sun burn

The Tacoma Times, Washington, August 3, 1917

This is the way the new idea works out. Take a piece of court plaster. Cut out the initials and design you with to register on your arm. Paste them on te arm and the sun does the rest.

You must wear your sleeveless bathing suit, of course. The sun tans your arm a fine brown color. The court plaster is then taken off, leaving the initials and design neatly engraved in white flesh.

Sun Burn Tips

1. Put lotion on the burned area to draw out heat and keep the area soft.
2. Do not wear perfume or lotion that contains alcohol as this will iritate the burn.
3. Take an anti inflammatory like Ibeprophen. This will dull pain and keep swelling down. Take it as soon as you notice symptoms of a sun burn. Dont wait.
4. Cool baths help sooth sunburns. Dont use hot water. This also keeps you clean to prevent infection.
6. Use aloe spray or aloe gel.
7. If the sunburn starts to peel. Don’t peel it. Let it peel on its own.
8. Wear light clothing that is soft. Heavy scratchy clothing will cause irritations.
9. Keep hydrated! Drink alot of water!
10. Keep cool, turn on your ac and use fans to blow cold air over the affected skin.
11. If your body gets blisters, do not pick at them. This is a sign if a severe sunburn. Let them heal on their own to prevent infection.
12. Go inside or stay in the shade. Stay out if the sun until the sunbirn heals. Exposure to more sunlight will make things worse.
13. Sprinkle a bit of cornstarch onto yourself or your sheets to ease friction in your sleep.
14. Do not place frozen objects directly onto your burn.
15. Once you notice a sunburn. Get out of the sun.
16. Some burns can be treated at home, even blisters. But if the blisters are over more 20% of your body or if you feel nauseated, get intense chills, or run a fever. Seek medical attention.
17. Avoid things that contain Benzocaine and Lidocane. These are pain relievers but can cause irritation and allergic reactions.
18. Use spf 30-50 and guards against both UVB and UVA rays that is water resistant. Apply around 15 minutes before going outside and reapply it every two hours.
19. Spray apple cider vinegar on a sunburn for instant relief.
20. Freeze Alor Vera in an ice cube tray to rub carefully on skin after they ment a bit. This helps extract heat.

I keep thinking about Lance and Keith with bad sunburn. Can you imagine how cute and irritable they would be?! Both of them waddling around the castle ship, trying to avoid touching anything (or themselves) because it hurts, and laughing at each other’s pain when they catch a bad burn spot. Lance would totally try and make himself laugh by running up behind Keith and just slapping him on his burns, but he’s too burned himself to be able to run away fast enough and Keith would just chase him down and slap him back. Their little fights would be all jerky and flaily because neither of them want to catch their own burns, and the rest of the crew would just end up staring bewildered as the two idiots flop all over the place trying to hit each other’s burns. I bet in the end Shiro would just walk over and clap them both hard on their very sore shoulders, and smirk when they complained. ‘Well, that’s what you two knuckle-heads get for trying to sunbathe on a planet two times hotter than Earth. Now for God’s sake, go sit somewhere very far away from each other so we don’t have to keep watching this. You both look way too pathetic right now,’

Cue Lance and Keith both skulking off to opposite sides of the castle to sulk and complain about not being allowed to use the healing pods because quote ‘it’s your own damned faults you’re like this,’