summon failed


Lavender (a cat druid): *crit fails summoning bees*

DM: Your arms swell with the buzzing of thousands of bees. They’re magical, so they know not to sting you, but you can’t get rid of them and now your arm are swollen up with unreleased bees flying around in them.


This is during a very vicious basketball game that took up the entire session.

Fire and Infernal

For context, this is a 5e homebrew campaign. We’re a party of 7 including 2 tieflings (a bard and a warlock) and a satyr fighter. The tavern we had been staying in caught fire and burned down thanks to a failed demon summoning by an NPC, but luckily the whole party managed to get out. As we hunted in the wreckage for the inkeeper, who hadn’t got out in time, a bunch of city guards arrive.

DM: The guards quickly surround you, their spears aimed and ready to strike.

Satyr (OOC): Wait, do they think we did it?

Tiefling bard (OOC): Are you surprised, after you pulled out your flaming sword in the middle of the tavern?

Satyr (OOC): Nothing caught fire!

Human monk (OOC): Not then, it didn’t.

Tiefling bard: I take a step forward, hands up, and say “We didn’t cause this. The inkeeper is still-”

DM: As soon as you step forward, the Captain of the guard draws his sword and has it at your throat. The spears close around you.

Guard Captain (DM): I’ll have no excuses from you, demon child.

Tiefling warlock: *Lets out a snarling, furious torrent of improvised Infernal for a good 5 seconds*

Tiefling warlock (OOC): Shall I translate?

DM: …No, I think we get the gist of it.

We were arrested.


Summary: At their wedding, Yuuri spoke lovingly of how Victor had surprised him ever since day one - a day years ago, when Yuuri was young and Victor skating in the Junior World Championships.

Now, years later, Victor wonders what would happen if one day, he can no longer surprise Yuuri. 

For victuuri week day one (Victor: Surprises)

word count: 1k

read on ao3

“From day one, he never failed to surprise me,” Yuuri says into the microphone, his eyes soft, glancing at the Victor at his side before going back to surveying their guests. “Ever since I was little and I saw his Junior World Championships in Bulgaria. I fell in love with his skating then. It was beautiful, and every season was a new character he wore, a new surprise for the audience,” he chuckles, “The biggest surprise of them all, I suppose, was that moment in the onsen.”

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I erected the temple
but the Goddess did not descend

She might have tried
but been lost in the roiling clouds
tossed to tumble by the harsh winds
that snapped the shafts
sending the pennons fluttering
into the boiling river
roaring through it’s narrow defile,

I lit the scented braziers
anointed my pride with oils
and prostrated myself
before her image
praying as fervently
as the last acolyte of a dreaming God,
seeking an ecstatic vision
to prove true devotion
can draw down the sacred

But the night is silent

Naked and unashamed
I have danced deep into darkness
before the altar
open to the gaze of the unworthy
seeing many moons
grow and then fade,
I offered my essence
in hopes of absolution
striving to show how deep
my belief in the higher goes
as the sacrament proferred
fell untouched over and over,

Or so I have begun to believe,
it is not a failure
on either parties part
that my summons have failed
to entice a union between
worship and desire,
Perhaps instead
I have invested too much
in a barren bleak place,
A place unworthy to receive her

It may be time
To move the temple

Wait For It (M)

The last part of the series collaboration with @taesthetes and @optosomnio

Catalyst series: Seokjin / Yoongi / Hoseok / Namjoon / Jimin / Taehyung / Jungkook 

Kim Namjoon. 3 880-ish words. Mildly graphic smut. Demon AU.

At first sight, Kim Namjoon is a man you know not to fuck with. It’s not because of the perfectly tousled hair, the reflection dawned shoes, precisely tailored suit, and reeking professionalism that borderlines vanity. But then again, who wouldn’t have an ego the size of a sun when they’ve built an entire empire under the name of Kim Corps that made billions and known worldwide?

Filtered city lights splay over tangled sheets and stark limbs. Feather-like kisses upon shoulders, neck and that spot just under his ear that makes him go crazy. Bare chest pressed flush into his back, knowing what it does to him, knowing he can’t resist. Mellow lips draining away the last of his rationale and he almost, almost tells himself to fuck it, it’s just a company he built from scratch (plus with a bit of help from his fellow friends –tycoons actually– that aided him in giving him a jump start to his career –but yes, scratch).

Namjoon sighs, delighted or conflicted, he’s not so sure.

“Come back to bed, Joon.”

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Show… I know I said this episode would probably be solely Yang and Weiss… But could you not? Thanks.

It looks like Weiss’ plan was to practice swordsmanship and summoning in her room all along. Good. I’m glad that’s all she’s doing.

Weiss was actually making great strides in summoning up a giant sword… And probably would have succeeded, if Whitley didn’t speak up. That ass knows what he did. But to be fair, if Weiss fails a summon due to someone simply speaking to her, she won’t be able to summon on a battlefield.

Whitley dropped by to ask if Weiss wanted anything picked up while he was out of the house, accompanying Jacques on a business meeting with important investors or whatever.

Yeah, he just wanted to come taunt Weiss, really. What a horses’ ass. Then he had the nerve to ask what a single Huntsman could do compared to an army… Whitley, ever think about what an army of Huntsmen could do compared to an army?

The sheer contrast between Blake’s awesome family and Weiss’ awful family is painful. But it’s not all bad. Winter was legitimately a cool person, once the formality washed away.

Oh yeah, and we learned that Whitley didn’t inherit the Schnee family Semblance, or at the very most has no skill whatsoever in using it. So by all accounts, it seems Whitley is just an average dude with no awakened Aura, no Semblance, and no Weapon. This pleases me.

ok new thread describe your sincere 2017 naruto self insert

ill start , “ninja baker who works in making/developing portable snacks & meals, wind type (helps control air in the dough), summons beavers, failed chunin exams but cool w being a genin forever”

edit- teaching would also be good

anonymous asked:

Why would you want Lolu canon when Loke is a celestial spirit and Lucy is human? Doesn't sounds good for Lucy

Well, Natsu’s a demon, so it’s not like species should matter. Loke’s had relationships with humans before - hell, as far as we know, he’s still leaving the Celestial Realm to go on dates (since apparently he was on a date when Lucy failed to summon him in Edolas). I mean… the narrative obviously doesn’t care about whether Loke dates humans or not, so why should I?

It wouldn’t really function much differently from a long-distance relationship and, I mean, Loke’s going to live a long time, but then Zeref’s demons have a longer-than-average lifespan as well, so that’s debatably an issue with NaLu as well, and doesn’t really stop them from dating now.

On a more meta level, I picked LoLu because ideally there’d be no shipping within Team Natsu to expand on that whole “main characters in a show about friendship shouldn’t be lovers on principle” belief of mine, and Loke’s the only other character Lucy’s actually had any romantically coded moments with (the Loke arc, not Loke’s one-note flirting. You know, for a while I actually thought LoLu was going to be canon. hahahahahhahahaha-)

Ashe’s Yugioh fics

I’ve been meaning to make a post for a while now that hosts all the fics I’ve written, both on here and AO3, because I have a few one-shots I’ve posted here and not to AO3, and they get lost in the unorganised mess that is Tumblr. So here’s a full list! All of them are pretty much puzzleshipping, or at least implied in some one-shots. Both lists go from oldest to newest, and have brief summaries on them.


One-shots on Tumblr (10):

The Doctors- 886 words- Yami expressing his worry about seeing a doctor to Yugi while they are in the waiting room. 

Falling for Yugi- 1.2K- Done to a series of ‘what happens now?’ prompts from @ilpickle,involving Yugi teaching Yami how to skate.

I want ur baby AU (from the AU created by @shiirojasmine)- 1.4K- A small scene exploring Atem and Yugi in this universe.

Valentine’s Day puzzle prompt- 760 words- Short little puzzle prompt done to suggestions from my sis!

Chocolate- 497 words- Done to the prompts ‘under 500 words,’ ‘chocolate,’ and ‘luffas’ given by @aria023

Real Estate- 2K- Yugi is a real estate agent trying to sell a mansion. The downside is its haunted, and the ghost is overly friendly with Yugi, but not so much with the clients.

His Eternal Soul AU- 2.4K- The opening set up for the AU made by @improcrasti, done as a one-shot-  Atem’s plans for immortality go horribly wrong, and Yugi accepts something he has no idea will change his future forever.

Three Gods AU- Space Runaways one-shot- 4.7K- Yami’s introduction scene from @shiirojasmine’s Three Gods AU, from the Space Runaways AU lifetime- Atem and Yugi are on the run from the intergalactic police when Yugi’s ship crashes into a nearby planet, and Atem finds himself making a deal with the local back alley doctor to save Yugi’s life.

Three Gods AU- Mob Boss Yugi one-shot- 1.2K-  A scene from @shiirojasmine‘s Three Gods AU, from the Mob Boss Yugi lifetime. Focuses on a tense moment between the three boys and the repercussions with Yugi and Atem afterwards.

Darkness- 684 words- The darkness of the puzzle, and the warmth inside. Done to a prompt of ‘darkness and light’.


Fics on AO3 (11):

The Living Daylights- 121K- Complete

A Monster World AU
Yugi was just your average Beast Tamer trying to get by in life. After one fateful encounter, he finds his world beginning to turn upside down, and everything he though he knew was changing.
But there are secrets hidden behind everything, and not everyone is who they seem to be. The mysteries of the past begin to unearth themselves, and Yugi will have to decide just who he can trust among the deception and shadows.

Awkward Encounters- 2K- One-shot

One-shot written to two AU prompts (with implied Puzzleshipping):
“Mutual drunk friend called BOTH of us to pick them up from a party well this is awkward” AU
“Your email address is one letter different from my friend’s so I keep emailing you by mistake” AU

The Beast Within- 79K- Complete

The land had always been split into two kingdoms at war with each other. In this realm full of beasts- powers that humans could summon to take on the shape and form of a creature to fight with- those with their power awakened were considered the strongest.
And all Yugi wanted to be was a knight, to escape his boring palace life. That was, until everything changed. After ending up on the wrong end of a kidnapping, and meeting a strange man wielding their beast, Yugi begins to question everything he thought he knew.

Halloween Special- 2K- One-shot

When both you and your partner want to wear the same Halloween costume, there’s only one way to sort it out- play a game, of course.
Halloween Special, done with prompts taken here on Tumblr, suggested by @shiirojasmine​ and @starrysailor​ 

Code of Silence- 10K- Long-shot- Complete

“Well, this is going just perfectly, isn’t it?” Atem chuckled. “I find myself in such interesting situations that it’s amazing I consistently top them.”
“You’re going to get yourself killed one day, you know.” Yugi narrowed his eyes.
“Oh? You think so?”
“My gun thinks so.”
Crimelord!Atem and cop!Yugi.

Sparks- 3.6K- One-shot

After an exciting encounter with the local electrician, Yugi develops a crush on the man, and is willing to do anything to see him again.

Date with an Incubus- 3.4K- Smut-shot [nfsw]

Atem’s date with his office crush ends up not quite the way he expected.

Photo Opportunity- 4.7K- Smut-shot [nsfw]

Yami ends up in hot water when he accidentally sends his boss a dick pic. Things don’t go quite as he expected it when he sees his boss’s reaction to it.
Based on this post.

Trial and Error- 36K- Complete

To ensure a peace treaty is made between the humans and the dragons, a marriage is proposed between royalty of both species. It was just Yugi’s luck that he would be the one representing the humans, getting married off to a man he had never met in an unfamiliar land. It’s going to take quite a bit for Yugi to find the good side in all of this, but like all things in life, all it takes is a little trial and error.

The Prince and King- 68K- Ongoing

After another failed summoning to get out of prison, Yugi gets into a long conversation with his roommate, which yields some rather interesting results and answers to questions Yugi didn’t even know he had. “So, King, what will it be?” 

Opportunities in Unexpected Places- 14K- Ongoing

Every century, the surrounding villages must choose a human to sacrifice to the ‘Great Beast’ of the mountain. No one knows anything of it, but fear its wrath should they fail to provide.
Yugi finds himself as this century’s sacrifice, given no real choice in the matter. He thinks he’s walking to his early grave, unaware of just wait awaits him at the mountain.

ten-summoners-fails  asked:

For the 'Cool asks for Fic writers' thing: 1, 3. 6, 9, 13! :)

01. Describe yourself how you would describe a character you’re introducing.
She’s one that’s passed by, capable of hiding in plain sight. They miss how she flitters from room to room, wispy as smoke in a breeze, dark eyes smoldering and hazy as if she wanders in another world.

Yet you notice. Oh, how you notice.

Once again, she’s by the window she favors, laptop resting upon a makeshift stand (–one she crudely pieced together, she’d say if you’d comment on it), earbuds in and music on, gaze beyond the screen. Her left-hand clasps her glass cup and, despite the twinge of her thin wrist, the straw remains absently between her lips. The black nail polish is chipping–no doubt she tore it off again in a silent fit. Her book (focusing on another elf, if you had to guess) is on the arm of the chair, untouched for several days. That, alongside the tugging at her caramel waves, reveals she’s in another mental block; she’s frustrated at herself for it.

03. What is your absolute favorite kind of fic to write?
The ones I manage to finish. I’ve scarcely touched the surface when it comes to fics, so I cannot say I have a favorite if I haven’t written all types.

06. First fic/pairing you wrote for? (If no pairing, describe the plot)
Oh gosh, haha. I’m not sure if I even recall what it was, so we’ll simply say it was either: Kingdom Hearts or Naruto. I don’t recall a plot or pairing…so, I declare it was nothing good or important to me.

09. Do you ever have plans to write anything other than fic?
Yes. I’d love to write–and ache to be published (note: not famous, I just want to be published outside of a poetry competition in fifth grade, which I don’t count)–with something original I’ve done. Alas, with my constant doubts and horrible habits, it shall not happen.

13. Favorite fic from another author?
I’ve so many of these. The talent that’s out there–I’m not even sure if I can give just one. Hmm, so I’ll give two fics I’ve recently read: Desiring a Body by Ansereg and I, Magus by Reishiin.

Thank you for the ask!!! ♥ c’: The first question was quite the challenge! (I used ‘caramel’ because I found out that, apparently, that’s what people call it)