sumo's dad


ways that silver and gladion are the same

  • edgy nasty boys
  • both homeless / living alone
  • sad childhood
  • want to be strong
  • zubat on team
  • both angry that youre stronger than them
  • poses before battling
    • silver points and gladion goes full dio (glaDIOn) 
  • relations to the bad guys
  • pointy
  • probably like really big self esteem issues
  • dark clothes
  • just real nasty
  • this
Highkey worried about Guzma (Post Game Spoilers)

Ok, um, I finished Pokemon Moon now and I’m…. Kinda worried about Guzma? I mean, in a specific way, I’m kind of regularly worried about our boy, but like… It makes me worried and uncomfortable that the first time we see him post game is in his old house? Like… The house where he was physically abused? The same house that still has his father in it and the old golf clubs… 

Like, I know he’s an adult now and certainly capable of taking care of himself, I mean, I have no doubts he’s able to defend himself, but he’s not exactly emotionally stable and he’s still there?…

The bed still says that the bed hasn’t been slept in, so I’m really hoping he isn’t staying there.. I mean, mental health-wise, he literally JUST got possessed by a horrifying Eldritch creature after being emotionally manipulated by a woman he looked up to as a mother figure/someone he could trust and I don’t think hanging around in a place where he used to be abused is a healthy choice. I know he disbanded Team Skull and all, and that’s… You know, something, but that shouldn’t mean he has to go back there, right? Does he have nowhere else to go?

Does his mom even know about what her husband did? I just… Is Guzma ok? Is he in a safe place? Someone protect our boy.