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Meditations based on the Major Arcana

If you find yourself stressed or simply desire a different form of meditation, go ahead and pick one, or, better yet, have your tarot tell you which meditation you should do!

0. Fool – meditate to some calming music, find a nice track and let it fill your mind and body

1. Magician – recite a mantra of some sort, word or phrase, pick something meaningful to you, not just what the internet suggests

2. High Priestess – the practice of attending: look at and assess each thought you have as you meditate

3. Empress – focus on self-love, find things you appreciate about yourself, let love fill you and your soul

4. Emperor – count your heartbeats or your breaths 

5. Hierophant – take this time to recite a prayer to a higher being, speak a blessing of some sort, or your equivalent

6. Lovers – send love, good vibes, and blessings to a loved one

7. Chariot – focus on each body part separately, flexing and relaxing each part from your toes to your head

8. Strength – stand up and do the sun salutation or a similar yoga exercise, or if you’d rather, go work out

9. Hermit – ask a deep, philosophical question and ponder on it for awhile

10. Wheel – diaphragmatic breathing: breath deeply from the diaphragm, so your stomach moves but your chest does not

11. Justice – find five things or people you are grateful for and meditate on them

12. Hanged Man – the practice of mindfulness: simply let your thoughts pass by as you meditate, not focusing on anything in particular

13. Death – take a short nap! please wake up, though

14. Temperance – the practice of visualization: visualize your dreams about the future

15. Devil – focus on each sense individually, what do you feel, hear, see, if you want you can eat a small treat and focus on what you taste

16. Tower – candle meditation: focus on a flame, image of a flame, or some sort of object

17. Star – take a bath or shower and focus on the water cleansing both your body and mind

18. Moon – acknowledge your worries, then give them up or let them go to a higher being

19. Sun – sit in sunlight or other bright light and focus on the brightness, draining all your negativity away to be replaced with positivity

20. Judgment – focus on the energy within, how it interacts with the earth and others around you

21. World – stand up and take a walk, preferably walk outside through nature

Enjoy and may all be well with each of you <3

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What are best workouts to do at home?

Whatever you have room for!



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Workout plans…

“If we long to believe that the stars rise and set for us, that we are the reason there is a Universe, does science do us a disservice in deflating our conceits?”

—Carl Sagan

Horoscope and Tarot Overview for August 20-26, 2017

This is a busy week in the Cosmos with a New Moon Solar eclipse in Leo, a Sun sign change and Saturn finally moving direct. “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Sunday- The Moon is in Leo all day keeping us self-confident and proud of our accomplishments. The Sun in Leo quincunx Rx Chiron looking for a bit of healing energy that may help to take us down a peg if we are feeling haughty.  Mars sextiles Jupiter (with beneficial lunar aspects also) pushing us to achieve or at least plan our future despite the Balsamic Moon, it’s a good time to make choices, and expand our horizons. The energy surrounding tomorrow’s eclipse helps us find our direction.  Tonight, Rx Mercury semi-squares Venus complicating communications in relationships, although we may be quite sensitive trying to understand all sides it will help the big picture. 

Monday-The Moon stays in Leo long enough to form a Grand fire trine with The Sun, Rx Uranus, and Rx Saturn asking us to remain flexible in the face of change, and there is plenty of it.  The New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs at 2:31 PM setting in motion a major shift in our perceptions for the next 6 months, especially in matters of romance, creative work and personal relationships. New beginnings are forming so maintaining flexibility is the key to success during this time.  The Moon moves into organized Virgo at 4:25 PM providing some much needed grounding energy.   

Tuesday- The Moon stays in Virgo all day helping us feel rooted in the face of intense cosmic energy.  Mars trines Rx Saturn helping us finish up old tasks before we move forward. Later tonight the Sun eases into rooted Virgo slowing our vibrations, adding a little sensuality and helping us stay on top of any details that need tweaking.   

Wednesday- is relatively quiet giving us a chance to catch our breath and assess where we are in the process of our shifting moods, mores and life goals. A lunar sextile to home planet Rx Mercury tries to straighten out any miscommunications if we are diligent.  The Moon moves into peaceful Libra tonight.   

Thursday-The Moon in Libra calms our energy while Venus trines Rx Chiron, then irritates Rx Neptune and squares Rx Uranus.  Rx Mercury semi-squares Jupiter-all these aspects show us healing is available if we cut through nonsense and listen to our gut intuition, a peaceful solution can help work out any relationship or communication kinks. Step away from too much information too fast, there may be exaggerated benefits that need to be sorted out before accepting anything that sounds too good to be true. Trust your gut above all else. Stay grounded and steady in the face of rapid change for the most benefit.  
Friday-The Moon stays in Libra all day with Saturn finally moving direct then forming a sextile to Libra helping us finish tasks and plan for our futures in a pragmatic and successful manner.  

Saturday- The Moon moves into Scorpio and Venus moves into Leo early this morning setting the stage for fun and excitement, passion and intensity and full on romance. We have a rooted stance with lunar sextiles to the Sun and Rx Mercury who align shortly after, so we can repair misguided communications and reset the balance in relationships.    

Tarot Cards of the Week- Temperance, 4 of Wands and 9 of Pentacles- we are called upon to remain balanced, and in charge of our intuitive healing gifts. Blend together talents to forge new paths. Build on what needs tweaking, spend some time alone, witness the riches surrounding you and take advantage of your own gifts of love and care.    

Chakras: third eye, throat, heart, and root 

Crystals: labradorite, sapphire, rose quartz, and black onyx 

Aromatherapy: frankincense, chamomile, rose, and patchouli 

Yoga- be mindfully connected to your practice with meditative poses    

Voltron Workout

Thanks @sniperlance for giving me the confidence I needed to post this.

This is a workout I’ve been doing, and even though it hasn’t been long, I can feeI and notice the difference. Also, if you have any questions on any of these workouts/poses, just shoot me an ask and I’ll do a video/have a picture of me doing it/explain it for ya. Warm ups are the same as cool downs, so just repeat them when you’re done working out. (Also, I apologize for the formatting, at the moment I don’t have a computer so I’m doing this from the mobile app. I’ll try to fix it when I have one again.)


~Monday’s are dedicated to Keith. We all want to be able to swing a sword like him, so we gotta work on our upper body.

~Sun Salutation
~Warm Up
–Bicep Stretches
–Neck Stretches
–Shoulder Stretches
–Tricep Stretches
–Reverse Butterfly
–20 squat chops
–10 wide grip push ups
–10 cross punch sit ups
–20 bodyweight bicep curls
–10 chest squeezes
–10 side choppers
–20 elbow strikes
–20 archers
–10 knife hand strikes
–push ups until failure
~Cool Downs

Tuesday’s are dedicated to Pidge. If you’re using your computer typing up code all the time, you gotta work those hand out so that you don’t get arthritis. We are also going to work on our abs and back because being hunched over all the time is not good for you.

~Moon Salutation
~Warm Up
–Open And Close Fingers
–Wrist Stretches
–Scorpion Pose
–Pigeon Pose
–Cobra Pose
–50 open and close hands
–40 sitting twists
–20 clench and relax guard
–40 knee to elbow sit ups
–30 bridges
–30 finger taps
–20 windshield wipers
–10 thumb roll and taps
–10 plank arm raises
–elbow plank until failure
~Cool Down

Wednesdays are dedicated to Hunk. He’s super strong in the upper body, but as a leg of Voltron he also needs to be sturdy and stable, so his is an all around workout, working on both the upper and lower body.

~Sun Salutation
~Warm Up
–Bow Fold
–Child’s Pose
–Figure Four Stretch
–Warrior Side Lotus
–Forward Wide Bend
–30 jump knee tucks
–10 plank leg raises
–4 raised leg push ups
–20 side jack knives
–20 lunge punches
–20 squat kicks
–10 air bike crunches
–20 Turkish get-ups
–10 plank jump-ins
–diver push ups until failure
~Cool Down

Thursday’s are dedicated to Lance. He’s also a leg of Voltron, but he had some miiiighty fine legs, and really, who wouldn’t want them? And you can’t tell me that he wouldn’t want all of us to have nice tone butts, so today is leg and glute workouts.

~Moon Salutation
~Warm Up
–Figure Four Stretch
–Warrior I
–Reverse Warrior
–Camel Pose
–40 side leg raises
–10 reverse crunches
–10 jumping lunges
–30 high knees
–20 long arm crunches
–25 sumo death squats
–20 roundhouse kicks
–15 hop heel clicks
–20 balance side lunges
–crunch kicks until failure
~Cool Down

Fridays are dedicated to Shiro. Mmmmmm boy, does he have some NICE biceps. So today we gotta be able to one up him with ours by doing some arm and upper body workouts.

~Sun Salutation
~Warm Up
–Half Lotus
–Butterfly Fold
–Bicep Stretch
–Tricep Stretch
–20 side lunge chops
–40 raised arm circles
–20 bridge taps
–10 plank shoulder taps
–10 raised leg push ups
–30 wood choppers
–10 sit up punches
–40 punches
–10 thigh taps
–wide grip push ups until failure
~Cool Down

Saturday is dedicated to Coran. He wouldn’t want us to push ourselves too hard, so today is yoga. Thanks Uncle Coran!!

~Moon Salutation
–Down Dog
–Three Legged Dog
–Warrior I
–Warrior II
–Reverse Warrior
–Reverse Plank
–Bridge Pose
–Locust Pose
–Child’s Pose
–Corpse Pose

Sunday is dedicated to Allura. Not only should we work on our physical strength, but our mental as well, so today is also yoga.

~Sun Salutation
–Half Moon
–Tree Pose
–Eagle Pose
–Wheel Pose
–Extended Triangle Pose
–Bow Pose
–Fish Pose
–Child’s Pose
–Corpse Pose

Don’t forget that some of the most important parts of being fit, is eating heathly, drinking lots of water, and knowing your limits. You won’t see results right away, keep in mind that it’s okay if you can’t do the until failure things for long. This is a hard workout and it’s meant to push you as far as you can go. Don’t overwork yourself, okay guys?

New weekly format…

Horoscope and Tarot Overview for July 31-August 5, 2017

This week changes are the theme, confusing changes but shifts none the less. The good news is, we will be quite centered in our intuitive gifts, exercise that knowledge and use it well to navigate through the rough spots.  

Sunday- Double Venus aspects-a square to Chiron and a sextile to Neptune, both in Pisces and retrograde, bringing sentimentality, a slip in our confidence and a little extra instinctive boost. The Moon is in Scorpio with squares to Mars and the Sun in Leo indicating a bout of jealousy or stubborn ride that can ruin an otherwise lovely day. Mars also collides with Rx Saturn which may jilt our memories about something we have forgotten to do. Pay attention.  

Monday- The Moon stays in Scorpio with a sextile to Rx Pluto anchoring our desires to finish old projects and reconnect with someone that ignites our passion. Venus moves into loving Cancer for the next 4 weeks bringing out our nurturing side in love, romance and our creativity.  

Tuesday- the Moon moves into flighty Sagittarius this morning with trying aspects to Venus, Jupiter, Rx Pluto and Mercury. This points to inadequate communications, delayed affections, a need to wander and or gossip a bit. Stay centered.  

Wednesday- The Moon stays in Sagittarius triggering a fire trine with Mars and the Leo Sun. Later there is a square to Rx Neptune and a sextile to Jupiter reminding us to look carefully at what is offered before accepting or moving forward with commitments or proposals no matter how enticing they are, it is not a stable day. Adding to the instability, Uranus stations direct and then moves retrograde at 10:49 PM EST, get ready for unexpected feelings, people and memories from the past.  

Thursday-The Moon stays in Sagittarius until tonight The Moon squares Rx Chiron and sextiles Rx Uranus tonight helping us tune into what needs healing in yourself and those around you in quite a startling fashion. The Moon moves into steady Capricorn at 8:37 pm  

Friday-The Moon in Capricorn opposing Venus, then a trine to mercury which may make communications troubling. . Jupiter squares Rx Pluto setting our work ethics into high gear, preparing us for new workloads by helping us clean up anything left hanging. Avoid exaggerations or staying too closely within the lines, either extremes will not assist the process. Tonight, a sextile to Rx Neptune will stir up old memories and creative insights in our dreams.  

Saturday- The Moon stays in solid Capricorn all day aligning with Rx Pluto in the same sign this morning then immediately squaring Jupiter. This may affect our optimism or impetus to improve our day with a little pessimistic thinking or an inability to move forward. Compounding these aspects, the Sun has two small irritating aspects to Rx Chiron and Rx Neptune that exposes where our faults or insecurities lie. Try to leave the past in the past so you can clear a path for bright insights and creative new ideas. It’s a good day to make peace with old unresolved issues.  

Tarot Cards of the Week- 9 of Swords, Ace of Wands and Knight of Wands- the early part of the week may bring startling revelations, handle them like a pro to ease your mind. Mid-week we may be industrious, inventive and ready to go forward but by the end of the week we may feel as if we are moving backwards. This week requires careful consideration and attention to fine details as well as our keen insights.  

Chakras: crown, third eye, heart and sacral 

Crystals: clear quartz, lapis, rose quartz and carnelian 

Aromatherapy: frankincense, rose geranium, rose and tangerine 

Yoga-a mixed practice of vinyasa and restorative poses and mindfulness meditation