sun block

Witch Tip: for artists

Things you can do with paintwater:

- use it in spells for art, creativity, or to help lift artists block

- use sun/moon/rain water with your water color paints, to rinse your paintbrushes while painting or to clean them afterwards

- make a gem elixir with crystals that have creative/inspirational properties and use that while painting, cleaning brushes or rub on your temples to stimulate the mind

- use paintwater in spells to banish feelings of dullness, dry spurts, little inspiration or frustration with your art

*from my own B.O.S*

Wrinkles? Hell no

I am 27. Gassssp!! what a shocker, or not. I’m turning 28 which is pretty much 30. Extremely thankful I’m Asian (exact ethnicity is still unknown… Hopefully my mom will fess up one day and fill me in on that part) but for now.. Im going with the Filipino, Chinese & Spanish that I’ve been told I was all my life. Being Asian has it’s blessings. Nice thick black hair (well mines was light brown when i was younger and has turn to a mix shade of dark brown now), nice skin… All that good stuff. But best part, even at 30 we still have a very youthful appearance. Grateful that I don’t smoke (gross, wrinkle city if you ask me), I work out and I am addicted to anti-aging/wrinkle creams. I wanna fight back the signs of aging as much as I can. I’ve tried various lotions, creams, serums. And.. Some work, some make me so mad that I even spent the money on it. I wanted to document them on here and give my versions of the the results. I dont know about you but I hate getting my Lucky magazine and being bombarded with all the expensive shit they advertise an a majority of the time don’t even f'ing work. They want you to spend your hard earned cash on the pricy shit when there’s other stuff out there that’s just as good. For example: Olay Regenerist and practically the entire Olay line. I believe in your brand. I tend to rub my eyes all the time. It’s the one bad thing I can’t stop myself from doing. When I use Olay Total Effects religiously, I see the results! I actually started using the Olay mature line because I had a brief “omg I’m getting old and my skin looks gross crisis”.. But still my skin is tight and my sun spots… Are kinda going away. I see all these blogs of girls at the beach.. And yeah it’s summer I get it. But for the future of your face.. SPF it! And your neck! I’ve seen a lot of cougars and the easiest way to tell a woman’s age.. Her neck and hands! She can be 40 with a banging body but the neck and hands don’t lie. So.. Stay tuned to the rest of my anti-age rants! There’ll definitely be more!

Look at this. My tweet got quoted on this graphic. This was posted on twitter (x). As well as facebook. Not gonna lie this really made me happy to see.


Laneige Sun Block Aqua SPF 35 PA++ feeds the consistent supply of moisture into the skin that is easily exposed to the dry environment. Also, it protects skin from UV rays, leaving the skin always feeling refreshed.

Laneige Sun Block Aqua SPF 35 PA++ also gives cool, lightened moisturizing sensation and finishes with refreshing touch.

Laneige Sun Block Aqua SPF 35 PA++ contains Beta Glucan ingredients that are helpful in removing harmful skin aggressors, helps dry/damage-prone skin caused by light exposure be more vivified and healthy.

How to use:

At the final stage of basic skin care, dispense appropriate amount and evenly spread over face. Suitable for use in dry, fully air-conditioned or heated place.