sun glowing in my heart

destitute heart

as tragic as it is for me to admit
a moment in time
you glowed with the fire
of the setting sun
engulfed my heart’s horizons
only to leave behind
a destitute heart
surfing the waves
of a lone cold night


their first “couples” shirts (naruto picked them out)


sweethearts on a coffee date ♡ ♡ ♡

Today I lived a dream. When I realized a few months ago that what used to be my desktop background for years is a real life place in China that I can visit, I knew I had to go. So here I am. Zhangye Geological Park. When we set out with a shared taxi (50¥ return trip, to/from our hostel) I could hardly contain my excitement. It was about an hour ride to the gate of the park (40¥ adult/20¥ student) from which a mandatory shuttle (20¥) took us to sites 1, 2, 3, and 4 of the geological park. I couldn’t help but gawk at the views from the shuttlebus itself until, alas, it started to rain… My heart dropped. We arrived at site 1 to find groups of people shivering in the plummeting rain, pushing to get onto any shuttlebus to hide from the torrential downpour. We were soaked, shivering, smiling, but let down. There was no way we could walk on the clay ridges, and the rainbow colours seemed to wash away with the rain. Thankfully, the shuttle busses aren’t signed in english and it’s impossible to tell which bus goes to which gate (north, east, west, and perhaps south?) without knowing the Chinese characters for either direction. We arrived at the north gate and realized that our taxi was in fact at the east one. The rain was so heavy that the shuttle busses wouldn’t go into the park again until it calmed, so we waited until finally the rain stopped altogether and blue sky appeared. The late afternoon sun glowed on the rainbow hills. My heart sighed relief. (I dropped Ryan’s android in utter admiration and cracked the screen.) No photoshop needed, the sunset brought out the natural colours of the hills so beautifully after their afternoon shower. We got lucky.

Look at the stars, look at how they shine for you. Look at how they light up the darkness of the sky. And look at how the moon shines for you when the sun is no longer there. Look at how my heart glows for you, bringing you warmth in the cold nights. Look around you, because although the moon doesn’t turn the black sky into blue, it is still always there for you, just like I am. My dear, you cannot see the stars if you are looking at the ground.

— f.w