sun beams

Remember: look for the stars shining back to you in their eyes, the sun beaming at you in their smile.

Listen: to the weight in their each any every word, a beautiful universe of lifetimes in every sentence.

Watch: them grow and expand with you, come closer like two orbiting planets.

Love: with reckless abandon, the precious moments you have with them. Don’t let the grains of time slip away without noticing how special they are to you. 

Connect: deeply. Forget about fears. After all, the whole point of being here is to be able to look into another, and see them truly looking back into you.
—  Remember, Listen, Watch, Love, Connect// Musings By Moonlight
All In A Wind’s Work

    She clutches the end of her brown satchel, nodding once she’s double-checked that she has everything she needs for her oncoming day. In her free hand, she holds the white floppy hat she’s been gifted by one of her sisters (she thinks it compliments her look very nicely). Locking the door to her small apartment, she drops the keys into her satchel, wistfully beginning to climb down the stairs of the complex, dotting out a mental schedule she has planned out for the day: go shopping for some crafting materials, drop by her step-siblings’ house nearby for a warm greeting, and grab a quick bite to eat.  

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Sun Beams Test

Higher quality versions: Ello | G+

Blender got a new “Sun Beams” composite node recently. You can expect that I’ll be abusing that a lot in the near future.

In other news, Imgur decided to try and “make internet better” by automatically converting all of my images hosted there into MP4 files which lose about 90% of the image quality that I work so hard to get into my animations. Worst of all - Most of the looping videos glitch and lose their illusion of being a perfect loop for what feels like 3 frames when they restart. Boooooo!

Examples of my original uploads:

Examples of total suck:

I tried directly uploading MP4s to imgur, so at least I’m not losing quality by restricting the number of colors in saving it to GIF and THEN imposing horrible MPG artifacts in there for a double lossy image - but that didn’t work. Imgur does not accept MP4 uploads.

So I just tried just putting MP4s of this latest design up on G+, but the encoded quality was terrible, and didn’t loop. So I just put the high quality GIF up there.

Then I remembered that hexeosis sent me an invite to this new “Ello” thing. I still have no idea what it’s about, or what the whole :bread: thing is, but other GIF makers are on there and adding me as a friend, so I’ll have to figure out what is going on over there. I hear there’s like a 25 meg GIF limit over there. So I put the high quality version there too.

Looks like I’m going to be uploading my high quality version images to G+ and Ello for the time being. More experimentation to come.