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I was really happy with how the colors and the variants turned out so I had to include them all !

Vampire! McCree waltzing into town or such.

My vampire McCree is most powerful in the sun – at high noon! The weaker the vampire, the less sun they can take. When McCree bites Hanzo in a fit of blood lust, it’s during the day, and It’s the last time Hanzo sees the sun for decades after. 

McCree will never stop feeling guilty for biting him, but selfishly is glad he did in the long run…

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- toiek


Sunny Day and 80 degrees = Time for my favorite Sun Dress!

The weather today is amazing (compared to how not-so-great it has been). I threw on my favorite sun dress to enjoy the weather. My kids are with me, which is always a good thing. I was especially grateful though, because it was far more windy then I ever imagined. I had to constantly hold the material to my side so I would not flash anyone. They carried the the shopping bags for me and my daughter took care of the cart so I could hastily get back in the car :)

If you can’t tell from the pictures.. I feel down right amazing in this dress. I feel like it is because the colors seem to work well with my complexion, more so than almost anything else in my wardrobe. 

Having the windows open with the sun shining in also provides incredible light for a mini-selfie marathon. 

Well, I guess I better get back to doing my laundry (please ignore the towels on the bathroom floor and the clothes on the drying rack) ;-)

Have a great weekend!



Happy Birthday Peter Ustinov: 16th April 1921 - 28th March 2004

I am an optimist, unrepentant and militant. After all, in order not to be a fool, an optimist must know what a sad place the world can be. It is only the pessimist who finds this out anew every day. 

Our Decades In The Sun
Our Decades In The Sun

Our Decades In The Sun–Nightwish

Mother, I am always close to you
I will be waving every time you leave
Oh, I am you, the care, the love, the memories
We are the story of one
Father, I am always close to you
I will be waving every time you leave
Oh, I am you, the care, the love, the memories
You are forever in me

This is the only song off the album that brings me close to tears. :) Well done NW, well done. 

The Apocalypse has come. Send a ☢ to get a random starter based on one of these scenarios.

Alien takeover: Aliens have landed and though they said they come in peace, they have proved to be hostile, now all of humanity is trying to kick them off our planet by any means necessary.

Murderous Infection: A super-bug is sweeping the world and it cannot be contained. Tens of millions have died already and there doesn’t seem to be much anyone can do.

New World War: The super powers of the world are suddenly en massing weapons of war and little can be done to stop them. Civil liberties have been disbanded and the draft is reinstated.

Suspended Death: The dead are no longer dying. Somehow those who have taken grave wounds or the naturally dying are no longer staying dead. Hearts somehow keep beating, limbs keep moving and even decapitated heads struggle to speak…

Mutants vs Humans: Humanity has split off into two separate groups, one genetically distinct from the other. There is mistrust and fear on both side of what this might mean and violent riots have been sweeping the streets.

Designer Drug: A new recreational drug is rampant in the streets, causing users to feel a sense of euphoria that they have never experienced before. But this high comes at a price as tens of thousands suddenly snap, becoming violent, raging killers who slaughter every living thing they see.

Killer Nature: The planet earth has had enough of humanity destroying everything it touches, so it has begun to strike back. Either through natural disaster, massive plant or animal attack, the earth is looking for a clean start without humans.

Starfall: A huge object in space is headed for earth and no one is certain if anything can be done to stop it… or it may already be too late. Clouds will block the sun for decades, causing another ice age.

Possession: People are being ‘taken over” by some sort of weird entity. It could be alien, angels or demons. We can never be sure who is who… Even one of our muses could be possessed.

Madness: Some people have just started going crazy, turning into murderous, rampaging lunatics who cannot be sedated easily. No one is sure what is causing it but it seems that more and more people every day are going crazy.

reginalovesemma  asked:

Supercat. Country club swim coach

“How did that feel?” Kara asks, illuminated by the midday sun at her back, freckles perfectly aligned over her nose. Her dark blonde hair is dripping wet as they bob in the shallow end of National City’s most exclusive swimming pool, the centrepiece of the spa center at the Bleupersuchs Country Club.

“Well, you were a little vague, but I think I overcame the poor instruction.” Cat stands with her feet on the floor of the pool, letting her bikini-clad torso break above the water. Black had been the least daring choice in the end, but the sight has apparently rendered her swimming instructor dumb again. “I’ll just get out of the pool now,” she adds, and Kara nods vaguely. Cat feels those blue eyes on her with each lingering step up the ladder.

“Kitty?” Damn. Lois is in town after all. “I haven’t seen you out in midday sun for decades.”

“They invented sunscreen, Lois. Now, some of us have places to be.”

“Hey Kara!” Lois calls out. “Does Cat have you working on Carter?”

“Carter?” Kara swims to the side in a few even strokes, and Cat feels her stomach sink. “Oh no, I’ve been helping Miss Grant her with her phobia.”

“Her phobia?” Lois repeats.

“Of water,” Kara supplies, and Cat groans inwardly. She’s busted. And Lois is going to enjoy every moment.

“Huh,” Lois begins. “You know, I must have missed that when she was swimming for Vassar. Really brave of you to try out for the Olympic team, Kitty. You know, with that crippling fear of yours.”

“Miss Grant?” Kara hoists herself out of the pool, splashing all over the tiled floor. “Is that true? Why did you ask for private lessons if you’re such a good swimmer?”

“Why do you think?” Cat goes with brazen. She can’t lose face in front of Lois now. “Would you rather I just propositioned you like every other rich sleaze in this place?”

Kara looks at her, considering. “It’s different.”

“How?” Cat demands.

“If you asked, I would have said yes.” As she saunters away in her white one-piece with the dangerously low-cut back, Kara is a vision.

“You’ve got it bad,” Lois teases. “Go get her, for God’s sake. How much more of an invitation do you need?”

The signs as decades

Aries: 90′s

Taurus: 20′s

Gemini: 80′s

Cancer: Modern Day

Leo: 70′s

Libra: 30′s

Virgo: 40′s

Scorpio: 2000′s

Sagittarius: 70′s

Capricorn: 50′s

Aquarius: 60′s

Pisces: 60′s



A hodgepodge of AK parts, combination of Romanian and Polish made to look Russian, according to seller. BFPU, or “Battlefield Pickup” are usually worn down, aged and overall crusty looking AK’s. Basically they are supposed to look like they were baked in the sun for a decade on a hill in Afghanistan. (GRH)


So I finally got around to doing the accent challenge! Pardon my pasty white skin (I feel like I haven’t seen the sun in decades) and all the times I just sound generally dumb (I was NOT about to do it a third time). Thanks for the tag @theonlylivingboyinnewyork ! Enjoy