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La última escena de “La Creación del Quinto Sol”. Aquí, en el panel superior, Quetzalcoatl sopla sobre Tonatiuh, el sol, para ponerlo en su viaje diario a través de los cielos. Por debajo, el primer atardecer del sol, en la cual Tonatiuh esta tragado por Tlaltecuhtli, la Teotl de la Tierra, y al final, la primera salida de la luna, en la cual Tecciztecatl, el Teotl de la luna, se eleva en el cielo y se viste de trapos por las Tzitzitmime.

The last scene from “The Creation of the Fifth Sun.” Here, in the top panel, Quetzalcoatl blows on Tonatiuh, the sun, to set him on his daily journey through the heavens. Below, the first sunset, in which Tonatiuh is swallowed by Tlaltecuhtli, the Teotl of the Earth, and the first moonrise, in which Tecciztecatl, the Teotl of the moon, rises into the sky, and is dressed in rags by the Tzitzitmime. 


the calendar // panic! at the disco

oh, cool news!!

as you guys may know, i’ll be participating in the @supernaturalartbook!

so excited to announce i’m placed in the chapter Angels and Heaven! for this, i’ll be providing a piece consisting of Chuck and The God Squad! MY CHILDREN

so excited!! if you haven’t read up on this book, it’s for a great cause, and it’s FILLED with tons and tons of incredible artists!!

What a wonderful 3 days in Bologna!! *_* 

This week was the Bologna children’s book fair and my fourth visit to this massive event in the children’s book calendar! The sun was shinning and i took my fiance along for support and to share in the sun, food and book perusing.

CRY FOR THE MOON - Parshat Pinchas

God has sinned.

I wouldn’t dare say such a thing, you know. But what I can I do? Rashi told me so.

Here’s how it all came out. In Parshat Pinchas, we get a long list of the sacrifices offered on each of the festival celebrations in the Jewish calendar. And on each of them, along with the various offerings of praise and thanksgiving, there is one goat sacrificed specifically to atone for our transgressions. And usually, that sacrifice is listed as:

One goat, as a sin-offering, to atone for you.

שְׂעִיר עִזִּים, אֶחָד, לְכַפֵּר, עֲלֵיכֶם

But on Rosh Chodesh, the celebration of the New Moon, the goat is mentioned slightly differently:

One goat, as a sin-offering, for God. (Num. 28:10)

וּשְׂעִיר עִזִּים אֶחָד לְחַטָּאת, לַה

Now that could be read as I’ve written it, with a comma, to mean: this sin-offering is for God. It is given over from me to God. But Rashi understands it as it would sound without the comma: this is a sin-offering for God. That is, this sin-offering is offered on God’s behalf.

That in itself is an astounding thing to say. But to add to the shock, the particular sin that he attributes to God is a rather strange one:

The Holy Blessed One said: Bring an atonement for Me, for having reduced the size of the Moon.

אמר הקב"ה, הביאו כפרה עלי על שמעטתי את הירח

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Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry - August Calendar Page

Father Sun keeps rolling in his carriage, bringing us to the month of Leo. The rich are enjoying a nice outing to show off their falconry skills to the ladies, while the workers are busy with the harvest, and relaxing in the river.

Shit I need to remember for Pokemon Sun/Moon demo

1 Day Later (October 19th)

Talk to the man standing outside the Pokemon Center.

  • Reward: 10 Pretty Wings

5 Days Later (October 23rd)

Talk to the woman standing by the street sign in the bottom left corner of town.

  • Reward: Unknown

12 Days Later (October 30th)

Talk to the man with the Pikachu inside Hau’oli City Hall.

  • Reward: Unknown

18 Days Later (November 5th)

Talk to the policeman by the lamppost on the Marina.

  • Reward: Unknown

24 Days Later (November 11th)

Talk to the first woman you see inside the Ferry Terminal on the Marina.

  • Reward: Unknown

30/31 Days Later? (November 17th/18th)

Talk to the cafe owner inside the Pokemon Center, who is supposed to return in “about a month.” It’s still unclear if this is one of the events or not.

  • Reward: Unknown
types of calendars the signs would have

aries: a meme calendar
taurus: an advent calendar
gemini: a personalized, doodled with hearts and stars and colorful circles on friend’s b-days.
cancer: a family calendar (with pics of family members in the month of their b-day, etc.)
leo: a calender with themed shoes every month
virgo: a motivational calendar
libra: a themed cupcake calendar 
scorpio: a sexy calendar with their fave celebrity/singer, etc.
sagittarius: a “travel” calendar with the best destinations of every time of year
capricorn: a calendar with every single holiday, national and international and famous birthdays
aquarius: a calendar with weird facts every month
pisces: a kitty calendar