• Summer: Qrow. Tai. I have a confession to make. *Summer said as she teammates play a video game.*
  • Qrow: We know you are banging my sister.
  • Tai: We are cool with it.
  • Summer: Wha-WHAT!? H-how did you know!?
  • Tai: Raven sent out an email to the entire school saying you two are banging and threatening anyone who even thinks about trying to ask you out.
  • Qrow: Plus, Ozpin gave her detention for flying an airship round with a banner saying, "SUMMERAVEN FOREVER!"
  • Summmer: *Summer's face turns bright red and pulls her hood over her head to hide it and to muffle her screams of embarrassment.* WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!?
  • Raven: *Suddenly Summer feels a pair of arms wrap around her waist and pulls her into a hug as Raven appears behind Summer through one of her portals.* Because I want the whole world to know you are my little rose. *Raven the turned Summer's face towards her to give her a kiss on the lips leaving her team leader speechless and proceeds to pick her up and carry her away.* We are going on a date don't wait up.
  • Tai: Have fun.
  • Qrow: Wear a rubber.
  • ~~~
  • Ruby: Oh. My. God.
  • Yang: Wow... I mean, woooooooow.
  • Weiss: This is just-! How does that even-! She wouldn't-!
  • Blake: Guys. Calm down. This mirror only shows alternate universe. None of this actually happened.
  • Tai/Qrow: *Look at each other and at the same time open their mouths to say Raven and Summer DID sleep together once, only for Raven's sword to appear at their throats.* ... That's right./Yep. *Raven and her sword disappear*

there’s a rlly rich girl in my class and she was like ‘o yeah im taking a photoshop course over the summmer’ like just learn to use photoshop like the rest of us plebs by randomly clicking shit and watching youtube tutorials lmao

Cheater- C.H

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