sun and moon lyrics

The signs as song lyrics I've written

Never been in a fight but I want to fight
Fight a bitch at night
The dark is cool
Fuck school
Wanna destroy everything
Including you

Just woke up messy hair
Attitude I don’t care
Should i even get up and start the day
Does it matter if i do shit anyway

Thought, thought, thought,
I thought if I thought a lot
Maybe my thoughts could learn to stop
I feel my brain beginning to rot
They are so fucking loud
All around
Up and down
I’m starting to look like a fucking clown

What am I feeling right now?
I feel like a drifting cloud
Full of storm water
Today rain is all I’ve got to offer
What’s wrong with me?
Changing tides like the sea
I can be a deadly storm
A catastrophe
Or calm and cool, my bottom lurking with things unseen

I love the way you fuck me 
Baby this is how you want me, thirsty 
I beg love me love me 
Love me more than i love you 
At night i feel so ugly

But not you, youre alive not dead
I hear all the voices that go on it your head
They never calm but you find peace in them
Taking their words of wisdom
They sing inside your lovely mind
You hum along, intertwined

I’m sitting in front of the man of my dreams
Love his dick, give me that cream
His face is amazing, it makes me want to sing
His voice is as lovely spring

Sometimes I think I see god
But then I open my eyes and it’s the same shit all around
Breath in the toxins of a cigarette
It’s all I got sometimes, wanna drown out the sound
Talk to a few and that’s fun
But real quick im done

If I could see your soul, I’m sure it’d be a work of art
Like a painting on a canvas, painted by the heart
You know you’re a masterpiece
A genius in disguise
I wish I could see what you see through your eyes

If there’s one last thing
I gotta sing
it’s that there’s no possibly
Just possible I am the unstoppable
Incomparable hear these words and know it’s me
I do not go unseen
(This one’s written by my boyfriend)

I’m so tired everyday
I want life to be so extraordinary that more than half the time I wouldnt know what to feel or say
Wheres my burning passion?
Melancholy, my minds gray.
Why care when you feel useless why give a fuck, this world is strange

You got me and you got me down for you and you only
Baby, look at me, I want you to be the one to own me
Devil or angel, you’re my sweet, lovely baby.
Tell me angel, have you looked in a mirror lately?

Comprehensive List of Ryden Songs

For anon! Marking the songs written by Ryan as R and Brendon as B 

Northern Downpour: R The Ryden Song. 

  • Ryan told Brendon to pay special attention to the line ‘I know the world’s a broken bone, but melt your headaches, call it home’
  • Brendon has broken down many times while performing it post split and doesn’t sing it anymore
  • ‘I missed your skin when you were east’ is believed to be a reference to the Seattle lore. 
  • ‘Hey moon, please forget to fall down’ - Sun & Moon theory  

When The Day Met The Night: R obvious Sun & Moon theory also here Brendon uses male pronouns in the second verse!

Cape Town: R by The Young Veins, Ryan and Jon’s band, post split

  • Cape Town was the last show Panic played before they split
  • Includes the line ‘I loved you, I left you in Cape Town’
  • Ryan has also said the split was like breaking up with a girlfriend

The Other Girl: R 

  • ‘Don’t have much to say right now, Cause I’m trying to figure out, Why he’s with the other girl’ wow need I say more?

Bittersweet: B 

  • ‘I’ve been to Tokyo and to South Africa’ Cape Town is in South Africa and it’s like a response to Cape Town
  • ‘You could tell me secrets that I’ll probably repeat
    I’m not trying to hurt you, I just love to speak’  
    we know Ry is a secretive person and Brendon has a big mouth so yeah 

Nearly Witches: R+B ahhh The Song Of Salt and pain

  • Ryan wrote the song during the cabin days, but later Brendon used it on V&V with some modifications
  • basically he changed it from a creepy, spooky song to a romantic thing
  • also he changed Ryan’s ‘as a boy’ to ‘as a girl’
  • AND THE Main Thing: Brendon mocked Ryan’s original lyrics ‘here I am composing a burlesque’ Very Frequently by singing it in a.. camp way.. and thrusting his hips etc

Memories: B check this out

The Calendar: B subtlety has never been B’s best suite 

  • This is officially about the split and Ryan and Jon. Like confirmed.
  • but  ‘And I meant everything I said that night
    I will come back to life, But only for you’ 
  • ‘Put another ex on the calendar, Summer’s on its deathbed’ -Sun & Moon theory  
  • ‘at night your body’s a symphony, and I’m conducting’…!!

Hurricane: B 

  • Cause they know, I know that they don’t look like me.
    Oh, they know, I know that they don’t sound like me.  -
    referring to the young veins changing their style 
  • But he didn’t come and speak to me, Or put my heart at ease.

Casual Affair: B

  • preceded by an anti gay message from an old film during live shows
  • which possibly implies it’s about a gay affair? I think brendon said it was about fantasizing etc so yeah

Nicotine: B brendon’s denied it, but a lot of people think the muffled intro sounds like I love you Ryan Ross, but not right now…

Lonely Moonlight: R  Ryan’s solo work

  • ‘When I had a younger heart, You told me not to fear the dark’
  • ‘Someone I love loves someone else’  awww poor bb
  • also even the title is Sun & Moon theory

Where I Belong: R again one of Ry’s 2014 demos

  • If you wanna see the sun, You’re gonna have to dig your way out - Sun & Moon theory 
  • I know I should’ve never left, I’d gotten tired being buried -possibly he was tired of hiding behind Brendon’s voice for his words, but he regrets leaving
  • I hope that I’ve still got your help - Ryan’s actually said he’s not against working with panic again

Impossible Year: B

  • There’s no sunshine, This impossible year - Sun & Moon theory  
  • bitter pills, tattoos, last bruises, no you and me

House of Memories: B he’s not subtle lmao

  • Memories turn into daydreams, Become a taboo 
  • I think of you from time to time, More than I thought I would….You were just too kind And I was too young to know 
  • Those thoughts of past lovers, They’ll always haunt me.. I wish I could believe, You’d never wronged me 
  • honestly, brendon didn’t really have very serious relationships before Sarah so who is he talking about?? (ryanryanryan)

Golden Days: B the throam song (I’m looking @ u anna green)

  • I found a pile of Polaroids, In the crates of a record shop 
  • Boy he was something debonair in 1979
  • Time can never break your heart but it’ll take the pain away

Your love is an abyss for my heart to eclipse

The way that Riku looks at Sora just makes me melt

The Zodiac Signs As BTS Eras
  • Aries: Not Today
  • Taurus: Just One Day
  • Gemini: Dope
  • Cancer: I Need U
  • Leo: Fire
  • Virgo: Save Me
  • Libra: War of Hormone
  • Scorpio: Blood, Sweat, & Tears
  • Sagittarius: Run
  • Capricorn: No More Dream
  • Aquarius: N.O
  • Pisces: Spring Day
  • (sun or moon sign)

I have a Ryden theory

This theory goes along the lines with the Sun and Moon Ryden theory.

The theory basically states that:


Brendon= Sun

Or vice versa

My theory is that when Brendon writes the song, Ryan is the sun and he is the moon but when Ryan writes the song, he is the moon and Brendon is the sun.

Okay, I know it might not make sense, but allow me to explain.

Let’s start with Pretty. Odd.

There are an enormous amounts of Sun and Moon metaphors.

Let’s begin:

I Have Friends in Holy Spaces


“If the sun will come out and sing with me”

This song is right before Northern Downpour (remember that) on the Pretty. Odd. album. The song also has a great transition to that song, so it was purposely placed there.

So, since Brendon is the writer of this song, Ryan would be the sun.

So, let’s change the line a bit to match the theory.

“If Ryan would come out and sing with me”

Now, let’s go into the next song…

Northern Downpour

Written by RYAN ROSS

Alright, this song itself is Ryden lore, but we are goingrh to mainly focus in on the Sun/Moon references.

So, let’s begin with the first line:

“Hey Moon, please forget to fall down”

Okay, so Ryan would be the Moon here.

In “Live in Chicago”, Ryan says something here around the 3:54 marker of the video (look on YouTube)

He either says “I’ll never go” or “There we go”

Personally, I believe he said “I’ll never go” not because of Ryden, but I just heard it. And this was long before I was Ryden Trash.

Also, at this show, after Brendon sims “Northern Downpour sends its love.” He also sings “I love you”

We don’t know who he sang it to, just adding that in.

Next song:

When The Day Met The Night


Okay, this song is an exception folks.

I found a thingy:

“The song is the love song that Ryan wrote for his previous girlfriend, Keltie Colleen. In it, he was the sun and she was the moon…”

This can be found on

I do not think that this song is about Keltie, I think it’s about Brendon because:

A) Previous sun and moon theories

B) Keltie was cheated on by Ryan

So, this song is about Brendon and not Ryan, but Ryan couldn’t flat out say that it was about him because they weren’t out. So, I believe that he used Keltie as the person in this to cover it up.

Now this song is filled with metaphors.

I will rewrite the song using their names.

When Brendon fell in love with Ryan

All was golden in the sky

All was golden when Ryan met Brendon

(Listen, night=moon and day=sun)

When Ryan found Brendon

He(Ryan) was drinking tea in the garden

Under the green umbrella trees

In the middle of summer

When Brendon found Ryan

He(Brendon) look like he was barley hanging on

But his(Ryan)eyes saved his life

In the middle of summer

(Too lazy to write chorus but you get the idea)

So he(Brendon) said,”Would it be all right

If we just say and talked for a little while

If in exchange for your time

I give you this smile?”

So He(Ryan) said,”That’s OK

As long as you can make a promise

Not to break my little heart

Or leave me all alone in the summer.”

When he(Brendon) was just hanging around

Then he(Brendon) fell in love

And he (Brendon) didn’t know how

But he (Brendon) couldn’t get out

Just hanging around

Then he (Brendon) fell in love

(Then chorus and stuff)

Okay, this was a lot to take in, but let me explain to you what this could mean.

When Ryan found Brendon to fill in as the guitarist, right? So he did. But Brendon realized that Ryan had some issues, like personal issues (not my business but if you look it up you’ll know) but Brendon sorta saved him. So, Brendon just helped him in a way but Ryan had abandonment issues (not gonna say why). So he wanted Brendon to stay and be permanently here in his life. So, the moon aka Brendon fell in love with Ryan. BUT IT NEVER SAID RYAN DID LOVE BRENDON BACK. That is important.


Ryan found Brendon, but he had issues also. Whether it be because he wanted to leave the church (Mormon one) or something else, he had issues. But Ryan was a solid thing in his life. He was always there. So, they liked eachother but were scared to give it a go until they decided to. But, Brendon didn’t want Ryan to leave the band over it. I personally think Ryan left because they wanted to be a thing but keep their careers professional so best bet was for one of them to leave. Also, Ryan didn’t keep this promise BECAUSE HE LEFT THE BAND IN THE SUMMER!! Okay, but Brendon actually fell in love with Ryan. Like fell really bad so that’s it. They just fell in love.

That’s the song

Next one:

She Had the World


According to Genius, Ryan said that this is about “a naive dreamer who fell for him” keep this in mind…

“The sun was always in her eyes”

This line may mean that Brendon was always there. Brendon was always there trying to make it work but it didn’t, Ryan lost interest.

SOOOOO Ryan was not interesting in Brendon at the time but Brendon was. I think Ryan and Brendon were trying to make it work, but in the end, it didn’t.

So in this



Next Song:

Mad as Rabbits


There is a sun reference, but allow me to explain.

Since eachother they are eachother’s sun, they would both be the sun.

“But there ain’t no sunshine in his song; We must reinvent love”

Okay so Ryan wrote this song off of this really gay poem (I forget the name) so, I believe this is saying that they must reinvent their love, and try again.


Okay, so the Pretty. Odd. Album is over when it comes to the sun/moon references. I could go on with other albums if you’d like (just tell me xo)

When the Moon fell in love with the Sun