sun behind fog

lost in space*

eastern freeway (near clifton hill) | february 2016

Copyright © Daraus M. All rights reserved

*this is an exceptional scene for Melbourne as the bright beaming sun is lost behind thick fog failing to penetrate onto the land…what is surprising is that all happening in the middle of Melbourne summer! fog is not uncommon in winter but summer is typically hot and bright around here.

One day, one rhyme- Day 726 'Magnus'

Magnus falls from the sky each night
To pull the sun back out.
When it’s fixed in the sky alright
He climbs back up, no doubt.
He drags the sun along a track
That’s fixed up in the sky,
Each day he drags it up and back
Without a groan or sigh.
Some days Magnus is all alone,
And greets the sky in vain.
Sometimes past him the clouds are blown
By Ted, who brings the rain.
Though Magnus falls every night,
He’s never hurt, I find
And each morning back up he climbs
Towing the sun behind.
Through fog, sleet, rain and even snow
Regardless, still he’s there.
I may not see, but still I know
The sun he’ll raise with care.
I have sought to wake before him,
His descent I would spy,
But wake to light, though oh-so-dim.
Forevermore I’ll try.