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This Gay Teen Deserves An A+ For Her Feminist Yearbook Quote

“Twitter user @casualnosebleed shared a photo of a yearbook quote chosen by her close friend Caitlyn Cannon on Tuesday, and in just one day, the image was retweeted almost 4,000 times. In her Twitter bio, Cannon describes herself as a “feminist” and “really gay.” Her senior quote sums that up quite perfectly.

The quote reads: “I need feminism because I intend on marrying rich and I can’t do that if my wife and I are making .75 cent for every dollar a man makes.”

Cannon, a 17-year-old who just graduated from Oak Hills High School in California, said she found the quote on Tumblr and changed the parts that were written from a man’s perspective. She chose the quote because she wanted to leave something behind that was both different and true to herself.

“I was tired of seeing the same old quotes from popular books and movies and authors, and I wanted to call attention to a problem that women face,” she said in an email to The Huffington Post. “I’ve never really been ashamed to say that I am gay, so the LGBT aspect was simply who I am.”

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Cannon describes herself as a “feminist” and “really gay.”  

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Has Chris ever met Beardie?

Of course.  She was handed a role filming bts on glee so there could be on set photos and she could babysit Darren.  I think this picture perfectly sums up how he feels about her

And if that doesn’t tell a thousand stories. The characters of Ezmia and Morina sure do.  

Honestly. Chris is around a lot more than people think.  I think he and Darren are not separated nearly as often as people think and I believe  he has been present for many a bearding trip.  

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Akira confessed that she loves both Amon ,and takizawa ,but from what I can get she loved Amon more seriously if he didn't block her kiss their relationship would have gotten much more advanced. Tell me what you think about this please :)

Hey Anon, sorry for the delay. :)

Actually, I totally disagree with this line of thoughts that I’ve seen more than once in the tags and, to be honest, it kinda irks me when people try to compare “who’s better/who she loves more seriously” when:

  1. she made herself clear on this subject already 
  2. her recent actions confirm her words 
  3. people seem to forget how Amon and Seidou’s interactions also play a role into whatever is going on with Akira.

So I really think that this panel

…sums up the feelings of Akira for her boys perfectly. :)

Anyway, even putting this panel on the side, I believe what we’ve seen of Akira, Seidou and Amon interacting during TG is enough to show just how different her relationship and personal feelings towards the two are, even though she was unable to love one more than the other at the end of TG (and I think that’s still what’s going on in :Re, at least currently, since that could very well evolve later).

  • With Amon:

She “hated” him at first because she held him responsible of her father’s death until alcohol sorted the matter out, because Amon could hear what she had to say and she could hear what he had to say about the matter of her father’s death…

And that’s when she started to become warmer with him…

Which is a good development that does speak of a crush Akira started to have. 

About the “kiss” that Amon stops from happening, I think it’s actually a very good thing that it didn’t happen as it had no real connotation of romance in this particular case, although the relationship between them was changing in a good way at the time. 
The pressure from the future battle was building up, Amon was scared she would do something stupid during the fights and Akira was rather angry that maybe he was projecting his fears of losing yet another comrade onto her due to Harima’s death…

so she tried to “make him see” that she and Harima were two different persons and that’s why Amon blocked her kiss, since it had nothing to do with a romantic gesture at all.
…Also it would be wise, when analzying the development of Amon and Akira’s relationship, not to forget that it’s rather obvious during TG that Amon still had some feelings for Harima (I’m thinking of ch111). Just saying, because it matters too. ;)

TL;DR Akira and Amon were only slowly learning to accomodate to each other in TG, even if they were getting along better than at the beginning and there was a good possibility for romance if TG hadn’t ended the way it had.

If you forget Seidou that is. 

  • With Seidou:

It’s not because they would often argue with each other that she didn’t have any fondness for him, far from that. In fact the recent chapters of :Re made it clear that…

…they are the same, watching one another from afar, but Seidou’s attitude led them to misunderstand each other for a long time.

Seidou’s inferiority complex complicated everything because it led Akira to believe he really disliked her (which is something he probably believed too, until Amon and Akira got close and he started noticing his own feelings)…

That is why she couldn’t show him that she was fond of him in her own way when she was sure he had a grudge against her.

The time they got drunk together also changed things between Akira and Seidou, like it did for Amon and Akira, because they never argued again afterwards and Seidou started noticing his own feelings.

So you could sum up things in TG that way:

  • Seidou and Akira have a history that’s longer than what Amon has with Akira, but it’s different because initially Seidou was the hostile one when Akira was the one rather hateful towards Amon.
  • Until the moment they got drunk, their trio was as such: Akira being distant, Amon trying to reach out to her and Seidou being in admiration of Amon + arguing with Akira.
  • After they let out the truth through alcohol, Akira started to respect Amon while he started to see her as a not-so-cold person and that led to Seidou noticing his own feelings for Akira.
  • During the Anteiku raid arc, Seidou left because he wanted to save Amon + because he knew Akira was worried about him and he took that opportunity as a way to also show her what he was able to do because he was tired of thinking she never looked at him.

Then shit happened and we’re moving onto :Re:

  • Seidou killed Tatara to show Akira and Houji that he wanted to go back to their side but his plan backfired and he almost killed Akira until Amon intervened.
  • Amon managed to save Akira and offered Seidou a chance at redemption.
  • Akira protected Seidou from Mutsuki because she always felt guilty of never stopping him from going after Amon during the Anteiku raid arc.
  • Amon fought to protect both Seidou and Akira against Urie’s squad and he gave his cross to Seidou because he knows Seidou can live on and make the right choices from now on.

So do you see the pattern, Anon? :) It never was about Akira/Amon vs Seidou/Akira the whole time, it was always about their trio from the moment Akira was introduced in the story, which means there are 3 relationships to take in consideration: Akira/Amon, Seidou/Akira but also Seidou/Amon 

and from what we’ve seen so far I personally believe that each relationship factors in the other two’s developments.

So Akira/Amon vs Seidou/Akira makes no sense at all to me and for now I see it as a status quo, which means the dynamic of their trio could change later and Akira could start loving one of the two more than the other if the plot makes it that way, but we’re definitely not there yet, not when Amon just went missing once more.

Also, since Ishida-sensei likes to address “controversial” topics in his story, I just wouldn’t mind at all if Sensei were to use the Amon/Akira/Seidou trio as an example of polyamory.

I hope it makes sense Anon, sorry it turned out to be so long and feel free to disagree with me if you just don’t see it that way.

Have a nice weekend :))

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Eliza doesn't understand clarke?

In just those few sentences she displayed just how much she understands Clarke. That’s it, she summed her up perfectly.

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” - Albert Einstein

I was being sarcastic. Blarkes claim that she doesn’t understand Clarke any time she says something they don’t agree with.

My mom just got into an argument with a secret service agent because they told her she’d need to throw away her nail clippers before entering the Clinton rally and she was so indignant, not on principle, but because those are her “favorite nail clippers.” She kept being like “but I can come back and get them, right?” And the guy really politely keeps telling her no so she just keeps saying “I’m gonna try though, I mean, I can try, right? I’ll check back with you later.” The guy couldn’t help but start laughing, my mom wasn’t being rude or anything, but I’m standing there smacking her arm over and over again telling her to shut up and I end up apologizing on her behalf, which made the guy laugh even more. But basically the fact my mom went toe to toe with a secret service agent over a nail clipper perfectly sums up her personality

Being the Flawless Human that she is, Taylor Swift is clearly top-notch BFF material. Let’s face it, she just gets us. All of her songs are like perfect little completely relatable stories distilled into three minute sonic gut-punches.
—  why does this barnes & noble article sum her up perfectly