sun choir

The Signs as Things My Choir Teacher Says


Taurus: “MORE SOUND!”

Gemini: “You’re all going to dress up as Mickey and Minnie Mouse [for the fine arts showcase] because it will be cute.”

Cancer: “You two were being rude so you get to sing in front of the class.”

Leo: “I’M TOO HOT!”

Virgo: *when trying to get us to roll our r’s* “whenever you tell your parents what you did in my class today please put come context behind that noise.”

Libra: “REALLY accent that ‘ki’ sound”

Scorpio: “Choir singers don’t raise their shoulders when they breathe”

Sagittarius: *while rehearsing octaves* “DROOOOP those jaws!”

Capricorn: “GET OFF THAT NOTE”

Aquarius: “Everybody SMIIILLEEEEE!”

Pisces: “Alright my little sugie woogies”