super great school day. nothing was bad, slept through 7th period and it didn’t even matter.

came home and hung out with sophie so much, i love her a lot.

went to goochland high school to see libbs dance her senior recital, made me cry.

hung out at da carwash and it was perfect and it felt so right and ugh. gonna be so hot at the fashion show unnnnnnnnf.

MARY MARY MARY MARY is home, went to her house, got all did up, met Pete, went out, it was dumb. galaxy! went home.

now it’s now.

Bye. this 1 boring ugly loooking white bitch keeps gettin rebloged onto my Dashboardt nd im SICK ov it im TIRED ov this cringey ass white person on my f33d omg but i cant like ask yall “hey ummm this person iz actually rly ugly to me nd seeing them on my dash is giving me stomach pains can u stop reblogging ur friend??” LMAO watevr i guesz i’ll suc it up theres nothing i kan do im just rly siq n Tiret ov seein them like 2wice sumtymz 3hrice a Week!

sumtymz replied to your post: just watched martha marcy may marlene fuck such a…

i tried to buy it on itunes but i fucked up and now i dont have any itunes money and im bitter about it so i cant watch it yet until i can watch it on itunes

duuude just google it it was really really good you should watch it now. and the cinematography was beautiful and the ending is amazing and elizabeth olsen is my new celebrity crush probably