sun beams


Rainbow God Rays by Alene Davis 

Montparnasse and seasons

Anyone who maintain that Montparnasse’s favourite season is winter, clearly never had to spend the whole night outside still wanting to look slay and not freeze to death at the same time.
He’s such a end of the summer-beginning of the autumn person. It doesn’t rain often yet but it tends to be stormy, it’s warm enough not to be bothered but cool enough for him to wear his leather jacket and nights, nights finally start to become long enough.

Keyhole Arch , Pfeiffer beach ,  Sycamore Canyon Rd ,Big Sur , California

                                      by  Michael Shainblum  ©

Rather than be created with special effects, the orange glow is a natural phenomenon that only occurs during a few weeks of every year. Capturing the stunning and rare light on camera is one of biggest trophies for nature photographers in the U.S.

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