summoner yuna cosplay

“My will is strong!”


Someone said this looked like the Mi’hen Highroad, and I’m super happy because my goal is to have photos that look like I am in the game, haha. I’ve been compiling a list of all the FFX locations and their photos so I can scout photoshoots areas during the long winter here, and take photos in the summer! <3


Beautiful photo and edit by Theorem Productions
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Summoner Yuna Makeup Video


~ It would be so easy…to let my fate just carry me away…following this same path my whole life through. But I know…I can’t. What I do, I do…with no regrets. ~

Yuna will always be my favorite videogame character <3  

I brought this cosplay to the Festival Del Fumetto (Novegro) con in May 2015! Hope you like it!

@lill-black-raincloud as Yuna from Final Fantasy X
Photos and edits by Pixiscene Photography
Location: Auckland Domain, Auckland NZ

I couldn’t choose the optimal location (open beach with wharf), didn’t have assist and tripod for flowing clothes and hair but ONCE I CAN/DO you can bet I’m ready to shoot the Kilika Port sending scene to my full extent. It has been one of my cosplay photography goals.

Yuna is one of my favorite video game characters ever and I really enjoyed creating this cosplay as tribute to her awesomeness. The embroidery on the obi alone took me over 70 hours, but I actually found it to be really enjoyable! Cosplay by me, staff made by my sis alycenwonderland. Photo by Aperture Ashley.