sumo fighters

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Name: Autumn

Gender: female (she/her/they works)

Sun Sign: aries

Height: 5′6″

What’s your middle name? nichole

Put your iTunes on shuffle. What are the first 6 songs that popped up?  (here’s my spotify)

1. Safety Pin - 5 Seconds of Summer
2. 7 Years - Lukas Graham
3. You Stupid Girl - Framing Hanley
4. Blak Spiderman - Logic (MY JAM)
5. Bonfire - Childish Gambino (ANOTHER JAM)
6. Fighter - Sumo Cyco

Grab the book nearest you and turn to page 23. What’s line 17? “-grinning excitedly, and Owen folded his long legs into the- back seat”  - Horror High (Grave Intentions) // RL Stine

Ever had a poem or song written about you? nope

When was the last time you played air guitar? today probably

Who is your celebrity crush? there’s a lot. atm nat wolff (childhood crush tbh)

What’s a sound you hate; sound you love? hmmm balloons popping; a really nice laugh

Do you believe in ghosts? How about aliens? yes to ghosts, no to aliens

Do you drive? If so, have you ever crashed? i don’t drive bc anxiety, my friend got into a car crash and i was in the car sooo

What was the last book you read? the last book i read and the last book i finished are two different things. i’m currently listening to it. but the last book i finished was red rain by rl stine

Do you like the smell of gasoline? yuck no. it gives me a headache

What was the last movie you saw? in theaters: it, in general: hercules

What’s the worst injury you’ve ever had? ii had to get stitches on my knee from busting it on a rock when i was in like second grade

Do you have any obsessions right now? it (stenbrough is my shit). i hyperfixate so i usually have one obsession at a time

Do you tend to hold grudges against people who have done you wrong?  sometimes?? I suck at holding grudges and i easily forgive. which is a problem

In a relationship? nah. i’m too mentally ill atm (plus the girl i have a crush on is my friend and says she doesn’t wanna date coworkers. she doesn’t know i like her. but like everyone likes her??)

What loser? i love all my losers but stan is faveee

i tag: ummm oh gosh idk. i want to know everyone?? but idk who to tag

Traditional "Watching ML" episode 15
  • *returned home from debate league in other town, so much tired, finally lying in her bed and opening yt*
  • me: yaaaaas, it´s heeeereeee, I will see my loveeeees nomnomnom
  • me: *like always tries to sing openinf in french*
  • me: *music from some game*... someone dancing on DDR? I would join
  • me: *sees Adrien´s tongue* Damn, he look so model if like this omg how does he do it? I look like a posessed dog when I do this
  • me: ... Adrien´s character in game actually looks like Chat Noir
  • me: *3rd minute* Marinette looks like a sumo fighter when she walks like this lel
  • me: my god, Chloé again.. is there some another episode where she will not appear? Like pls, I´m praying to god rly
  • me: Marinette´s character looks like Ladybug.. wooooow, I´m sooo surprised o.o literally o.o
  • me: *5th minute* no, pls, Marinette, act normally.. no, don´t look at Adrien like he´s a greek god.. let´s be honest - he is *stares on Adrien like the same as Marinette*
  • me: yaaay, daddy Hawk Moth appears c:
  • me: ow, I like Marinette´s mother c: she´s so cute c:
  • me: *after a while* on parent´s "owwwww" literally made me crying from some kind of happiness
  • me: *8th minute* ... Adrien HAS some kind of crush on Marinette. His reaction, when they accidentaly touch by hands is the proof omg there´s some Adrienette going there
  • me: Her parents make me crying from laughing xDD obviously they ship Adrienette
  • me: I love ´em :´3
  • me: *10th minute* O. M. G. They. Just. Almost. Kissed... *processing* I KNEW SOME ADRIENETTE STUFF IS GOING HERE!
  • me: *Marinette recognized Max´s voice*.. rly? U just recognize him by voice? And you don´t even recognize Adrien as Chat Noir?... I don´t understand her logic.
  • me: *Adrien´s transforming* omg mah love finally iwfuifsioeufwqi
  • me: e-e-even Marichat appears.. *crying from happiness*
  • me: *Ladybug trows jojo; my phylosophically thinking* I wonder how long is her jojo. Like really, how?!
  • me: *Ladybug and Chat Noir saying something at the same time*.. They even think like a one person omg, they are ment to be together
  • me: like a life video game. If I were in Paris and not inside Max´s robot, I would tak some popcorn to the stadion and watch it
  • me: *Lucky charm appears* I am always confused what Ladybug gets, like relly - spray for graffiti? O.o okay okay
  • me: *Ladybug uses Lucky Charm*.. okay, that make sence
  • me: yaaaym horay! Mission complete c: legendary brofist, the I-don´t-know-what-am-I-doing-here-Max and and really pissed daddy Hawk Moth c: