sun collective

cute date ideas:

  • a bookstore date: we can go hand in hand and run in between the shelves, pick out books with our interests, drink a coffee and pastries, smile as we kiss and a book falls down on us miraculously a love story
  • botanical garden date: smell the flowers, follow the butterflies, run around the trees while singing songs, laying down and watching the clouds, I give you a rose and call you my sweetheart
  • by the sea date: picnic on the sand, walking on the rocks pointing at the tide pools, feeling our toes touch the water, splashing around in the water, sun kisses our skin, collecting shells and shaping them in a heart for you

I got the Pokéball New 2DS XL today. I only held a New 2DS XL for the first time just a few days ago and I’m extremely surprised at how much heavier this special edition one is than a standard version. I’m loving the red too. The button in the design is actually functional! It doesn’t do anything… but it’s incredibly satisfying. Better than any fidget spinner.