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Slamthony Dunktano and Mike Rugnetta max relaxing to S&S, Swans and Sun O)))

Been meaning to do this for AGES. Me two favourite cyberweb connoisserus & supreme memers. Ty for keeping me entertained and learned and not committing seppukku through all the hours and hours of tedious animation cleanup work I often subject myself to. 


Maybe that was it, why Hoseok had to go first, had to leave them behind – he was able to recognize the reality of them earlier than any of the other children, that no matter how far they go, the people they got attached to. In the end, they always come back to where they truly belong.

Like a sacrifice.

He hated the word because it was the truth. Truths hurts; they dig inside your chest and leave a gape that can’t be filled. The truths that you can’t face, the reality that you can’t keep denying.

And maybe, Jimin thinks, the reason he couldn’t tell which part of Hoseok was the sun was because he didn’t allow him to.