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Do you have any headcanons for the Wayfinder trio at the beach?

Terra & Ventus & Aqua :

Terra and Ventus were the first to run to the water

Aqua was running behind them, screaming that they should put sunscreen first

• If it was too early, the boys would run back to the sand, the water way too cold to swim right now

Terra was eager and full of energy, having a lot of fun

Ventus was following Terra most of the time, but also just enjoying the sun next to Aqua sometime

Aqua was on the beach, on a towel, keeping an eye on the boys to be sure they had enough sunscreen, smiling to see her friends happy, and also bath sunning

The girl joined them to play a game ─certainly involving a ball─ and massacred them

• At the end of the day, they all had a great day

• And even with the best effort of Aqua, both boys got sunburn