summon the crows

If the Grisha trilogy was set in modern age then im pretty sure that the darkling would blast ‘You belong with me’ by taylor swift during his visiting sessions to alina in seige and storm. 

Let’s talk dark children of Apollo. There are a lot of things about the “god of the arts, medicine, sun, etc.” that are dark, or can be interpreted AS dark. Lately I’ve been thinking about the characters in the PJO series that are atypical, or don’t match up to their parent gods’ steryotypes: Nico, child of Hades, being afraid of the dark; Piper, child of Aphrodite, doesn’t want to be a gossipy supermodel, etc. But what about going in the completely opposite direction?

 Here are some dark things associated with and/or relative to the various symbols of “sunny” Apollo:

-crows (summoning murders of crows, black wings/feathers, talons)


-music (death metal, sad music)

-sunsets (the END of light, or absorbing it to cause darkness)

-truth, which doesn’t have to be accuired peacefully (i.e. torture)

-silver (blades, moon, etc.)

-arrows (and by default the blood drawn by a bow)

-prophecy (a negative outcome, or fortune telling by other means such as: tarot cards, bone reading, scary drawings, etc.)

-dark poetry/”disturbed” art (could bring art to life??)

-shepards/herding (not just sheep/goats, but what about wolves that try to attack? Weapons made from wolf bones/fur?)

-magic (deadly magic tricks, illusions, trickery)

So, I mean…if we want a badass who doesn’t have to be a good guy…but that would be a pretty great protagonist/side character js

How much do I love the grishaverse! The shadow and bone trilogy was so good I especially loved the darkling 😍but omg SoC duology, words cannot describe how much i love it! I especially love Inej and Kaz and was so happy when i picked up my Kaz card!
I had the pleasure of meeting Leigh Bardugo last year at the worlds collide tour and honestly one of the beat book events ive been to!
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Crows, ravens, and the whole genus of of Corvus are famous for being intelligent birds who double as dark omens. Murkrow and Honchkrow are certainly no exception. Just like corvids in our world, these two pokémon are harrowed as harbingers of ill fortune, displaying incredible intelligence and able to summon mass groups .

There’s a whole lot to talk about crows, but let’s start with the myths. Why exactly are crows considered to be a bad omen? Crows are scavengers, so over time they came to be associated with dead bodies as they flocked to battlefields and graveyards. Much like vultures, they follow death around. A group of crows is ominously called a “murder”, partly due to an old folktale that said crows gathered in councils to decide the fate of a fellow crow.

As Honchkrow’s pokédex entry states, if it utters a deep cry it will summon many Murkrow quickly. Crows can also summon murders; in fact, corvids display some of the most amazing social skills in the animal kingdom. Some species of crows have more than 250 different caws. Some raise alarms, some seduce potential mates, and others beckon other crows to their location. Crows tend to roost in huge numbers – sometimes over a thousand crows – to protect each other from potential predators. Safety in numbers. If one crow is in trouble, it can call for help and summon the rest of it’s squad.

In addition to being remarkably social, crows are also amazingly intelligent. Some crows will build fake nests to fool predators. Some will squish ants and rub them all over their feathers like perfume, which protects them from parasites. In one study, crows were shown to be able to remember 200 different locations where they hid food. In another, crows were able to recognize a scientist even when they were wearing a mask and wearing different clothes. One study claims that crows have the same reasoning skills as a seven-year-old human. 

Crows are also known to use and build tools. They can use stones as hammers, use sticks to get bugs out of trees, and they can bend wires into hooks just to reach food that would otherwise be inaccessible. Despite all of this, the famous stereotypes that crows collect shiny things is actually just a myth. 

Honchkrow and Murkrow are very intelligent, social birds in the genus Corvus. They have over 250 different caws to communicate with each other, they use tools, and they display the reasoning skills of a seven-year-old human.

Itachi, Neji and Gaara stuck on a desert island

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If these three somehow ended up stuck on a desert island, what kind of conversations and events would take place?

Gaara: “Oh no.”

Gaara: “Sand.”

Gaara: “What ever will I do?”

Neji: “Your sarcasm really isn’t helping the situation! What are we going to do for food?? And shelter??”

Gaara: “Panicking makes everything worse.”

Itachi: “It is fine! I will simply summon some of my crows and wait for them to lay eggs. Then I can cook the eggs for us!”

Neji: “You….your crows aren’t real though?? So the eggs won’t be real either??”

Itachi: “If it helps I can put you into a genjutsu that will make it seem real?”

Neji: “NO.”

Neji: “And again. What are we going to do for shelter? It’s going to get dark soon!”

Gaara: “I can simply create a cocoon made out of my own sand. It will protect us.”

Neji: “That’s….not going to be very comfortable though…”

Gaara: “Take it or leave it; either way you’re going to end up sleeping on sand.”

Neji: “I’m starting to hate that word…”

Itachi: “What, sand?”

Neji: “YES. Why did I have to end up stranded with you two…”

Itachi: “Is this about the whole ‘best sibling’ thing again?”

Gaara: “The what?”

Neji: “NO. IT IS NOT. I just don’t understand how you can be so calm in this situation?!”

Itachi: “Eh, I’ve been in worse situations. It will work out in the end.”

Gaara: “I’m in my element so I’m good.”

Neji: “Can one of you at least help me make a fire??”

Itachi: “Oh. That one is easy!”

Neji: “……”

Neji: “I….I didn’t want a huge fireball! You’ve set fire to the trees behind us!!”

Itachi: “Oh. My bad.”

Neji: “We’re all doomed.”

Gaara: “How many times do you think I can say sand until it sounds weird to you?”

Neji: “Doomed.”

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They were in the garden just outside the main patio where they take their breakfast. Happily talking do what they should bring the children at the orphanage to eat for their next visit. The weather was pleasant, just a gentle breeze blowing around them. Keeping them comfortably cool.

Though he wasn’t expecting what happened next. Out of the corner of his eyes he caught a shining glimpse of something. Looking up to the balcony across from them two stories up did he see the sniper. And just barely enough time to act. Without conscious thought he summoned his crow colored wings shielding Mari from the piercing bullet. It pinged off his wing as he held Mari to his chest.

Cursing in his mother tongue he rushed Mari into the maze, his wings folded behind him her in front of him. “Take us deep into the maze. I can fly us out if need be.” Urging her forward at a run. Uncaring he just sighed his death warrant. She could not perish. She was there only hope.

[[ New headcanon material provided by Itachi Shinden:

  • Itachi expressing to Shisui that he’s bored of school.
  • Itachi learning how to summon crows correctly by Shisui. 
  • Everything useful Itachi learned, he learned from Shisui. 

  • The reason that Itachi can’t beat Shisui in a fair fight is because Shisui taught him everything he knows.                                          ]]

I’M SUPER ANNOYED IT’S A DAY LATE BUT HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SUPER LOVELY BUDDY grimgar!!!! <3 As much as I wanted to draw you something SU related I can’t get enough of your witchsona sO IT’S A PRETTY GOOD EXCUSE YEY I HOPE YOU LIKE IT

At first she was meant to be like holding back a dragon from being an asshole but I ran out of time so instead just imagine she’s summoning a crow buddy or something! haha!