sun and glory

sun in the signs: the luminescent qualities of the sign, its radiance, its regal, royal quality, its need to be worshiped 
aries sun qualities must be worshiped for their greatness and triumphs 
taurus sun worshiped for beauty, creativity, and conservation 
gemini sun worshiped for the mind and intellectual qualities 
cancer sun worshiped for its creativity, empathy, and quality of dream
leo sun worshiped for its essence, artistry, and presence 
virgo sun worshiped for its skill, quality of mind, and technical talents 
libra sun worshiped for its grace, beauty, and sociability 
scorpio sun worshiped for its mystique, power, and emotion 
sagittarius sun worshiped for its knowledge, experience, and philosophy 
capricorn sun worshiped for its success, glory, and talent 
aquarius sun worshiped for its individuality, self expression, and altruism 
pisces sun worshiped for its vision, empathy, and creativity 

moon in the signs: increases the intuitive qualities of the sign’s expression
an ultra intuitive moon in aries 
a time sensitive, nature intuitive taurus moon
a telepathic gemini moon
a clairvoyant cancer moon 
a creative manifesting leo moon 
an intuitive virgo moon 
an interpersonally psychic libra moon 
a crystal gazer scorpio moon 
a prophetic sagittarius moon 
a time sensitive capricorn moon 
a telepathic aquarius moon 
a psychic pisces 

mercury in the signs: increases the quality of mind and calculation
mercury in aries: turns rapid movement into rapid thought 
mercury in taurus: cerebral creativity 
mercury in gemini: clever and mercurial 
mercury in cancer: emotionally intelligent 
mercury in leo: broadway light mind
mercury in virgo: technical intelligence 
mercury in libra: interpersonal intelligence 
mercury in scorpio: calculated curiosity 
mercury in sagittarius: mental adventurer 
mercury in capricorn: calculates dream
mercury in aquarius: mentally unusual 
mercury in pisces: thinks a dream

venus in the signs: increases the fun and flowery qualities of the sun
a childlike aries venus 
a creative taurus venus 
a socially harmonic gemini venus 
a poetic cancer venus 
a ravishing, loving leo venus 
a gesturing virgo venus 
a dancing libra venus 
an empathic scorpio venus 
an interested (in people) sagittarius venus 
a noble hearted capricorn venus 
a playful aquarius venus 
an ultra affectionate venus pisces 

mars in the signs: increases the potency and raw aggression of the qualities
rapid cycling mars in aries 
bull headed mars in taurus 
silver tongued mars in gemini 
scathingly reactive mars in cancer 
dramatically self centred mars in leo 
hurtfully critical mars in virgo
passive aggressive mars in libra 
confrontational mars in scorpio 
blunt to the point of pain mars in sagittarius 
cold hearted solo minded ambition mars in capricorn 
unforgiving detachment mars in aquarius 
psychic wounding mars in pisces


i finally realized you and i were never meant to last
if we were, we never would have had to try this bad
but i still write you love letters on paper plates and napkins
and on paper from cigarette cartons at work when no one’s looking
i still look back on when we were sixteen and nothing mattered
when i told you i’d have your back no matter what happened
and now i’m telling you to leave and i don’t think it hurts you as much as it hurts me
now it’s all bruised and tired and ugly
but what’s never been ugly was the space you filled in me
and it’s still filled
there’s still a place in my heart that you will always inhibit
i still think you’re a magical human who just happened to make a few mistakes
(that really fucking hurt more badly than i can say)
and i know now that i never deserved what you did to me
but i always deserved you in your sun-kissed glory
and i guess i’m finally at the point where i really do wish you well
i hope you end up happy
but i am so jealous of the girl who will end up with you
because she will be so lucky
—  still wish it was me

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Hi. What planets in 12th house do you consider being fluid and planets more hard to deal with ? Thank you

This is a very deep and profound topic to discuss…the nature of the 12th house is so grand that the human mind can’t even begin to understand it’s lack of boundaries…in the 12th house there is no “best” or “worst” expression of any of these planets….Any of the planets here can be used for the good of all mankind or for the destruction and ending of the self….They all have equal potential in their own ways….

Venus, Jupiter, Neptune all have an ability to heal on a great lever due to their compassionate nature of being linked to the 12th house.  Neptune is the higher octave of Venus and it rules over the 12th house naturally.  Neptune is of course naturally at home in the 12th and really stresses the good and the bad. Jupiter is anciently ruled by Pisces which is at home in the 12th due to it’s link to spirituality, religion and faith in general.

Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Uranus and Pluto tend to struggle more, especially the inner planets.  If you ever wondered how a 12th house planet manifests just think of the sign that rules that planet…..those are the traits that are confused and lost in the 12th house and struggle to come outward in the behavior.

Sun in 12 for instance is like a virgo ascendant with leo in 12….Struggles with having fun, confused about the sense of self.  In a sense it causes the person to work, work, work but for what reason it feels always lost to them.  Moon in 12 is like Like a Leo ascendant with cancer in 12…Troubles showing the emotions outward, recognizing their importance and place….Leo is king and needs to stand tall no matter what over the kingdom…..Mercury in 12 is like having either a Cancer Ascendant or Libra Ascendant.  In terms of cancer ascendant the thoughts are reserved for the end of the day when they have nurtured everyone else.  In similarity to libra ascendant, taking care of the self is reserved for alone time after they are done mingling out in the world and experiencing life through others.

Mars in 12….is like a taurus ascendant.  Anger is confusing, aggression is withheld internally.  Sometimes there is abuse in life in the early years that restricts the vital energy from flowing outward.  Uranus in 12 is like Pisces Ascendant.  Confusion and struggles with the individuality lead to a sense of dissolving with everything.  The subconscious here is riddled with the need to change or give the individuality away towards the benefit of all.  This is why pisces ascendant has a chameleon like appearance.  

Saturn in 12 is a bit more confusing as it outs like a pisces ascendant too. There is a larger overwhelming guilt complex floating around the subconscious where a person has trouble showing their ambitious and focused sides in life. You can see it act out like both capricorn and aquarius in 12; as it also has a bit of the flavoring of uranus in 12.  There is a desire to help underprivileged people due to feeling the guilt of the suffering of the masses;  Afterall classically Saturn classically rules over the impoverished (depressed) masses.  Finally pluto in 12….Quite a tough one.  Like a Sagittarius Ascendant, pluto in 12 shows traits of scorpio in 12.  The willful and intense side is internalized, sometimes confusing.  The need to understand the self and others is given way to the need for freedom and not being held back by the thought of being tied down (by the process of death and intimacy.)

The trick for the planets that struggle in the 12th house listed above is to realize their true potential by connecting with the source.  By researching astrology you see the confusion is only a shield created by the fog of neptune in the 12th house.  Former renowned psychic Edward Cayce shared that all of the planets have souls….by getting in touch with the soul traits of these hidden planets and understanding them we can give them to the greater good of everyone. 

Believe it or not the 12th house is without a doubt the most blessed gift in the entire horoscope…the only problem is you have to see past your own suffering and ego and merge with the ideas suffering is necessary for a great connection to everything.  Since the 12th house is the last house below the horizon before you were born, the souls of these planets were the last ones you took in with you before you were born.  You were given a gift by the universe to be something greater then the physical plane has to offer…you just have to grow into the spiritual mold and understand this through time.

One must remember the 12th house teaches us the most important lessons of all.  Life is not just us, it is everyone and everything.  Letting go of self and ego and understanding all of the struggles on the physical plane are just that…struggles and temporary.

Can you guys believe Hunk exists? He actually exists guys. That’s so incredible. That he exists at the same time we do, it’s one of the most breathtaking, amazing, humbling things ever. I feel so honored, so blessed, to be living in this world around the time that Hunk is actually a character that exists in all his beautiful, kind, loving, sun shinning glory. I love him so much.


I am a god: I do not love, Apollo sneers
with his teeth bared against the dawn,
Not like this, selfless and desperate
and vulnerable
So be human tonight, Icarus pleas
back arched against the earth as
Apollo traces his unbruised neck,
gold smearing on skin,
the whisper of fingertips
ghosting along a pulse 
in another world, they meet every night
behind a faded neon bar when even the dead are sleeping
don’t you know we’re going to live forever baby,
Apollo grits out as he cleans the blood
off Icarus’s face, spits on his bruised knuckles
i’m a fucking martyr, Icarus hisses against
Apollo’s lips; for once, the gods are silent
as Icarus blows smoke into his lover’s mouth,
his bitter laugh the only sound
ringing at the end of the world
I will not catch you when you fall, Apollo warns
and I will not stop loving you, Icarus promises
he is still smiling when his back hits the water
and the waves crumble his burning wings to ash

  • sun: god’s glory
  • moon: god’s protection
  • mercury: god’s mischief
  • venus: god’s bliss
  • mars: god’s command
  • jupiter: god’s philosophy
  • saturn: god’s vision
  • uranus: god’s inspiration
  • neptune: god’s celebration
  • pluto: god’s will
  • baz: can you believe that simon exists? he actually exists. that's so incredible. that he exists at the same time I do, it's one of the most breathtaking, amazing, humbling things ever. I feel so honored, so blessed, to be living in this world around the time that simon is actually a person that exists in all his beautiful, kind, loving, sun shining glory. I love him so much.
Fanfiction - A Lifetime of Her (Part VI)

Part VI – “My kingdom for a kiss upon her shoulder”


She didn’t come back after that night – I knew she had gone back to Boston, to take control over her life. I waited. The phone never rang to give me news or an explanation, inexplicably silent even though I was certain she could find the number had she wished to. And I waited. My mailbox was painfully empty every day, while I dreamt of letters touched by her fingers, read aloud by her warm voice. And yet I waited.

I waited because I had no choice – I was meant to wait for her. Our lives were inextricably connected, vessels adrift on the sea with an intended destination written in the stars. I had tried to forget her before, to live pretending I wasn’t waiting – and that had hurt more than the hours I spent awake at night, looking at the spot where she once had laid by my side. But there was that small fraction of time, that heartbeat, just before I opened my eyes in the morning, where everything was possible – and I was happy.

Sometimes I would catch myself checking the weather in Boston, wanting to know if she could see the stars in clear skies – at least I could share that proximity with her. I wondered if she had drank coffee, dark and strong, while her eyes were still half-shut. If she had decided on a specialty yet. That was better than wondering about her marriage – every time I turned my thoughts to Frank, the idea of her being touched by him brought me to a blinding state of anger and fear. I would go outside in those occasions to run, as fast as I could for as long as I was able, until I had fled myself and was somewhat free.

I enjoyed teaching and found great solace in my students, curious and lively little fiends, always looking for trouble. I dedicated myself to the task of keeping their spirits sharp and their curiosity burning.

I had my old friends, with whom I shared whiskey glasses and laughs at the pub – keeping a respectful distance from the place I knew Laoghaire still frequented. They kept me grounded, even with their crudes jokes about my bachelor status. While I was laughing, it was easier to wait – I could almost push Claire to the back of my mind, where she would curl and sleep, satisfied.

Saturday was born in blazing glory, sun shining high in a cloudless sky like a treasure’s coin. I accepted the chance to spend the morning exploring the paths at Arthur’s Seat, pushing myself to the limit. I reached the summit with a delicious pain at each breath intake, the air fresh like crushed mint, filling my chest with the pulse of life.

Back at my apartment, I made plans to shower and spend a lazy afternoon reading and napping on the couch, while I stripped off my sweaty t-shirt, heading towards the bathroom.

That’s when the doorbell rang.

I opened it without thinking twice, expecting perhaps to see Angus or Willie, swinging by to challenge me to watch a rugby match or play a chess game.

Her hair was a bit shorter than the last time I had seen her, framing a face that was slightly flushed from sunlight and anticipation. She was wearing a white sundress and I realized I had been wrong – my memories would never be more than a pale comparison to the woman who stood before me. Her arms were bare, with no visible marks, her flawless skin resembling a painting.

“May I come in?” Claire asked softly, her eyes quickly tracing the lines of my exposed chest before she looked at my face, expectant.

“Of course.” I moved to the side, allowing her in. I brushed my hair with nervous fingers, desperately looking for an old t-shirt to dress. Eventually, I settled for the one I had been wearing, smelling faintly of sweat and crushed leaves.

“I wanted to come sooner.” She swallowed hard. “I’ve been in Scotland for a couple of days, but had to take care of some papers to start my surgical residency here and find somewhere to stay permanently.” Claire searched my eyes. “I’m moving back to Scotland.”

“Aye.” I said in a husky voice. “I’m glad to see ye, Claire.”

“I’m glad to see you too, Jamie.” She smiled, more confident. “These past two years, I -“

“Ye dinna have to explain anything to me.” I interrupted, feeling strangely hollow, fighting against anger which came with a sense of relief.

“I think I do.” Claire insisted, stepping closer to me. “I want you to know that I heard you, Jamie. I didn’t want to make promises until I truly meant them. I had to finish school and decide what I really wanted for my life.”

“And did ye?” I croaked, folding my arms in a defensive gesture, pre-emptively shielding myself from bad news.

“Yes.” She whispered. In that moment she reached out with her hand, offering it to me with her palm down – naked. Her wedding ring gone. “I divorced Frank more than a year ago – and never lived with him again after I was here.” Claire searched his eyes. “With you.”

“Then why did ye never wrote or called?” I asked, hurt creeping into my words. “Why did ye waited two years to show up again?”

“I had to be worthy of you.” Claire said simply, twisting her hands – her fingers touching the ghost of the ring that once had been there. “I had to make sure I was coming because it was the right thing – not because I was wrecked. You offered me everything and I wanted to have something to give back.”

“I missed ye.” I admitted in a whisper, as her hand touched my cheek – I closed my eyes, surrendering to her caress. “A Dhia, I thought I’d go mad with the idea of never seeing ye again.”

“I missed you too.” She gasped, her body so close to mine I could feel the swell of her breasts, the compelling heat coming from her skin. “I haven’t realized I could barely breathe until now.”

“Are ye here to stay then?” I asked serious, our eyes locking. We were gently swaying along some music we could both listen, too eager to stand still, too afraid to finally meet in quietness. “Because if ye’re not…”

She silenced me with her trembling fingers, touching my mouth, learning the shape of my lips. I almost moaned with the pleasure of her touch, so sincere and tender.

“I’m here to stay.” Claire assured me, tracing the line of my chin, where stubble prickled. “If you’ll have me.”

“I’ll have ye in any way I can.” I whispered, my voice almost breaking with emotion – and yet, stronger than ever before. “Always.”

“Jamie…” She sighed with a smile, her forehead leaning against mine. “May I kiss you?” I realized she didn’t wish to rob me another kiss, a thief taking something precious, covered in the night’s cloak.

“I thought ye’d never ask.” I gave her a lopsided smile and our lips finally met, a kiss eighteen years in the making, hesitant at first and then all-consuming.

We spent the afternoon discovering each other, laying in the living room’s rug, slowly and languidly displacing clothes in order to kiss another inch of skin, to draw shapes of desire with our fingertips.

I opened the first buttons of her dress, tracing with my tongue the curve of her breasts; she insinuated her hands on my shorts, caressing the fine copper hairs of my thighs. I nuzzled her neck, softly biting her until she moaned, so I could reward her with a soothing flicker of my tongue. She laughed and playfully clawed my back, making sure I too would wear medals of our war, marks of the victor. I marvelled with the roundness of her arse and the feel of her swollen lips, battered with kisses, ever-wanting. I was mightily aroused – that much was evident to us both – and yet I didn’t move to enter her. I didn’t wish to precipitate the voyage we had started together, to hasten something that would come naturally to us, as each one of our meetings through life had. I would finally get a lifetime of her and planned to savour each small conquest.

“Are ye hungry?” I asked eventually, kissing her shoulder. She looked dishevelled and wanton, pure lust and love in the shape of a woman – I’d never seen her more beautiful or desirable.

“I’m starved.” She laughed, nuzzling the hollow of my chest one final time. “Will you feed me then?”

“Ach, I’m too knackered to cook.” I admitted, playing with her curls – already sorely missing her lips on mine. “But there’s a fantastic Mexican place nearby – I’ll buy ye dinner.”

“If you’re planning to intoxicate me with Margaritas,” Claire sat up and started to compose her clothes. “I have to say it’ll probably work like a charm.”

We left the house walking hand in hand, like two loved up teenagers, giggling and teasing each other. I’d pull her against me once in a while to kiss her again, to the general amusement and surprise of people around us. I didn’t know such happiness was possible – I felt my chest so full that no space was left for regret or doubt.

We were talking about plans to spend Sunday together, when we heard the commotion. A loud crash, someone screaming – the air was thick with tension, harder to breathe in. I felt Claire gripping my hand one final time before she let go, prepared to face what was certainly coming around the corner.

A man with a black ski mask emerged from the sizable jewellery store, which had imposing diamond rings and golden necklaces peeking through the window displays. He carried a dark sports bag at his shoulder and in one hand sported a menacing revolver, while the other grabbed a shrieking shopkeeper by the hair. Blood dripped from the side of her head, where she had probably been pistol-whipped, her eyes blank with shock.

An alarm went off inside the store, an unnerving sound that made me shiver, the hairs on my arms erecting in fear.

The robber shouted something – a car was waiting near the curb, another masked man inside it. He forcefully pushed the woman against the sidewalk, her head bumping against the edge with a nauseating sound of crushed eggshells.

I think I screamed, trying to stop Claire from moving – I knew she would go. She had healed me times enough for me to know that she wasn’t capable of witnessing suffering without trying to interfere.

It happened in a second and yet I saw it in slow motion – how she kneeled next to the woman, trying to stabilize her neck, to evaluate her wounds, calling for her with the lips I just had kissed moments before. The man in the ski masked turned and looked at her, laughing at the sight of her unfruitful gestures – she held his gaze in defiance, insulting him with her sharp tongue.

I was already screaming before it happened – I could see it so clearly and yet I was powerless to stop it. The gunshot that announced the ending, loudest even than my heart breaking.

I ran to her, trying to catch her before she fell on her back. For a moment I thought he had missed her – but a drop of red appeared on the white of her dress, spreading quickly across her belly like a net of poison, a cloud of blood drenching the fabric.

She looked at me with her eyes wide open in painful shock. I sobbed and cried for help, trying to keep her with me through a stupor of despair, my hands pressing the wound as my heart’s blood left her body.

“Jamie.” Claire whispered weakly, searching my eyes. And I started to pray, as sirens wept around me.

Note: I know it’s angsty but - hey- it’s canon! :D

I loved you with everything in me: all the sun, all the glory, all the bright places like cathedrals. I laid adoration on your skin and ground ‘I love you’ into the lines of your hands; now all those bright places are dark and I am only an ache in a layer of skin. It’s not your fault, but I wish you’d stayed. You took all my love like it was sunshine – maybe you still hold it inside your ribs, and maybe you need it more than me, but without it I am empty.
—  dark cathedrals // abby, day 221

The whole gang from The King’s Avatar (Quan Zhi Gai Shou) is here! Who else is in love with this series as I am? I’ve been reading the light novel for ages (currently translated up to chapter 610 or so) and with the anime out, I wait impatiently for every episode! The only thing I’m disappointed about at the moment is the way the anime depicted Blue River. He looked waaaay better in the manga! Can you guess who they all are? (I can!) Steamed Bun Invasion is awesomeee, he’s such a cutie!

DAY 3252

Jalsa, Mumbai                   Feb 22/23,  2017               Wed/Thu 1:39 am

the essence of life is work ..

when the camera rolls and that directorial voice says .. no, not action .. just a ‘sir’, it is the most pleasing emanation .. what follows after is of no relevance - it could be indifferent, inconsistent, illogical or infused .. just the moment of preparedness, of that instinctive face off, of delivery and feel .. sufficient enough to last .. well .. last for more than what could be expected .. brings the force of commitment and expressive agreement to all about .. but mostly the belief in its own presence and appeal, its own reliability with the self .. we must .. sorry .. I must own the responsibility of its delivery ..

And that really is the issue .. delivery and its responsibility .. 

drama and enactment depend on this and its variance .. nothing more nothing less .. that is it .. !

clothes shall decorate, shall beautify, shall uglify too .. the delivery is the matter .. the matter that makes matter for the other or others … just that ..

we live and effort for the circumvention, the idea of its completion, and its relative satisfaction .. do we ever succeed .. do we ever fall in slots that chime the matched clock of a pinball machine or the slot .. rare .. 

If at all it does .. it is compensatory to the hand that drove its lever down .. or perhaps wound the material the right way in clockwise direction .. no matter what .. what is the reality of such exercise .. this delivery !

It is the completion of one to be studied with another .. it is the study of one to the study of many .. it is the recognised study of your own .. that is the vital !

We end to the completion in thought, that the self study is the study supreme .. it ever shall and ever will …

it is a pretense of immeasurable proportion, to seek completion from another .. we do so often .. we explore possibility .. we put perspective .. but never shall there be any that shall match the ‘me’ .. the ‘i’ the .. ‘self’

the pictures and impressions put are example of the self .. many give objection to the practice .. why only expand the self .. are there not the other too .. yes there is .. and there is many other .. but does one care, or should one .. I care, and I care for the self as would any other .. 

“the sympathy of the concern for the pain of the other, is the joy of relief that the pain be not of the self ..”

दूसरों की वेदना में वेदना जो है दिखता ,
वेदना की मुक्ति का निज हर्ष केवल वो छिपता ~

pain that suffers of one, is the known to the one .. not any other, no matter .. wanting to be in the truest of condition, to be able to suppress it on the other shall fail .. the humanoid be of such construct .. and ever eternally … its complexities so incredibly complex that any understanding or scientific studied research, shall never ever, I believe, be of any consequence of what is commonly called, explanation !

We are doomed .. doomed to live and exist for that limited period of time, in its search .. and its explanation .. never to be given its access or its reality truth.

that is the revelation .. the ultimate joy and expression .. of nothingness .. fake gestures of enlightenment .. obtuse reaction to a fact of immense stupidity .. we are and shall be that sudden appearance of the perfectly carved monolith, dark and tall in stature, sun behind its glow of glory and shape .. leading us no where

no no no .. that is not the 10 of perfection .. it is perhaps the 10 of a billion years of discovery .. a discovery that shall never be achieved .. never .. why ..? because each 10 billion shall lead in time to the other 10 billion years .. time and space demand that .. build themselves so .. do they not ..?

AAHHHHH .. such sciencetopofic bilge !!

leave .. leave its origin and argument … sail .. beyond the seas, beyond the mountains and cliffs under the crust .. climb of what is availed of .. fear not the non existence of what we are meant to know .. we never shall .. we haven’t so far .. perhaps after our ‘deliverance’ we shall ..

salutations then of the head and heart .. they shall ever guide us .. 

to deliverance and peace ..

And so here endeth this rather religo politico phylosophicalous ending for the night ..

Amitabh Bachchan

Have I Told You|| Hannah Baker

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Pairing: Hannah Baker x Lesbian!Reader 

Fandom: 13 Reasons Why

Request: I just read your recent Hannah imagine and I loved it! I was wondering if maybe you could do another one where the reader (who is gay) and Hannah are sleeping over in Hannah’s house listening to music and then a slow song comes on and they begin slow dancing together:D

Warning/s: Fluff, I guess

Author’s Note:  Song is "Have I told you lately” by Van Morrison

Gif Credit:

Tags: None (just ask me :D)

“Okay,” You heard your best friend, Hannah, announce as she walked into her bedroom. “I was thinking either Guardians Of The Galaxy or Trolls?”

You laughed as you saw the hopeful expression on her face. “You know which one we’re going to end up watching. You’re obsessed with Trolls.”

“Yeah. I am, but I know you love Guardians. So…” She said, stringing out the “O”. “Which one?”

You thought it over for a minute. “How about we just listen to music for a bit? We have the whole night to watch movies.” You suggested. 

“Sure,” She nodded, before placing the DVDs on the table beside her bed and turning her stereo on. “Any particular requests?” 

“Just let it play, and come cuddle.” You said, stretching your arms out.

Hannah pressed play on the stereo, before crawling bed, into your arms and letting you hold her. 

“You wanna know something, Y/N/N?” She said. 

“What?” You asked, turning your head as she turned in your arms.

She smiled up at you. “You make life a lot less shitty.”

“Thanks?” You said, uncertainly.

Hannah laughed. “I mean, when I’m with you, everything feels good. It feels like I can start again, like nothing anyone else says matters. I’m just me when I’m with you.” 

You heart ached, in a good way. You heard the stereo start to, softly, play “Have I Told You Lately” and you had an idea. “Come here.” You said, as you grabbed Hannah’s hand and pulled her to stand up while you walked over to the stereo and turned it up.

You turned back around to face, a very confused, Hannah. “What are you doing?” She asked, nervously.

You just smiled and waited for your favourite part of the song to start playing. When it did, you grasped at Hannah’s hands, wrapped her arms around your neck and started swaying.

“Not that I don’t like this,” Hannah stated. “But why are we doing this?”

You just shook your head, happily, before beginning to sing along. “Have I told you lately that I love you, have I told you there’s no one above you,” You sang while you gazed into her deep brown eyes. You noticed Hannah slowly start to smile when she heard you sing. “Fill my heart with gladness, take away my sadness, ease my troubles, that’s what you do,” You removed her arms from around your neck and intertwined your fingers with hers. “Oh the morning sun in all its glory, greets the day with hope and comfort too and you fill my life with laughter.”

Hannah, still smiling, started singing along. “Take away my sadness, fill my life with gladness, ease my troubles that’s what you do,” She smiled, softly as she continued to gaze into your eyes. 

Take away my sadness, fill my life with gladness, ease my troubles that’s what you do.” You finished, together.

You looked into her sparkling, brown eyes and smiled. “I love you, Hannah Baker.”

She leaned in and quickly pecked your lips. “I love you too, Y/N Y/L/N.”

Another storm incoming tonight! Let’s enjoy the sun while we can.

The Sun- The crowning glory of the Queen of Heaven
The Hour of Truth- At noon, nobody casts a shadow
The Sun- Have faith that we will grow as the sunflowers: tall and bright and strong
The Sun- Don’t stare directly at it, as this may be misunderstood as flirting. Don’t flirt with the sun.

What is the most alternate win conditions you have ever crammed into a single Commander deck? How many have you won a game with? I’ve bolded the ones I’ve secured victory with.

The list of Commander Playables:

Approach of the Second Sun, Azor’s Elocutors, Barren Glory, Biovisionary, Celestial Convergence, Chance Encounter, Darksteel Reactor, Epic Struggle, Felidar Sovereign, Helix Pinnacle, Laboratory Maniac, Hellkite Tyrant, Mayael’s Aria, Maze’s End, Mechanized Production, Mortal Combat, Near-Death Experience, Test of Endurance.