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tvseriejunkie  asked:

I saw some ideas for fics and immediately thought of you. Could you do "You’re an asshole, there’s no hiding that.” for Bellarke please? :))

Your wish is my command and thanks, I loved this prompt except it grew into an angsty 4k word fic. Oops? 

Bellarke road trip angst, that’s what you’re in for. I hope you’ll like it! :)

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“You’re an asshole, there’s no hiding that.”

Clarke Griffin is standing in the middle of a dirt road somewhere in New Mexico, God only knows where, honestly. She’s sweating in the unbearable heat and she is one hundred percent done with Bellamy Blake’s shit.

So she kicks the flat tire because reasons.

It doesn’t help, only makes her bite down a pained yelp and glare at Bellamy harder.

For his part, Bellamy returns the glare. If she were less pissed, Clarke would get him that lukewarm bottle of water she has stashed in her bag but she is pretty damn pissed so she gloats watching his curls getting wetter as he tries to change the tire.

“Remind me how this is my fault,” he groans, pushing a rock under the tire with too much strength and plopping down on his ass in dirt.

“Wait, was it me who swerved off the road because you went all self-righteous on me?”

“You ran away, Clarke!”

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