sun chimes

rainbow pride flag, gilbert baker, 1978

pink: for our bodies, for our open mouths
professing love, and sweetness, and fireflies.

red: for our hearts, for oxygen, for the way we
wake up, soothe nosebleeds, the way we put on
lipstick, the way we hide and live despite it.

orange: for peeling citrus, vitamin C, for the
scabs and the inside hurt, cleansing with love.

yellow: sunlight, the color of his shirt, the color
of happy, heaven, maybe, how it feels to be a
part of something bigger than us, how it feels to
be in love.

green: wind chimes, sun through leaf curtains.

turquoise: a splash of paint.

indigo: the way we hold hands, the way we’re
afraid but we do it anyway.

violet: resilience. we are a wave, we are a forest,
burnt but growing.
better - we are the brushfire

  • Aquarius Sun Aries Moon: Neon lights and french kisses.
  • Aquarius Sun Taurus Moon: Moss and chokers.
  • Aquarius Sun Gemini Moon: Fireflies and the milky way.
  • Aquarius Sun Cancer Moon: An owl’s hoo and the smell of jasmine.
  • Aquarius Sun Leo Moon: Good luck charms and a podium.
  • Aquarius Sun Virgo Moon: A lantern and caterpillars.
  • Aquarius Sun Libra Moon: Candy hearts and flashy chrome.
  • Aquarius Sun Scorpio Moon: Matte and a hurricane.
  • Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Moon: Lightning and a one-way-ticket to nowhere.
  • Aquarius Sun Capricorn Moon: Hourglass and sage.
  • Aquarius Sun Aquarius Moon: Rainbows and meditation.
  • Aquarius Sun Pisces Moon: Chimes and incense.

Hooray, the characters are finally finished. :) Their descriptions in order:


An old golem, protector of the city. This golem has stood at the gates of the city from its very beginnings. He shows great respect in his task by adding the skull of his fallen bird brethren to his ever-growing crown, so that they will always be by his side.


A midwife. Midwives are specially trained in treating pregnancies, child birth, and postpartum situations. These midwives collect the umbilical cords of healthy newborn to feed to their bird kin. Abstaining from doing so, or keeping umbilical cords from a midwife is an act of heresy.


Every young augur that sets out on their personal quest to master their trade may still want to stay in touch with their friends and relatives when far away. This old mailman carries a sacred stump, with mail boxes made from it. He knows by heart which key will open every mailbox. Seeing him walking into the city will bring smiles and cheers to its inhabitants, for it means he brings word of the loved ones who are far away.


A weather reader. Ancient augury is the roman practice of interpreting omens by observing birds and their patterns. Their predictions allowed to predict weather patterns and such. This young augur is equipped with wind chimes, sun dial, and hiking shoes to read the time of day and predict wind currents.

beg the moon to stay

i started thinking about amy and how she’s a routine person and somehow i started writing this little drabble and this all popped out. there’s an abundant overuse of pronouns and polysyndeton and it’s not my normal writing style, but that’s okay. 

read from ao3

When in doubt, Amy tends to fall into a routine.

As a child, she would wake up early with rising sun and chime of her alarm clock, eat the breakfast her mother made that morning (fu fu if early in the week, and rice and fried eggs on Friday mornings), wash up, then put on the wrinkle-free outfit that she’d pick out the night before and arrive at the bus stop exactly eleven minutes ahead of its schedule.

Her first year at the Nine-Nine, Amy is out the door for her shift by seven, a hot cup of coffee in hand and a sense of eagerness to be the best blossoming in her chest.  Her day consists of the following: meticulously proofread her recent case reports before submitting them, gleefully organizing and reorganizing her files until she’s satisfied with her progress, greeting the rest of the squad as they arrive, admonishing Peralta when he wanders in a quarter hour late (“but Santiagoo, it’s not like anyone but you cares”) and then subsequently ignoring him when he makes a joke about her grandma-like appearance or mannerisms until they report for a briefing, and she’ll suppress the small smile that threatens to creep across her face at the man next to her as he makes good-humored comments all throughout. Her nights are comprised of hot mugs of chamomile, spirited viewings of Jeopardy, and flip-flopping between going over old case files (that she has memorized—it’s illegal, of course, to bring them home) and curling up with a well-recommended book until she falls asleep.

Over the years, the first Thursday of every month she spends at the bar with her colleagues, and she can expect a text (almost always drunk) to ding at one in the morning every Saturday, typically riddled with grammatical errors and often accompanied with a picture of him shirtless with a variety of takeout foods (the next time she sees him, she can never help herself from asking him to rate the meal).

With Teddy, her routines are interrupted, but that’s okay because he’s sweet and a great cop and an even better boyfriend, and sometimes she’ll get a date night thrown in here or there and it’s great. After a few months, they fall into something easy; they haven’t moved in with each other or anything, but he’ll spend the night at her place and she can expect him to bring a six-pack of pilsners and no, she’s not bored, they’re just… comfortable.

She doesn’t like to think about how that all is disrupted when her partner goes undercover for six months and everything is thrown out of whack.  Idly, she finds herself wondering what she’d do when (if, a small, terrifying, insistent voice needles in the back of her head) he comes back and she makes a reminder on her phone that Jake is fine and you are dating Teddy Jake is fine and you are dating Teddy Jake is fine and you are dating Teddy.

And when he’s across from her in the precinct and he’s smiling and joking around and Jake is fine, alive and standing just a few feet from her, her phone buzzes and she’s reminded of her loving boyfriend, she thinks she should get that tattooed on her forehead.

Amy and Teddy break up and she can’t write those four words (you are dating Teddy) on a pink post-it note anymore but she can, in big, bold letters, transcribe Jake is with Sophia and they’re happy and she attaches it to her bathroom mirror so that for the full two minutes that she brushes her teeth in the morning, she can keep her mind from straying to dimples and sneakers and plaid shirts until one day she overhears Rosa ask about the beautiful-funny-perfect lawyer and Boyle exclaims that she’s “out of the picture” now.

The morning after she kisses him and there’s something deep within her that sparks an electric white, doubt and worry and a certain feeling of anxiety that refuses to dissipate inks each and every one of her normally calculated moves. Quite frankly, it’s a little irritating, being so wrapped up in someone like this. And she doesn’t realize, until later when they’ve called their whole thing off (they literally killed their captain), that after she kicks off her boots and just puts on her kettle, that this is the point during the day at which she’ll call Jake and put him on speakerphone and rant for a half hour about a perp who wrinkled her shirt or these colorful gel pens she found on a small Korean stationary website.

And then, he has a drawer at her place and she has a few hangers in his closet with a spare pantsuit and salmon-colored blouse and her days often start curled up together, his arm haphazardly thrown across her waist and a sort of warmth spreading throughout her chest. Nights are spent together, tucked into his side with warm pad Thai and perogies as they watch HGTV until they drift off into something peacefully.

(They also have a lot of sex.)

(It’s really good.)

When he’s gone—the first time—she doesn’t stray from her (their) daily routine, trying to instill some sense of normalcy, but instead finds herself using his huge black and yellow Nakatomi Plaza for her morning coffee. Those times she’d normally spend laughing with her boyfriend and the advice she’d garner from her captain, she now spends researching and trying to find Figgis and get them out of wherever they were.

Moving in together is waking up with her head on his chest and the sun slipping through the window. Moving in together is sorting out shower-times (and unfortunately realizing that Charles’ suggestion on team-shampooing is relatively accurate). Moving together is Jake actually eating real food for breakfast that has some semblance of nutrition, her utilizing the snooze button more often than absolutely necessary just for another five minutes in his arms, and brushing their teeth side by side in the small-tiny-miniscule bathroom that once harbored a whole gaggle of terrified Brooklyn detectives.

Moving in together is feeling like a vital part of her has been ripped from her the moment she goes home (three long nights spent on friends’ couches after guityguiltyguilty), and it’s sort of like a phantom limb, she guesses—sometimes, she’ll roll over at three thirty-two in the morning, expecting to hit a solid mass that smells a little bit like gummy bears and pine, and instead, she’ll reach a large expanse of empty space (she starts sleeping on his side of the bed then, an effort to connect with him even when he’s locked in a dark dirty prison cell over seven hundred miles away.

It’s looking up from a mountain of paperwork and expecting to see his face, grinning, a quip ready at his lips to relieve her from the stress of it all. However, all that greets her is his empty desk and chair. It’s waiting in the car for an extra few minutes before remembering that no one is coming home with her. It’s even missing the cackle that comes from Rosa when Scully and Hitchcock do something very, well, Scully and Hitchcock.

She grabs lunch with Charles and Terry once a week, and attends a family dinner at the Jeffords’ household every other Saturday (the first time, she wants to cry when Cagney and Lacey ask with wide, confused eyes where their Uncle Jake is) because in all seriousness, Sharon is an amazing cook and she misses the noise that use to fill their apartment.

Babysitting Cagney and Lacey (and sometimes baby Ava) becomes a regular thing and so she has coloring books and games and laughter scattered about the flat and actual food in the fridge and cupboards for once and too often she catches herself—after one of the girls braids her hair while the other gleefully reads from one of her picture books—wondering if she’ll ever get this with Jake.

She decides that she will.

In between bites of her bagel she tracks each and every one of Hawkins’ moves. Every three weeks she’s flying back to South Carolina so she can hold Jake for twenty seconds and talk to him for a measly sixty minutes. During the sponsor breaks of Charles’ podcasts that she guest-stars on, she mentally goes through each step of the case thus far, and she spends one too many nights at the library (thanks to her VIP status), both doing research and stress-reshelving books (much to the chagrin of the employees).

And when he and Rosa are released, finally, every morning she thanks whoever the hell’s out there for giving justice to her two best friends.

When he comes home, their routine is simple.

They leave their shoes by the door—his beat up sneakers and her clunky boots—and try to open the curtains as much as they can to let in the beaming rays of sunlight. Jackets go on hooks above the shoes, and she likes to change into one of his baggy shirts (they have a few of Terry’s here that they both like to don) before they curl up on the sofa and watch shitty Netflix shows, and eventually his head will be in her lap, her carding her fingers through his thick brown hair, and when she peers down at him, she sees that he’s fallen asleep with a small smile on his face.

When he comes home, their routine is simple.

They fall asleep, his head tucked into the crook of her shoulder, and sometimes when the nightmares overwhelm him (it’s his PTSD—“Prison-TSD,” he jokes one night) she’ll tighten her grip and remind him that she’s here, she’s always here, and in the mornings when he’s up before her (which is shockingly frequent) she’ll reach out for him and panic when there’s nothing but blue sheets, only to hear the shower running and she’ll relax. Her breath returning, she’ll kiss him when he emerges, and they’ll sip black coffee at seven am from their mismatched mugs while they talk about what’s been bothering them, and unsurprisingly often, the possibility of a sixth Die Hard movie.

When he comes home, their routine is simple.

They use every moment they can to love each other, even when they fight and their words are sharp and ugly, because they always end it together with her hands on his face, brushing her thumbs against the oft wet skin of his cheekbones.

Distractions pt. 13

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Yoongi x Reader x Jimin

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Series Summary: Somewhere along the way, something went wrong and the relationship you had with Yoongi was broken off just days before his debut. Now, years later your paths unexpectedly cross again.

Word Count: 2,727

Originally posted by k-krazeh

You laid back against the wall and chugged down a rather large gulp of water. It felt so good feeling the ice cold water soothe your throat which had been stinging with every breath you made after dancing for so long. Although it may have hurt, that stinging, that burning…you loved it. You craved it. You’ve been dancing for so many years that now it was just a thing you lusted for even though you knew that it would hurt. 

“Gah…I want to rip off my legs so that I never have to dance again.” Joo Yeon complained as she collapsed on the floor, “What time is it? Is it time for lunch yet? I’m craving ramen.”

Hwa Joo, who had been lying down, flipped over so that now she was on her stomach with her head propped up on her hands facing Joo Yeon, “Unnie, you always crave ramen.”

“Sorry to burst your bubble, but don’t forget we’re preparing for a comeback,” Sun Hee chimed in, “Which means we can’t eat ramen.”

“UUuuuuugh, can’t we like…I don’t know? Sneak out and get some?” 

Sun Hee sighed as she watched the elder groan and roll around on the floor in frustration, “You know, sometimes I feel like I’m the one raising you. You’re older than me, shouldn’t it be the other way around?”

Joo Yeon stopped rolling and stared lazily into Sun Hee’s eyes, “I’m only older by months. Besides, you’re the leader.”

“Just because I’m the leader, it doesn’t mean that I’m your mother.” 

The elder shimmied her way across the floor like a snake and hugged Sun Hee’s leg with her arms, “But you are the mom of the group, mom.” 

“Hey, quit latching onto my leg.”

“But mooooooom!” Joo Yeon cooed hugging Sun Hee’s leg even tighter,

“YA! Hwa Joo! Help me!” Sun Hee screamed as she tried to shake Joo Yeon off of her. Hwa Joo probably wasn’t going to help her anytime soon considering that she was giggling from her spot on the floor.

You could only watch from the corner as the three of them continued on with their goofy antics. It had always been like this for as long as the five of you were together. They’d always be so energetic, even after dancing for hours upon hours and you’d always wonder how they still had that much power in them running. This felt like an everyday thing. This made it feel like everything was the same as it always was…….except it wasn’t and everyone knew that it wasn’t the same anymore. 

“Hey, you.” 

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Places BTS Would Take You on a Date


yeye, i gotchu! lets do it :3 i’m going to do casual dates~

Kim Namjoon

For a casual date, Namjoon would try not to overdo it, he’d surprise you by taking you out for a picnic in a meadow with lots of pretty flowers. He is pretty romantic, after all. He’d blindfold you as he drove the two of you to said meadow, leaving you shocked once he took off the blindfold. 

“Namjoon, where are we going?” you asked for what felt like the hundredth time today. And Namjoon kept providing you with the same reply,
“It’s a surprise. We’re almost there Jagi.” you were a very impatient person, and didn’t enjoy surprises all that much, but you were okay with this one. You felt the car come to a stop, and heard Namjoon getting out of the car. You heard him walking over to your side of the car and opening the door, helping you out. Once he took the blindfold off, you were shocked. What a beautiful meadow! 
“Namjoon- I…”
“I decided to take you somewhere nice. A picnic in the meadow was a perfect idea.” Namjoon smiled, hugging you close to him. 

The two of you enjoyed a wonderful picnic, and danced together in the meadow. You and Namjoon watched the sunset, holding hands as you watched the beautiful scene. 
“I love you Namjoon.” you whispered, kissing him passionately.
“I love you too, (Y/N).” 

Kim Seok-jin

Seokjin would, for a casual date, order take-out and rent a movie for the two of you guys. A thoughtful stay at home date, so you didn’t have to get all dressed up and have to go out. He didn’t want anything too fancy or romantic, and wanted something the two of you would enjoy without having to leave the house. So, take-out and a movie night! And lots of cuddling~

“What movie did you rent, Jin?” you asked him curiously, wrapping your arms around his waist, hugging him tightly. 
“I rented a horror movie, I forget the name of it, but it’s supposed to be really good.” Jin replied, pulling you closer to him, running his fingers through your (h/c) locks. 
“That gives us an even better reason to cuddle all night~ horror movies scare me…” you spoke softly, and Jin petted you,
“I know they do. But I’m here to protect you, Jagi~” 

The two of you snuggled as you ate take-out and watched the horror movie. You had fell asleep only half-way through the movie, and you had already finished eating your food. Jin pulled you up onto his lap, his fingers tangling through your hair as he turned off the television, watching you sleep.

Min Yoongi

Yoongi would take you out a park, right before the sun set, and would serenade you. With him loving music as much as he does, he wouldn’t mind singing a song to you, especially a love song. He loves you with all of his heart, and what better way to tell you he does, by serenading you in the park before the sun set? 

“Yoongi? Why are you taking me out this late? The sun is about to go down…” you murmured, as Yoongi grabbed onto your hand, leading you outside. The two of you walked to the park, as he held his guitar in his other hand. He made you sit on a bench while he set up his guitar. You watched the sun set, waiting patiently for Yoongi. He strummed a few strings on the guitar, before clearing his throat.

“Wise men saaay~ only fools rush in… But I can’t help, falling in looove with youuu~ Shall I staaaay? Would it be a sin, if I can’t help, falling in looove wiiith youuu~? Like a river flows, surely to the sea, darling so it goes, some things are meant to beee~ Take my hand, take my whole- life- too~ For I– can’t help, falling in loveee with you~” he sang to you, and you just sat there, tears pricking at your eyes. His voice sounded so beautiful. He continued singing, and by the end of the song, you were crying in his arms.
“That… was amazing Yoongi. Thank you so much. I love you so much.” you sobbed, and he rubbed your back in a soothing manner.
“I love you too, (Y/N).” 

Park Jimin

Jimin would take you out on an ice cream date, no doubt about it. He’d order your favorite ice cream, and then he’d order his, and you two would sit in a booth together, eating your ice cream and talking about stuff. He’d tell you how much he loved you, and would wipe the ice cream off your nose, after laughing about it. Then after you were done, he’d take you outside late at night to look at the stars.

“So, (Y/N). Did I ever tell you how much I love you?” Jimin asked, as he took another bite of his ice cream, gazing at you with lovestruck eyes. You giggled, blushing lightly,
“You tell me all the time, Jimin.” Jimin shook his head, laughing,
“No. I love you so much more than you think I do.” and you turned away, trying to obscure the deep red blush forming on your face.
“I really do love you, (Y/N).” he continued, before leaning over the table to kiss you. You kissed him back, your lips melded together like puzzle pieces, the perfect fit. You pulled away a couple seconds later, and finished your ice cream.

After the two of you were done, he drove you out to a field. It was dark outside, dark enough for the stars to come out. The two of you sat on the hood of his car, watching the stars. He wrapped his arm around you, pulling you closer.
“Hey look! A shooting star! Make a wish, Jagi~” he pointed out, and you smiled widely.
‘I wish for Jimin and I to be in love forever and ever.’ you thought to yourself.
“What was your wish, Jagi?” he asked, and you replied,
“It’s a secret~” 

Jung Hoseok

Hoseok would take you out to a waterpark, even though it’s not so much of a casual date, it’s a fun little getaway from all the stress and work. Hobi would wake you up early and tell you to start packing, and you would ask him where he was taking you, and he’d tell you that it was a secret. When you finally arrived at the waterpark, you were shocked, to say the least. You and Hobi had lots of fun at the waterpark, and stayed in a hotel connected to the waterpark for a couple of days. Best. Date. Ever!

“Jagiya! Get up! Rise and shine~ Start packing your stuff!” Hobi shook you gently, and you were slowly starting to wake up.
“Ughh.. Hobi, it’s early. Where could we be possibly going at this hour?” you questioned him, and he chuckled.
“It’s a surprise~” you groaned, getting up and packing your stuff like he told you to do.
“Oh! And, bring a swimsuit and a towel!” he giggled. 

“Hobi… Where are we going?” you asked him once again, and he told you the same thing he did when you first asked him,
“It’s a surprise!” you rolled your eyes, accepting defeat.

Once you got at the waterpark, you were squealing with joy. Hobi always knew where to take you. 
“Hobi!! I’m so excited! Let’s go in RIGHT NOW!” you said, jumping up and down.
“Jagi, we need to check into the hotel first…” he said, and you frowned. You and Hobi got all situated in the hotel, and finally went to the waterpark. The two of you went on waterslides, went swimming, caused chaos in the wavepool, and did a lot of other things. The next day, you two did the exact same. When it was time to go home, you were a little upset, but you did have lots of fun with your boyfriend~

Jeon Jeongguk

Jungkook would take you to an amusement park to ride the rollercoasters. He loves the thrill of the rides, and he thinks you would enjoy it too. So, when you woke up, he told you to get dressed into something comfortable, and bring sunscreen, since you would be out in the sun all day. You did as he told you to do, and he drove the both of you to an amusement park. When you got there, you were really excited, and the two of you went on all the rides together. After a day at the amusement park, he would take you back home, and you would cuddle~

“Get up Jagi! Get up!” Jungkook’s voice pulled you out of a deep sleep, and you growled at him.
“I was having a good dream…” and Jungkook laughed,
“You’re not going to care about that once I take you to a really cool place!” Oh boy. What could it possibly be?
“Get dressed into something comfy, and don’t forget to bring sunscreen! We’re going to be in the sun all day~” he chimed, and you did as you were told. 

The drive there was boring, you kept asking him where you were going, and he wouldn’t tell you where. When you finally arrived, your jaw dropped. An amusement park?! This was going to be amazing! You bounced up and down happily, tackling Jungkook.
“This is going to be so much fun, Kookie!!” and he chuckled. 

The two of you went on lots of rides, not complaining once about the long wait in line. You had tons of fun, and Jungkook even won a plushie for you in the arcade! It was a big Pikachu plushie, and you were so happy. The day was coming to an end, and eventually you had to go home. But, when you got back home, you and Jungkook cuddled a lot~

Kim Taehyung

Taehyung would take you out to the theater to see a movie. You were talking about wanting to see a certain movie for a really long time, and Taehyung decided to take you to go see it. When you got at the cinema, you bought your tickets and got some food at the concession stand. A large popcorn and a large slushie for you and Taehyung to share. The two of you sat way in the back so no one could bother you. When the movie started, you both cuddled close together, watching the movie happily.

“Tae.. I really want to go see (movie).” you sighed, as you saw yet another advertisement for it on the television.
“Then let’s go! I’ll take you to go see it.” he said, and your eyes lit up,
“Yes, really. Now let’s go Jagi~” he chuckled, grabbing his wallet and car keys, and waited for you. 

When you got to the theater, Taehyung bought you and him tickets to see the movie. You were really excited to see this movie, since it looked amazing. 
“Okay (Y/N)! I got the tickets. Let’s go get some concessions!” he beamed, and you couldn’t agree more with him.

“Could I get a large popcorn, and a large cherry slushie, please?” you asked the man at the concession stand, holding money in your hand to give him. He nodded, taking the money from you and putting it in the cash register. He handed you your change, and started getting your food. 

When you got your food, you and Taehyung made your way to the room the movie was playing in. You sat way in the back so you couldn’t be bothered by anyone. You rested your head on his shoulder, grabbing a handful of popcorn and eating it.
“I love you Tae.” you whispered to him,
“I love you too, Jagi.” 

Summer Love - Joe Sugg Imagine #3

You and 3 of your friends go on holiday together. But who is this handsome boy asking you to take a photo?
Word Count: 1.4k


I decided to take a walk on the beach alone, as my friends just wanted to chill. It wasn’t a big deal, I loved taking walks alone, to dwell on memories or overthinking some past conversations. Especially before big night outs, like tonight, I loved the calm before the storm. The sun was about to go down and everything was dipped in a gold light. I loved this time of the day the most. Only a few tourists were still here, catching the last sunlight. It was a beautiful, small beach, mostly unknown and natural. My feet were in the ocean and my heart never felt so light. This is everything I needed right then. “That rock over there is perfect! Just lean against it. It’ll look bomb!”, I overheard a conversation a few meters ahead of me. Some guys were eyeing said rock thoughtfully, walking slowly around it. Some photoshoot, I thought, but kept on walking towards them. “Excuse me? Sorry, would you mind taking a photo of us?” Hm, so no professional photoshoot. I looked up, looking at the young men in front of me. One with long hair and a camera, one with short hair. They were british, I knew the accent. “Sure, why not”, I accepted the camera and walked with them to the rock. The one with the short hair climbed up, the one with the long hair just leaned against it. So I started taking some snaps from different angles. They both were very photogenic and the camera caught the golden light perfectly. “Alright, thank you!” I handed the long haired one the camera and smiled. “You’re welcome. Have a nice holiday”, I said goodbye. “Hey. I’m Byron by the way, this is Joe.” “Nice to meet you. I’m Y/N.” I shook both hands and smiled up to them. “I gotta go, I think my friends are already worried about me. Probably thinking I was kidnapped or something.” “So you got plans for tonight?”, Joe asked, returning the smile. “Yeah, my friends and I wanna go out. It’s our first night after all.” “You should definitely check out the Sundance. It’s a bar, but it has a dancefloor, too and if your friends looking just half as good as you, you gonna get in free.” I laughed at the compliment, but promised to keep that in mind. We said our goodbyes and I started walking again.

I arrived at the hotel room, which I shared with my best friend and told her about the boys I just met. “Were they cute?” “Yeah, totally. I mean, I think so. I didn’t really pay attention.” “you know… It would be really romantic if we fell in love on this trip.” I laughed. “Yeah. Romantic. Getting your heart broken at the end of the trip.” “Y/N you’re so pessimistic. Think positive.” “I’ll try.” “So… Sundance  it is?” I nodded. “Yeah, let’s try it.”
As we all had gotten ready to go out, we decided to get something to eat first, chatting away about our plans tonight. “I wanna make out with a hot Spanish guy”, my one friend giggled. “I wanna dance till the sun comes up”, another chimed in. “I wanna fall in love”, my best friend sighed. “I wanna be drunk to not deal with all of your bullshit anymore”, I joked. I really wanna meet the guys again, I thought to myself. But that was something, the other girls didn’t have to know.
The bar was beautiful, the music good and the crowd hyped. They didn’t lie it was a nice place. My friends and I made our way to the bar and everyone was ordering a colourful cocktail. But I wasn’t in the mood for sticky sweet drinks, so my order was an icecold beer. As my friends chatted away I looked through the crowd, searching for a long haired and a short haired guy with extraordinary good facial structures. But they were nowhere to be seen. Maybe they weren’t even coming, they didn’t say that they were after all. So I concentrated on my friends and forgot about them really quick.
We were dancing to some 90s hit, as a hand grabbed my shoulder. “So did you have to pay to come in?” I turned and looked at Joe, smiling at me with a beer in his hand. “No, we all got free entry. Thank you for the tip by the way. It really is a great bar.” “You’re welcome. Hey, do you want a drink? Mine is empty.” I nodded and followed Joe to the bar. “What do you want?” “Just a beer.” “A beer?” “Yeah.” “You really wanna tell me that you are drinking beer?” I laughed. “Yeah.” “Unbelievable. Alright. A beer for the lady.”
After that we literally became inseparable. We spent every waking hour together, talking, swimming, tanning, eating, dancing. He and his four friends and me and my 3 friends became one big group of friends and it couldn’t have been more perfect. But I began to slowly feel more than pure friendship for Joe and as much as I tried to hide that, my best friend was catching on. “You like him. Joe, I mean.” I laughed nervously. “Obviously. He’s my friend.” “No, not like that. You like him more than that. Way more.” “You’re being ridiculous.” “Don’t try to lie to me!” “I’m not!” “You are! And you’re blushing by the way, it’s quite cute.” I tried to hide my face from her. “Stop it!” “Just admit that you like him and I’m gonna shut up.” “ALRIGHT! I like him, okay? I think he’s funny and cute, he’s a gentleman and he looks amazing. And I hate you.” “You don’t!” My best friend laughed and pulled me into a hug. “But, Y/N, that’s so cute. You two are so cute.” “Stoooop. We are not. He doesn’t even feel that way for me. Besides, I’m not gonna make a move. Our vacation is nearly over.” “We have three more days!”, she argued. “NEARLY OVER! It just would be painful. Nothing more, nothing less.” “Ugh, you’re exhausting me. But fine. It’s your life.” “Right! It is. And now give me my lipstick.”
We made a picnic at the beach. All of us. It was the golden hour again, just like the first time I met Byron and Joe. I was comfortable leaning against Joe’s shoulder, resting my head on it. I had my eyes closed and listened to the waves and my friends conversations. But I had no intention of being a part of it. I was tired and the butterflies in my stomach making me feel nervous as Joe gently caressed my arm. We were close for friends who knew eachother only a little over ten days. “Up for a walk?” He asked quietly. I nodded and it took a lot of my willpower to pull myself away from him. We made our way to the ocean and started talking about the first time we met. “You know, I think it’s quite awkward to ask someone else to take a photo of you, while you are posing hardcore.” I laughed. “Well, it is. But you and Byron are both super photogenic. I was jealous as I took the pictures.” “Oh, shut up.” “No, I mean it. Pretty boys.” We laughed and our hands brushed because we walked that close. My heartrate sped up. Damn, this boy will be the end of me, I thought to myself. “You know, I never would’ve thought I would met someone like you on this trip. I mean, Caspar speculated, that we’d have a new girl every night.” “Well that didn’t work out.” “No. No, it didn’t. But I’m not mad about it.” “You’re not?” “Not one bit.” And with that he took my hand and interlaced our fingers. I let it happen and looked up to him. “You know, I always think rationally and rationally is this”, I pointed at our hands, “not very clever. I mean, we’ll leave in three days.” “But Y/N you’re the first girl who drinks beer with me. You’re the first girl who makes ugly faces for selfies with me. You’re the first girl who ever made me feel that way.” The sun was sparkling in his blue eyes and I couldn’t hold it back anymore. I leaned in for a kiss and for the first time I didn’t care if it was clever. It felt right. “I would love to see you again, when we’re back home. I’ll take you out on a real date.” I laughed. “Well, gladly I got accepted at the University of London, then. What a coincidence.” “No coincidence. Faith.”
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I for sure love writing these.
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Oh, July

What times we had

In the sun and shine

When the chiming of hellish bells had ceased

And with only the sound of silence, and the sea

To cut through our dreaming

That was keeping us at peace

With what we know

We’ll never grow to be

In these lives

Handed out –

Unwanted destinies


Oh, July

How many times

Did I embrace your lies

As less terrifying

Than the truth?

How marvellously they used you

To soothe the quaking

Of us anxious youths

Too self-absorbed

To look towards the future


Oh, July

Bring back the times

Of wasted days

And late-spent nights, aplenty

Of climbing many trees and trials

With hearts emboldened

By sophomoric naivety, arrogance, and immortality

That cannot be reclaimed or brought forth

To this present grey

Ceaseless, remorseless

Incessantly draining the life

Squandered, now emaciated



Just give me a break


No internet searches. Just books. Books, books, glorious beautiful BOOKS.

That is all.


Word Count:1690

Summary: Jimin is the sweetest, nicest, fluffiest and smiliest person of the face of the planet, why wouldn’t you want to hug him?

It was a no-brainer, really.

At least, Taehyung thought so. Jimin was the sweetest, nicest, cutest, fluffiest and smiliest person on the face of the planet, why wouldn’t you want to hug him?

“I’m pretty sure ‘smiliest’ is not a word, hyung.”

Taehyung just looked at the maknae like he had said something incredibly stupid.

Jungkook stared back like Taehyung was the stupid one who couldn’t even grasp the simplest rules of grammar. “Well, it’s not.”

“Well, you asked why I kept hugging Jimin today and that’s the answer.”

“No, you said why Jimin is huggable, not why you kept hugging him.”

Taehyung didn’t understand the difference. Did there need to be a difference? Couldn’t someone look huggable and that was why you hugged him? Why did there always have to be specifics with Jungkook? Seriously!

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☼ Making a Sun Garden ☼

How to create your own sun garden! Dedicated to the god! 

A sun garden is simply a garden devoted to the god, it consists of herbs, flowers, crystals, & other things that are associated with him. 

☼ Plan: Decide on the size of your garden, it should be a separate addition to any other garden you may already have. Secondly, fence it off using wood, string, or anything else that can act as some sort of barrier. Keep in mind, the garden will be a space of devotion, & a means of communing with the God, so it needs to be symbolically contained. 

Add Flowers & herbs: All fire & air herbs & flowers such as basil, Chrysanthemum, Snapdragon, Clover, Lavender, Yellow & red blooms like Sunflowers, Cacti, Thistles, Heliotrope, Cedar & Juniper. Any other herbs or flowers ruled by the Sun or Mars. 

Add Crystals & Stones: Stones related to the Sun & Mars, as well as fire & air ruled stones. Carnelian, Ruby, Garnet, Orange, Calcite, Tigers Eye, Topaz, Sunstone, Bloodstone, Red Tourmaline. 

Get Creative: Use your imagination! Feel free to add anything else connected to the God! You could engrave sun symbols on pieces of wood, hang wind chimes, sun dials, add statues & anything else you can think of!

phcenixmciden  asked:

“Come on. The bed is cold without you~”

     The golden faunus eyed the horizon from the veranda doorway. His broad shouldered silhouette, striking and strong against the fading light of day. A mess of blonde locks billowing gently in the evening breeze before he half turns his gaze to his crimson queen. “Hm? Oh I’m… I’m sorry.” His tone gentle and warm as he turned to face her and sauntered over to the bed. His relaxed stride still as laid back and lazy as the day she first met him. He plopped down beside her with a small bounce of the mattress and pulled a thick plush comforter up over their forms.

     He eased himself to lay back against he headboard and wrapped a single arm around her shoulders to hold her close. “I missed you too.” Sun chimes softly with a nuzzling kiss to her red locks.

The Signs and Their Homes

Aries: A big house on the beach with a skylight in every room

Taurus:  A giant mansion with a lot of expensive furniture

Gemini: A charming trailer home overflowing with plants 

Cancer: A cozy house with lots of candles and a few pets

Leo: A renovated castle with big rooms and a live-in nanny and butler

Virgo: A loft in New York with a window that looks out over the city

Libra: A house in an overgrown yard with wind chimes and sun catchers

Scorpio: A brick house with a fence and a fireplace

Sagittarius: A small bright house that’s always full of people

Capricorn: A modern house without a lot of furniture and white walls

Aquarius: A run-down but colourful house (probably a sofa on the lawn)

Pisces: A yellow house filled with artwork and sunlight