sun hives

sun + moon combos and songs they remind me of ♡♡

(this is entirely based on my opinion and my own music taste so im sorry if u dont “relate” to your song or whatever)


aries sun, aries moon: xxx / kendrick lamar

aries sun, taurus moon: slater / tyler the creator

aries sun, gemini moon: sheezus / lily allen

aries sun, cancer moon: keep da o’s / tyler the creator

aries sun, leo moon: i aint got time! / tyler the creator

aries sun, virgo moon: aint it funny / danny brown

aries sun, libra moon: destinado a morir / miguel

aries sun, scorpio moon: gummy / brockhampton

aries sun, sagittarius moon: ifhy / tyler the creator

aries sun, capricorn moon: black skinhead / kanye west

aries sun, aquarius moon: the hills / the weeknd

aries sun, pisces moon: left hand free / alt-j


taurus sun, aries moon: hate it or love it / the game

taurus sun, taurus moon: wake and bake / fleece

taurus sun, gemini moon: gorgeous / kanye west

taurus sun, cancer moon: my kind of woman / mac de marco 

taurus sun, leo moon: loyalty / kendrick lamar ft rihanna

taurus sun, virgo moon: partyisntover / tyler, the creator

taurus sun, libra moon: chanel / frank ocean

taurus sun, scorpio moon: arabella / arctic monkeys

taurus sun, sagittarius moon: bad and boujee / migos

taurus sun, capricorn moon: fitzpleasure / alt-j

taurus sun, aquarius moon: from the dining table / harry styles

taurus sun, pisces moon: parking lot / tyler, the creator


gemini sun, aries moon: dna / kendrick lamar

gemini sun, taurus moon: goodbye weekend / mac demarco

gemini sun, gemini moon: super rich kids / frank ocean

gemini sun, cancer moon: air balloon / lily allen

gemini sun, leo moon: waves / miguel

gemini sun, virgo moon: bagbak / vince staples

gemini sun, libra moon: ryd / steve lacy

gemini sun, scorpio moon: boredom / tyler, the creator

gemini sun, sagittarius moon: enjoy right now, today / tyler, the creator

gemini sun, capricorn moon: element / kendrick lamar

gemini sun, aquarius moon: duckworth / kendrick lamar

gemini sun, pisces moon: dance in the water / danny brown


cancer sun, aries moon: beach house / duckwrth

cancer sun, taurus moon: answer / tyler the creator

cancer sun, gemini moon: sweet life / frank ocean

cancer sun, cancer moon: riptide / vance joy

cancer sun, leo moon: turf / aminé

cancer sun, virgo moon: her / tyler the creator

cancer sun, libra moon: in your eyes / badbadnotgood

cancer sun, scorpio moon: summertime / vince staples

cancer sun, sagittarius moon: it was a good day / ice cube

cancer sun, capricorn moon: fish / tyler the creator

cancer sun, aquarius moon: ispy / kyle

cancer sun, pisces moon: good guy / frank ocean


leo sun, aries moon:  surfin / kid cudi

leo sun, taurus moon: norf norf / vince staples

leo sun, gemini moon: rare panther / duckwrth

leo sun, cancer moon: summer / brockhampton

leo sun, leo moon: runner / kevin abstract

leo sun, virgo moon: new workout plan / kanye west

leo sun, libra moon: im dead / duckwrth

leo sun, scorpio moon: monster / kanye west

leo sun, sagittarius moon: king kunta / kendrick lamar

leo sun, capricorn moon: power / kanye west

leo sun, aquarius moon: ruff ryders anthem / dmx

leo sun, pisces moon: hollywood dreams / miguel


virgo sun, aries moon: swamp / brockhampton

virgo sun, taurus moon: thangs / steve lacy

virgo sun, gemini moon: devil in a new dress / kanye west

virgo sun, cancer moon: caroline / aminé

virgo sun, leo moon: doves in the wind / sza

virgo sun, virgo moon: okaga,ca / tyler the creator

virgo sun, libra moon: only girl / kali uchis

virgo sun, scorpio moon: awkward / tyler the creator

virgo sun, sagittarius moon: paranoid / kanye west

virgo sun, capricorn moon: i / kendrick lamar

virgo sun, aquarius moon: what you know / two door cinema club

virgo sun, pisces moon: cowboy / tyler the creator


libra sun, aries moon: 911 / tyler, the creator

libra sun, taurus moon: to binge / gorillaz

libra sun, gemini moon: love lockdown / kanye west

libra sun, cancer moon: pink + white / frank ocean

libra sun, leo moon: tyrant / kali uchis

libra sun, virgo moon: ivy / frank ocean

libra sun, libra moon: lowridr / duckwrth

libra sun, scorpio moon: love galore / sza

libra sun, sagittarius moon: back pocket / vulfpeck

libra sun, capricorn moon: sweatpants / childish gambino

libra sun, aquarius moon: undercover martyn / two door cinema club

libra sun, pisces moon: american boyfriend / kevin abstract


scorpio sun, aries moon: dark red / steve lacy

scorpio sun, taurus moon: nights / frank ocean

scorpio sun, gemini moon: hive / earl sweatshirt

scorpio sun, cancer moon: thinkin bout you / frank ocean

scorpio sun, leo moon: better things / a$ap rocky

scorpio sun, virgo moon: loco / vince staples

scorpio sun, libra moon: fwu / partynextdoor

scorpio sun, scorpio moon: do i wanna know / arctic monkeys

scorpio sun, sagittarius moon: woman / harry styles

scorpio sun, capricorn moon: pothole / tyler the creator

scorpio sun, aquarius moon: electric feel / mgmt

scorpio sun, pisces moon: sunday / earl sweatshirt


sagittarius sun, aries moon: glitter / tyler, the creator

sagittarius sun, taurus moon: borders / m.i.a.

sagittarius sun, gemini moon: backseat freestyle / kendrick lamar

sagittarius sun, cancer moon: pilot / tyler the creator

sagittarius sun, leo moon: come around / m.i.a.

sagittarius sun, virgo moon: chick / brockhampton

sagittarius sun, libra moon: gamba / brockhampton

sagittarius sun, scorpio moon: the valley / miguel

sagittarius sun, sagittarius moon: hell of a life / kanye west

sagittarius sun, capricorn moon: feel good inc / gorillaz

sagittarius sun, aquarius moon: fluorescent adolescent / arctic monkeys

sagittarius sun, pisces moon: lost / danny brown


capricorn sun, aries moon: clint eastwood / gorillaz

capricorn sun, taurus moon: really doe / danny brown

capricorn sun, gemini moon: new person,same old mistakes / rihanna

capricorn sun, cancer moon: famous / kanye west

capricorn sun, leo moon: queer / brockhampton

capricorn sun, virgo moon: i will / danny brown

capricorn sun, libra moon: pink matter / frank ocean

capricorn sun, scorpio moon: fight / brockhampton

capricorn sun, sagittarius moon: humble / kendrick lamar

capricorn sun, capricorn moon: tell me what i dont know / danny brown

capricorn sun, aquarius moon: congratulations / post malone

capricorn sun, pisces moon: smuckers / tyler the creator


aquarius sun, aries moon:  alive / kid cudi

aquarius sun, taurus moon: solitude is bliss / tame impala

aquarius sun, gemini moon: school spirit / kanye west

aquarius sun, cancer moon: computerized emotion / yeek

aquarius sun, leo moon: deadcrush / alt-j

aquarius sun, virgo moon: rhinestone eyes / gorillaz

aquarius sun, libra moon:  ascension / gorillaz

aquarius sun, scorpio moon: sweet / brockhampton

aquarius sun, sagittarius moon: pursuit of happiness / kid cudi

aquarius sun, capricorn moon: 2seater / tyler the creator

aquarius sun, aquarius moon: loser / beck

aquarius sun, pisces moon: crack rock / frank ocean


pisces sun, aries moon: consideration / rihanna

pisces sun, taurus moon: find your wings / tyler the creator

pisces sun, gemini moon: sunny / brockhampton

pisces sun, cancer moon: drew barrymore / sza

pisces sun, leo moon: feels like we only go backwards / tame impala

pisces sun, virgo moon: empty / kevin abstract

pisces sun, libra moon:  pink toes / childish gambino

pisces sun, scorpio moon: where this flower blooms / tyler, the creator

pisces sun, sagittarius moon: xo tour lif3 / lil uzi vert

pisces sun, capricorn moon: breezeblocks / alt-j

pisces sun, aquarius moon: go gina / sza

pisces sun, pisces moon: bad religion / frank ocean

Sun Hives, a new hive design gathering world-wide interest, are part of the movement towards “apicentric” beekeeping – beekeeping that prioritizes honeybees firstly as pollinators, with honey production being a secondary goal. The Sun Hive is modeled on the traditional European skep hive and is aimed at creating a hive that maximizes colony health.


For some people, sun exposure can mean hives and rashes within minutes.

Warframe Mythology


The Orokin Era Was Ancient,

People Playing With Immortality and Rule. Then I Realized…

A God Complex within the Elite and To Have one.

You have had to Acknowledge god’s yourself.

So with terra forming and disruption in the solar systems has lead me to believe.

To Become New Gods You have to Erase The old ones.

Before the Orokin Era Started.

The Way of Life had to Change, Offerings and Council had to Change.

Who people Acknowledge had to Change.

Instead Of looking in the Sky they looked forward in the beginning of Golden Foundations.

You wonder, were there shrines? sacrifices? rituals ? Before the Orokin era?

Before you have a City of Gold, You have had to Have a City of Stone……

Month: January,February

Know Names: The Queen, The Mother, The Beginning

Symbolizations: The Sun, The Nest, The Hive

Planet: Venus

Animal: Cat Like

Material Offering: Argon Crystal

This 1st Dual Month Recognizes the Beginning. As to Birth , as To Growth

Month: March, April

Known Names: The Knight, The Defender, The War Harbinger

Symbolizations: The Sword, The Shield , The Crest

Planet: Mercury,Mars

Animal: Dog/Wolf Like

Material Offering: Gallium

This 2nd Dual Month Recognizes Willing to Fight For change or Order

Month: May,June

Known Names: The Mischievous, The Wealth Seeker, The Manipulator

Symbolizations: The Dagger , The Cloak , The Coin


Animal: Snake/Reptile Like

Material Offering: Neurodes

This 3rd Dual Month Recognizes Opportunity as a Way of Life

Month: July, August

Known Names: The Naturist, The Sustainer, The Source

Symbolizations: The Tree, The Mountain , The Culture

Planet: Earth,Ceres

Animal: Deer Like

Material Offering: Ferrite

This 4th Dual Month Recognizes Preservation of the Natural order

Month: September,October

Known Names: The Priest, The Mentor, The Balance

Symbolizations:The Sky,The Prayer,The Devotion


Animal: Bird Like

Material Offering: Plastids

This 5th Dual Month Recognizes Knowledge and Teaching In the Craft you Pursue

Month: November, December

Known Names: The King , The Father , The Ending

Symbolizations: The Moon, The Sea, The Void

Planet: Saturn, Neptune ,Sedna

Animal: Fish Like

Material Offering: Rubedo

This 6th Dual Month Recognizes Time Must Come to Past and All that Things Won’t last, For it is Ordained.


A Concept of an “ Astrologer Frame”

Different Planets, Materials , and Shrines give additional different Buffs

To buffs it already has.

A Support Frame in Design.

Summoner in Nature.

Summon Allies,Summon Buffs to Allies, and Buff Weapons

Can Sacrifice enemies to Summon Gods of Old.

If you Sacrifice enough Enemies

1 of the 6 will appear in Boss form Depending what offering you gave before Mission.

let me explain the thing that pissed me off the most about bee movie when watching it last night

in bee movie, the plot is set in motion by the fact that bee jerry seinfeld mistakes a tennis ball for a flower. he gets stuck to it and is separated from the other bees, which is how he meets the human girl

bee jerry seinfeld understands the concept of a career. he knows what coffee is. he knows what jazz is. he understands religion, including HUMAN religions like judaism. he understands fashion–he states outright that he wears a ralph lauren sweater. he knows what tv is. he knows what a car is, because the bees have little bee cars. he even knows what sports are

but he doesn’t know what a tennis ball is

punches a time clock that always reads the same hour.
There’s a suspicion that today is really yesterday.
That crickets dream about being reincarnated as pure
sound. The bees wake as the sun hits the hive.
The sky is filled with late and clumsy birds.
Somebody’s always ready to pickpocket the past.
There’s a gap in the narrative the way a river
suddenly slips underground but flows on unnoticed.
—  Richard Jackson, from “While You Were Away,” Out of Place: Poems (The Ashland Poetry Press, 2014)

The Sun Hive

They’re part of the world-wide movement towards ‘apicentric’ beekeeping – beekeeping that prioritizes honeybees firstly as pollinators, with honey production being a secondary goal.

[Isn’t that hive a beauty! Makes me want a few and to return to bee keeping.]

I do get it

And I get where witches are coming from with the whole: GO OUTSIDE AND DIG YOUR FEET INTO THE DIRT AND LAY IN THE GRASS. Except that doesn’t stop me from shuddering and just swelling up thinking about it. 

“A little sun won’t hurt you!” “A little time outside is good for you!”  No, no it’s not. Don’t assume everyone can do this without pain and illness. That little bit of sun is welts and hives for me. A little time outside means prednisone and other steroids.