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🌟 How To - Glamour Spells 🌟

🌟 what is a glamour?

Often used for beauty spells, glamours are a type of spell used for creating an illusion over a person or object. They can be used for a number of purposes, such as to make someone more attractive, appear more confident, to make an object harder to find, or a person be more or less likely to be noticed.


🌟 common spell components for glamours:

CRYSTALS    —  rose quartz /  plain quartz /  amethyst /  selenite,

WATERS  — full moon water, sun water, dew, melted snow, ocean water

TOOLS  — candles (pink, white, blue) / brushes / mirrors / ribbons

ENCHANTED OBJECTS — jewelry / makeup / toiletries / clothes

MISC  — flowers / fruits / sugar / sea salt

🌟 suggestions for various types of glamours:

BEAUTY - avocado, catnip, dew, ginger, ginseng, heather, maidenhair, orange

COURAGE - basil, fluorite, mullein, sunstone, sweetpea, thyme, tiger eye

FOCUS - amber, aquamarine, celery, celestite, ocean water, onyx

TRUTH - bluebell, iron pyrite, moss agate, opal, selenite

STRENGTH - bay leaf, ebony, mulberry, pennyroyal, saffron, thistle, tourmaline

WISDOM - almond, amethyst, bay leaf, coral, iris sage, sunflower

Every day you are choosing either to be grateful or to be disappointed.

You can worry to no end about what you don’t have. Or you can marvel at God’s breathtaking gifts: the morning dew, the sun, the clouds, the trees, the flowers, the birds. Could you create any of these?

These miracles of life are always around you, ready to be celebrated, ready to be welcomed into your life.

—  unknown

Stiles cracked his eyes open against the rising sun directly in his face and frowned. He looked around him, and frowned some more. The jeep was parked, empty aside from him and his duvet crunched up in the passenger seat, and there was a wheat field beyond the windshield.

With a massive yawn, Stiles straightened up—or tried to. His back was stiff, his spine popped, and one of his legs was a little numb; his body did not appreciate sleeping in his car these days. He tugged his blanket a little tighter around himself against the chill of the early morning and sat there for a second, shuffling through his memory for an explanation as to why he was sleeping in the front seat of his jeep.

Six finals, moved out of the dorm, late night flight back from DC, went to bed…


Scott had definitely been there at one point, he was the one who drove them here, after all.

Wherever here was.

“Scott, what the fuck,” Stiles said to the quiet morning air, knowing that wherever Scott was, he could hear it.

He dug his shoes out from under his blanket and climbed out of the jeep, taking the duvet with him, wrapped around himself like a cape. He was still in his pajamas, the grass was wet with cold dew, the sun was in his eyes, just peeking out over the trees in the distance, and Scott was still nowhere to be found. He was taking his damn blanket.

“Scott!” He called halfheartedly, not all that loud as he shuffled towards the field. They were probably trespassing. “Buddy, pal, what the hell!”

“Hang on!” Scott’s voice called back, and Stiles looked everywhere else around him before realizing that Scott was yelling at him from up a tree.


Stiles yawned and squinted out at the wheat.

It was barely six in the morning, they’d driven three hours to get there, specifically for this field of wheat, and Stiles still had no idea why. It looked like an average field of wheat from where he was standing, but then he wasn’t up a massive tree with a vantage point or super alpha vision, which was Scott’s current situation. Twisted up around the trunk for dear life with his phone out, taking pictures.

Of wheat.

“Why are we here again?” Stiles called up to him. He hadn’t bothered to ask when Scott pulled him out of bed at 3am and threw both Stiles and his blankets into his own jeep. All that registered at the time was that it was Scott and he didn’t seem to be panicking, and Stiles was exhausted after finals and the trip back to Beacon Hills, so he went right back to sleep for the drive.

Scott focused on taking pictures for a minute, then called back,

“Crop circles! It popped up on your news alert last night!”

Oh right, that ping on his computer Stiles had woken up just enough to ignore and go right back to sleep. Because crop circles were stupid.

This entire field trip was stupid.

He was still half asleep, it was cold out at the end of April, and he was standing on the edge of a wheat field in his pajamas and wrapped in his duvet. He hitched it a little tighter around himself to keep the brisk air off his neck.

“Right, and why are we here again? I don’t care about crop circles.”

Crop circles were the one phenomena that he didn’t have to care about, so he gladly didn’t, because they were literally always made by assholes with way too much spare time pulling pranks.

This time Scott didn’t answer, because he was starting the careful climb down. At least he was careful until he hit some arbitrary height he deemed non-lethal and just jumped.

Stiles squinted against the rising sun, just high enough to be too bright.

Stupid werewolves.

“We’re here because this isn’t a crop circle,” Scott explained as he stomped over through the long grass, focused on his phone. “I checked it out last night. There was lightning here the same night this appeared, but no rain, and I couldn’t really tell from the blurry pictures online, but it didn’t look quite right, something was off. And if that something is off, and if it’s what I think it is, and I’m pretty sure it is, then I wouldn’t have time to go back home to get you.”

Stiles squint-glared at him this time. “Scott, do you have any idea how little sleep I’ve gotten in the last three weeks? Clear and concise answers, buddy.”

Scott finally held out his phone, showing whichever picture he decided was the best. Stiles squint-glared at that and waited for his foggy brain to catch up. When it did, his heart skipped a beat.

Burned into the wheat field, in a way Stiles was pretty sure was not normal for crop circles, were two concentric circles.

McCall Pack.

“I think it’s Kira,” Scott said, clear and concise. “I think she needs help.”

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The signs as times of day

Early morning - The sun has just risen, dew is still on the grass and birds have begun their morning songs. Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

High noon - The sun is bright, the day is warm, everything is in a midday lull. Cancer, Libra, Aquarius

Early evening - People are rushing home from work, the sun is tipping lower in the sky, street lights start going on. Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius

Midnight - The stars are out, the world is simultaneously silent and in an uproar. Aries, Gemini, Pisces



Herbs have enormous magical power, as they hold the earth’s energy within them. Each herb has unique properties that can enhance one’s magical goals. Herbs also may have medicinal properties. The magical practitioner can draw upon either aspect when performing a spell.

The most common ways herbs are used in magic are:

Charms and sachets - Fill a small bag with herbs to make a charm or sachet. You can carry the charm with you, hang it in the house or car, or bury or burn it, depending on the purpose, and the spell you are performing.

Incense- Herbs can be burned as a ritual incense, such as the sage smudge used to clear negative vibrations from a space.

Bath - Make a sachet or bath bomb and place it in your ritual or healing bath. Fragrant herbs like lavender make a very relaxing bath, and you can use certain herbs to alleviate skin and other conditions, such as using eucalyptus in a bath when you have a cold or flu.

Oils - Place herbs in an oil, let them steep for a few days, then strain. You can make annointing oils for you ritual work, beauty oils for your hair, skin and nails (try coconut or jojoba), or flavor oils for cooking and seasoning, such as steeping rosemary in olive oil.

Teas- Use herbs to make teas for healing illness. Some herbs can be used to mildly alter consciousness. Many herbal teas have health benefits and can help treat minor ailments.

Smoking- You can make herbal smoking mixtures which will also facilitate altered states of consciousness.

In spellwork, herbs can be sprinkled or placed around or within boundaries (such as your home, altar, or magic circle) to define a “territory” for your magic to work. Of course, you can always use flavorful herbs in cooking and seasoning your food. There are many healthful benefits, and they taste great! Always give all plant life respect, where ever you are- remember, the word “weed” is simply a value judgement! Dandelion, for instance, has many, many healing and nutritional qualities which are extremely beneficial not only to the wildlife which feeds on it, but to you, too! Learn to recognize the herbs around you- even in a city, there are many wonderful herbs growing wild, which you can gather and use.

Harvest herbs in the morning after the sun has dried the dew but before the heat of the day sets in. Use a sharp magical knife (a bolline) to cut herbs; the knife should be consecrated specifically for this purpose. Thank the plant for its gift, and offer it something in return, perhaps some water, organic fertilizer or mulch. Harvest only the amount of herbs needed, except when pruning the plants, to ensure healthy growth for the following season.

The most prevalent ingredients of magic spells are processed botanicals, especially dried plants, herbs and oils. Drying plants preserves them for extended use, allowing you to work with plants out of season and with those that are cannot be grown in your region.

Dried botanical frequently are sold already chopped, cut or powdered. As these actions usually need to be done before spell casting, purchasing botanical that are ready to be used can save time and effort. There is nothing wrong with buying your herbs. Leaves and blossoms, even chopped often retain their characteristics, such as aroma, and so are easily distinguishable. You are unlikely to confuse rose with peppermint or hibiscus!

If you grow plants or have access to fresh ones, it is quite easy to dry them yourself. Hang botanical upside down in small bunches. Don’t overcrowd them - you want air to circulate. Allow the botanical to hang in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight until dry.

Herbs & Magical Properties
Always check before you use any herb because some herbs can stop conventional medicines working.  Herbs can heal and help with spell work, but herbs can also kill. BE CAREFUL AND ALWAYS CHECK FIRST!   ALL KNOWN UNSAFE FOR CONSUMPTION HERBS IN HE LIST WILL BE MARKED WITH ***.

Herb list under the cut.


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Tell my love, I was waiting,
For the balance and the calm.
The soothing words, the warmth of his hold,
And his boyish charm.
Tell my love, I died a little.
A little everyday, seeing him with someone new,
‘Let go’, said the beam of the sun and the morning dew.
Tell my love, I loved.
I loved him, but not anymore,
The wait is over, I have found someone worthy of my love.
My heart is in awe of my own reflection,
I my new attraction.
—  somequirksotherthanperfect
Piece O’ Cake

Ahh, a lovely, peaceful Sunday morning. Sun sparkling on the dew, the sweet tittering of birdies, the gentle-


-ah. The gentle crash of onrushing disaster in the kitchen.

Hello, Molly Prewett!

All set up for a day of baking?

Would this have anything to do with a certain young man who is turning 18 today?

And what are you giving young Arthur Weasley for his birthday?

Ahh, a classic Julia Child recipe for vanilla souffle! That is a tricky recipe. Thank goodness for magic, eh? Well, best get your wand, Molly!

…That’s a wooden spoon, Molly. That is not your wand. Where’s your w–? Oh, Molly. You’re not thinking of trying to make a souffle the muggle way?

Molly, if we have learned anything about you, it is that you don’t have the knack for doing things without magic. You’re bound to mess this up!

You’re determined, then?

Alright then, Molly, best of luck.

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Playing Forward

Pairing: JB/Im Jaebum x Reader (female)

Word Count: 3,323

Rating: (F) for fluff

Summary: College!AU, Jock!AU. After a flying soccer ball knocks you over on your morning run, the player behind it aims for your heart as well.

Part of the GOT7 colors series of oneshots! 🌈 Color: Green.

Music pounds in your ears as you sprint around the track, furiously swinging your arms. Legs straining, you round the turn, approaching the invisible spot on the track you’d marked as your starting place. The smooth sounds of James Blake carry through the headphones you wear, so incongruous with the frantic motion of your body as you run.

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Catnaps By The Weekly Couple // Remus Lupin x reader

Warning: None

Word Count: 1000+

Pairing: RemusXreader

Summary: Idk Remus and reader makeout and shit and it’s fluffy i guess 

Requested: Yup, by @sometimesicryintheshower prompts are “Did you just stick your fingers in my mouth?” 

“You made that more sexual than it should have been.” 

lmfao I’m getting consistent with this again

Originally posted by pleasingpics

Remus liked to take a nap right after classes ended. He also made a habit of announcing to everyone when he was taking a nap and that he was tired and was done with everyone’s shit for the day. After that, he would promptly turn around and walk to his dorm to lay on his bed. But now, he had a new habit of taking a nap next to you and announcing that he was tired of everyone’s shit but yours. And mad it a custom to buying two more sets of fluffy blankets and pillows.
At the end of the normal school day, you were both dressed down in your undergarments and fell asleep under the 3 large blankets Remus had bought before. And after you and Remus fell asleep he would usually end up taking them all.
But there was a catch.
You never truly fell asleep, you just liked the view of his face, relaxed and free from the stress of being a werewolf, although you had figured he had terrible dreams of his turning.
And in the hour of you laying there, you had counted how many times he snored in a minute, you admired his face more than normal, and you drew invisible designs on his skin. You were a girl absolutely in love with the idea of being in love with Remus. Which you were… in love with Remus.  
Today was no different. Remus laid with his back to you and you could hear his light snores as he slept. You counted his scars and gazed at his toned back. You reached your arm out and began writing invisible tattoos on his back. Over and over again you wrote I. Love. You. I love you. I love you. I love you. But soon you began to appear tired so you turned your back to him and began to close your eyes in a flutter and rest.
After you got over the initial fright you smiled because you did believe Remus was asleep. But surprisingly he wasn’t. You basked in the feeling of his warm arms around you. You giggled slightly as he groaned in your ear.
“Why did you wake me up?“ He murmured. His voice sounded raspy and sexy. ” And don’t worry baby girl, I love you too.”
Your heart stopped. You had never told him you loved him before. Knowing that he had realized what you were doing, continued to pretend to be asleep,  impressed you with his ability to make a romantic moment, but made you feel slightly embarrassed.
“And?” You smiled as he nuzzled his head into your neck, “I never worried, I already knew you loved me.” Remus chuckled.
“Mmm I bet you did, from the way I was saying your name last night, anyone could tell,” He purred. Remember last night gave you chills, it was a very hot, a very long, sexy night. You turned over to face him.
“Remus you’re gonna make me blush,” You covered your face with his chest.
He leaned in a little closer, so your foreheads were touching. His touch still gave you butterflies in your stomach. Dear god, he couldn’t fight against the thoughts that were going through him. Your very scent filled his senses as he breathed you in. His lips brush yours, like matches on your soft lips. His kissed were hard, yet delicate, he pushed against your body as you knotted your hands in his hair.
Remus’ kisses were wild yet mechanical, and you loved it. You pulled away and looked into his eyes.
“You’re so fucking beautiful,” He admired as he ran the pad of his thumb over your lips. “God damn Y/N, you make me go crazy.” He slowly pushed his thumb in your mouth, between your teeth that held his thumb there captive. You loosened your tight jaw and his thumb flew out.
“Did you just stick your fingers in my mouth,” You asked slowly smiled at him.
“Baby you loved it.” And you did, you loved anything that came from Remus.
“You made that more sexual than it should’ve been… not that I’m complaining.” He smiled. And breathed in before kissing you again. He flipped on top of you and ground. His low grunts mixed with your heavy breaths as he bit on your bottom lip and held you there.
However Remus didn’t stop, he kept kissing and kissing and kissing. Down your neck, to your chest, your cheek, your lips. Everything was magical to you.
For you, Remus was more beautiful than the winter sun above the glass white snow. He’s warmer than the sun on newly dew kissed grass. He was more gracious than falling leaves that changed color in the fall. And that was saying a lot, especially since Remus was very clumsy.
But for you, what Remus truly was, is the eternal summer. For all the clear blue skies and crisp fresh air that he gave you, he was all you ever needed. Though he was a handsome teenager, that wasn’t why you fell in love with him. It was his soul it was to the wonderful person he was inside. He had been the only person you had loved and the only person you will.
As he kissed you harder he was evoking sensations from your lips you had never felt before. His mouth was insistent and rough and every 3 seconds or so you would hear his light grunts. You were kissing like crazy, your eyes closed and your feet jumbled, his hands on your waist and you’re in his hair, you pulled each other closer. You loved each other harder.
It was as if your tongues had fallen madly in love and refused to divorce each other.
Remus tasted like rum. You had kissed so many time, but each time it felt like the first.
“You kiss like an animal Remus,” you pulled away trying to catch your breath.
“You kiss like a girl,” He fired back, You hummed in response and pulled his neck towards you.
“Mm, so do you.” He grabbed at your shorts and tried to shake them off your body. You were minutes away from sex, but Sirius needed to ask. You heard several bangs on the door, accompanied by kicks and yells from prongs, Padfoot, and Wormtail.
The door flew open and there were Remus’ friends.
“Sorry to interrupt you moony, but do you have the herbology homework answer

The Huntress.

Originally posted by disneyfeverdaily

Titled: ‘The Huntress.’ 

Pairing: Gaston x reader 

Word Count: 1,714 

Warnings: Gaston/Luke Evans feels, FLUFF, super angsty ending sorry not sorry, etc. 

A/N: This was a request from @brooke-supernatural16 : Can you do a one-shot with Gaston? Where the reader is a huntress and Gaston see the reader and instantly falls for her and follows her like he did with belle but is more polite with her?

A/N: I do hope this is what you were looking for in this fic! 

Tagging: @captainemwinchester @little-red-83 @impalaimagining@sherlocks-timetraveling-assbutt @hobbithorse19 @feelmyroarrrr @lefouismylife @redimagines @letowolfie @ciaprincess @speedycatbluebird @haniiix33 @mademoiselle-lani

    It was a crisp and French morning. The ground was wet with a fresh layer of dew. The sun had barely risen over the horizon. Twas a nearly perfect morning for a hunt. Gaston has his sights on his hunting musket centered in on an innocent and meek, deer. He was patiently awaiting for the correct moment to apply the right amount pressure on the trigger. 

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