S2S: Summit to Sea 2015

May23, 2015


Summit to Sea: Kinalasang Borak sa Ting-init!” is a sports fest among the mountaineering groups in Cebu City and and neighboring municipalities around Central Visayas. This will be held on May 24-25, 2014 in the Islands of Camotes. This is a gathering of all outdoor enthusiasts that will culminate activities that fosters camaraderie, social responsibility, sportsmanship and character-building experiences among participants. This event is spearheaded by a consortium of mountaineering groups in cebu city the VALUE-SABUTA- (Value-Laden Professional Circle, Sandal (ka lang), Bantayanon Unified Outdoor Group & Tambay Adventurist). This organizations merged in the year 2013 to sustain our ability in organizing community outreaches and services that is funded through donations and their own ability to solicit assistance from friends. 

Written above was the group’s description of last years 2s2. Yes, t’was held at Camotes Island. I still didnt exist yet. So this year, the committee has chosen the beautiful islet of Gibitngil. This is an islet of a town named Medellin, of northern Cebu. Given that this is an islet, it takes 30-45mins travel from the mainland depends where you’re based at.


On the first day, we had Outreach;

* Giving of slippers and school supplies to kids.

* Having fun with kids by having games

* Slippers distribution

After these..

We had basketball olympics then started our campsite(in the middle of the pasil, literally)

It was my first time joining this wonderful event, so as camping in an island. This is a poor place but absolutely a beautiful one!

Come and visit Gibitngil Island!

A colorful and wonderful experience wherein you can jump off to 30ft(???) long cliffs. Just like this! Lols! dont try this at home. La la…