So near the track of the stars are we,

That oft, on night’s pale beams,

The distant sounds of their harmony

Come to our ears, like dreams.

The Moon, too, brings her world so nigh,

That when the night-seer looks

To that shadowless orb, in a vernal sky,

He can number its hills and brooks.

To the Sun god all our hearts and lyres,

By day, by night, belong;

And the breath we draw from his living fires

We give him back in song.

Thomas Bulfinch

Good morning guys. It’s February 23rd 2019. Me and my bf woke up early and we went for a walk for about half an hour and I did 3500 steps until my phone broke down :$ during the walk I bought blackberry wine 🍷 which is very good for blood pressure, anemia, and immune system. I’ll drink it every day 0,02L before lunch ^^

Now I’m having my breakfast oatmeal with cinnamon