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The Science of Light, as explained by Lapis Lazuli

so i made this color edit of a screenshot of steven universe -

and got this in response

you’d expect that to kind of be the case, like, oh, her colors are darker, in low light she’d be pitch black, that’s logical, but light and color work in mysterious ways. i actually wanna talk about this because it’s a cool scientific learning experience. so @smug-torracat let’s talk about the physics of light!

here’s a side-by-side comparison of the original (left) and my edit (right), with lapis in white sunlight. white light is a mixture of the entirety of the light spectrum and has every color. so lapis here absorbs all the colors in white light except for blue, which she reflects thus making her blue to our eyes.

the bulb is the sun, the filter is lapis’s skin/dress/hair, the square on the right is our eyes.

now let’s look at a screenshot of lapis in mirror gem/ocean gem.

in this scene, it’s pretty dark, and everything has a vaguely dark blue filter over everything. we can assume that this scene takes place in surroundings with a mixture of low blue light and low white light.

this is my best attempt at recreating the light conditions in the scene. here, lapis is standing in both low blue and low white light. it’s not perfect, but you can see that the lapis on the right has colors extremely similar to the lapis in the mirror gem/ocean gem screenshot.

okay, why isn’t she black? white light + blue light + blue filter = blue appearance.

if the surroundings (the bulb) are bathing lapis (the blue filter) in blue light, then she’s absorbing nothing. blue objects can’t absorb blue light, so the blue light reflects and we (the square on the right) see nothing but more blue.

black is the absence of any color in the light spectrum. in order for us to see black, all light from an object would need to be absorbed. so for lapis to appear black, she would need to be in either red or green light.

if she’s in red light, there’s no blue light to reflect off of her clothes and back to our eyes. blue objects absorb all red light, making the object appear to us as completely black.

you can see how her hair and triangles on her outfit on the right appear almost entirely black, and she’s in mostly shades of gray.

so there you have it - my recolored lapis matches mirror gem/ocean gem lapis without a hitch. yay, colors!

I woke up to the bright morning sun filtering in through the window today, terrified about the looming election. I went to class feeling dead inside and ate lunch by myself. I worked on two research papers and neared the end of the Silmarillion. I got on tumblr for a short break and found the greatest news that has weighed on my heart since 2013



Fanfic Oswald: He looked absolutely gorgeous; the rising sun filtering through the curtains and warming his porcelain pale skin…making his hair shimmer lightly and his freckles stand out, dusted like stars upon his cheeks and shoulders. His long, dark eyelashes fluttered soft against his cheekbones and his hair fanned out like a halo on the pillow. The blanket lay across his hips, showing off his pale chest and lean biceps…and that long, swan-like neck. He was the picture of beauty and elegance. Royalty.

Actual Oswald:

better than coffee // hs

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Warnings: dirty talk, smut, cute fluffy ‘i love you’ bits in there 

I usually don’t write things with so much dirty talk because I am absolutely awful at it and it makes me cringe to see it if I’m the one who wrote it. But, this kind of just flowed as I was writing it and I’m the worst at endings, but I hope you all will enjoy some morning Harry smut. Also this gif does things to me, he’s so beautiful isn’t he? Let me know what you think :)

You were overly warm.

That’s the first thing you notice as you wake up, the sun filtering through your small window in your tiny bedroom. Normally you can’t get warm enough throughout the night with the shitty heating system in your apartment, but as you come to your sense you feel like you’re sunbathing on a cloud, soft and warm. You let out a few soft whimpers as you stretch your arms up and wiggle around under your freshly washed sheets, but your actions are limited with the arms wrapped around you. Harry. He had come over late after one of his meetings, claiming that he really didn’t mind your too small apartment compared to his too big one just a few blocks away. You were dead on your feet when you got home, so there wasn’t much talking. You just fell into bed and curled into his arms. It was the first time you’d just slept together in a bed without any sexual interaction. It was the first time you had really ever slept with anyone this way. And it was heavenly to wake up to his beautiful green eyes staring back at you and his hair a mess much like your own.

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happy tfc hcs to get u thru the day;

  • neil looking up at random moments during the day like when the foxes go out for dinner together or the light from the sun rising  filters through the stadium just as they’re doing their morning stretches or when someone makes an amazing goal, or when wymack ruffles kevin’s hair with a scowl on his face and just being… so filled with warmth and love and practically feeling it leak out of him because he is alive and he is alive to see this and he has the privilege to see the sun rise every morning for the rest of his life and feeling so damn grateful and lucky that it evens feels a little sad, like that ache in your chest when you think about how much you love someone
  • dan and allison and renee having girls nights together where they talk shit about the guys and cuddle and do each others makeup and at 2 am when they should be asleep but are eating popcorn and watching silly romcoms, dan just says, “i love you guys so much” . allison teases her for being sappy and renee says i love you guys too right back and they’re all at peace and happy together for a night.
  • nicky is completely happy and comfortable with his sexuality and misses his boyfriend like hell so when they finally visit each other its like an explosion in his heart and he never wants it to end
    • nicky seeing his cousins repair some of the damage done between them and being so fucking proud becuase they’re growing up and they’re healing in their own way and they’re not the tortured, abused kids he first met
    • nicky having the realization that he doesn’t need to take care of them 24/7, and he can take care of himself sometimes.
  • kevin finding other interests other than exy. kevin learning how to be slightly less obsessed; watching the History channel instead of just exy games on tv, reading books, trying new things and new habits and seeing who he is outside of exy. kevin being happy. kevin recovering. kevin accepting the fact that he’s not the best at everything and he doesn’t have to be. that he can make mistakes and be awful at something and it can be fun and silly and have no real weight in his life.
  • i made a seperate post about this but andrew learning to trust other people in his life enough to let them touch him – that not everything has to be sexual or violent, he can be touched casually, and nicky can pat his arm, and renee can throw an arm around him, and neil can spend hours tracing his back or playing with his hair without the pressure of it ever becoming something else. andrew letting himself be vulnerable to the people he cares about because its an important part of his recovery.

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