aries, Scorpio, Libra
  • Passive aggressive: Pisces, Taurus, Aquarius
  • Stone face and doesnt even move: Capricorn, Virgo, Sagittarius
  • Cries with anger: Cancer, Gemini, Leo
The Signs as Greek Minor Gods
  • Aries: Nike
  • Taurus: Pan
  • Gemini: Phobos & Deimos
  • Cancer: Hebe
  • Leo: Hecate
  • Virgo: Persephone
  • Libra: Eros (Roman form = Cupid)
  • Scorpio: Morpheus
  • Sagittarius: Thanatos
  • Capricorn: Hestia
  • Aquarius: Nemesis
  • Pisces: Iris
What Your Sign Has Taught Me
  • Aries: People are forever moving, and just because you're content with being stagnant doesn't mean everyone else is going to be too.
  • Taurus: People are going to do what they want to do at the end of the day. No amount of "warnings" or "Oh but I love yous" are going to stop them.
  • Gemini: Words are more than just words when they are articulated with passion and emotion. Be careful how you use them.
  • Cancer: There is an extremely thin line between a "joke" and blatant mocking and insulting. Sometimes, we cross it without even thinking, and that's simply unhealthy.
  • Leo: You should never apologize for dressing up, or spending money the way you want to, or being happy. If you're not hurting anyone, you should do as you wish.
  • Virgo: Some people just like to complain. It helps to take the edge off. So when they don't have anything to complain about, they might just pull something out of thin air.
  • Libra: As far as your first instincts about people go, you should trust them, at least a bit. Maybe she really is fishy, or maybe he can be a real douche. Just keep it in the back of your mind.
  • Scorpio: Just because someone can hold an intelligent conversation, talk with you all night, and make consistent, beautiful eye contact, doesn't mean they're hopelessly in love with you.
  • Sagittarius: There is still love in "tough love." While it can hurt, it does not create the absence of caring, nor should it.
  • Capricorn: It's okay to look up to others. Sometimes, through admiring another person's qualities, we can learn more about where it is we would like to someday be.
  • Aquarius: Although many people do not change, a change is possible. Sometimes it's just waiting for the right moment to develop.
  • Pisces: Don't confuse an emotional, sensitive person for a good friend or a good lover. Someone can be totally self-pitying and not care one bit how you feel.