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Nya’s pet Nexu, Spike, likes to run at people to greet them, prompting most to recoil and ask ‘What’s that?!’. This has happened so many times that the lil’ fuzzball thinks that’s her name.  If the rattle of a food dish fails to summon her, crying out ‘Whazzat!’ guarantees the pitter-patter of claws on the Spitfire’s deck ^,^

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After Vaetki had left, Aldrnari was struggling with many addictions. She had little hopes he’d come back. He slowly faded away from her life like words from ancient books, leaving blank pages behind.

Now, once she finally got over him, Vaetki appeared at her doorstep again. Aldrnari was unsure if she should let him in or not. Her heart and mind had contradicting opinions. After a while, she decided to follow her foolish, foolish heart and opened the door wider, inviting her old lover in.

“Long time no see…” she whispered, trying to summon a smile, but failing. “Why are you here?”

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“With two incredibly sexist songs as part of its soundtrack (“A Girl Worth Fighting For” and “I’ll Make a Man Out of You”, especially the line “did they give me daughters when I asked for sons” in the case of that second one), a protaganist who spends the early part of the movie lamenting her lot in life and only springing into action because of her father’s summon to war, I fail to see what’s so perfectly feminist and progressive about “Mulan”.”



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  1. Afanc (No. 001): To THE NO. 1!
  2. Victor (No. 054): Alleged angel of St. Patrick.
  3. Ammut (No. 004): She who eats the hearts of sinners in the Egyptian afterlife.
  4. Aramisaki (No. 030): Volatile Shinto goddess.
  5. Vasuki (No. 050): The rope in a divine game of tug-of-war.
  6. Uwabami (No. 066): Giant Japanese snake.
  7. Onmoraki (No. 089): Japanese bird of ill omen created from corpses.
  8. Azazel (No. 012): Apocryphal Watcher.
  9. Ananta (No. 020): Endless serpent of Vishnu.
  10. Slime (No. 214): Result of a failed summoning.

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Steph: What happened to the rest of the Freelancers then, they had to go somewhere?

Me: I wonder if that army of Texas clones were robots or the same as Alpha. Because if they were the same, where did he get all those people?

Steph: …



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This was never going to work. Weiss had tried time and time again, but she just couldn’t recreate what had happened during the Battle of Beacon. If there was one upside to being back in Atlas was their Academy’s state-of-the-art training facilities. She had trained harder than she had ever done before - if only to give her an excuse to stay away from home.

Seeing Winter was nice, but she was so busy with General Ironwood that it seemed like they never got to talk. So, she trained. She hoped that if she just trained hard enough, she could prove to her father that she was strong enough to take care of herself. That she didn’t need him to protect her.

She let out a frustrated noise as her summoning glyph failed again, “This is pointless,” she groaned.

A Saga of Incompetence Part 2

Permanently stuck in first gear, they make their daring escape at 10mph, rolling over the tarmac, slowly crashing through the chicken-wire fence and out into the fields. After a little while they realise they’re being chased by two Sentinel walkers and a Chimera light tank, and it doesn’t take long for them to catch up. In a hail of Multilaser and Heavy Bolter fire the stair-car is shredded and flips.


Rolling a crit success, Tymaret forward-rolls out of the car and lands guns out. York is not so lucky and the car lands on top of him, forcing him to crawl out from underneath it in an undignified fashion. However one of the walkers attempting to shoot him rolls a crit-fail, trips in a ditch and faceplants, breaking the driver’s neck.


York attempts to cast Doombolt multiple times, mostly failing and summoning light gust of wind after light gust of wind on the Phenomena table. Eventually he succeeds and strikes the Chimera with five bolts of psychic death, leaving it a smoking wreck. As the last Walker advances he tries one last time. It doesn’t work, but instead he rolls technology malfunction on the Phenomena table, shorting out the Walker’s multilaser. Darting forward, Tymaret succeeds in a Called Shot on the Driver, as well as setting him on fire with his Flamer, eliminating the threat.


At this point, a cog-boy - aka a random friend IRL who had just turned up at the house - crawled out of the wreckage of the tank. York noticed him and charged towards him, trying to Compel him to drop his gun. He failed yet again, but managed to call up a slightly stronger gust of wind which made the cog-boy fall over. He kept hold of the gun though and tried to shoot anyway - crit failed and fried his own foot. Tymaret ran over to try and keep him from dying so they could interrogate him. He then promptly crit failed and slashed open an artery, flubbed the roll to fix his fuck-up, and the cog-boy died.


Not ones to let horrific incompetence get in their way, Tymaret commandeered the tripped Sentinel whilst York hung onto the back of it like a grotesque backpack, and they set off for the city. Of course, since Tymaret still didn’t know how to drive, they did this by moonwalking backwards the whole way. Upon arrival Tymaret tried to turn around so he could shoot things but failed, simply moonwalking in place. Sighing, York got down, picked the Walker up and physically turned it around the right way. Tymaret then set some trees on fire.