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In response to linkjpg’s question in this ask below, yes Dylan did break his sunglasses and also his eye glasses too.  Of course, breaking his pricey trademark sunglasses was far more depressing than his knock arounds.  You can see here that he used some black (probably electrical) tape to patch the right corner-joint back together.   He may have been able to get these ones repaired.  Given his hair length I’d say his paycheck went to NBK and not a brand new pair of $200-300 replacement sunglasses. Poor Dyl…

Video here

She [Jamie Shofner) stated she thought Dylan was strange because he always wore his sunglasses. Dylan told her he paid between 200 to 300 dollars for his sunglasses. One day, he was at school and seemed very depressed and he told her it was because he broke his sunglasses.”

When he broke his (prescription eye) glasses, he didn’t get new ones. He taped the busted ones together with white tape. “He liked that kind of quirkiness,”a friend says. “Something that’s not accepted. Trying to find a way to make a statement.”