summit post

When you see someone put the milk in before the cereal

When you see your waiter pass by with someone else’s food

When the cops find your 999999 petabytes of child pornography and they ask where you were even able to find so much

When Akainu is about to punch you and asks if you want his hand to be open or a fist

When Makino walks by and you can’t decide whether to slap her ass or fist her

When you see the election results

@amavitab​ ♥ for a thing with bb padmé

              lady satine“     the little child,     runs up to the fair-haired woman AS QUICKLY as her little legs allow her,     voice echoing in the hall.     her arms HOVER upwards,     a gesture signalling the woman to pick her up as padmé frowns,     eyes red && wet with tears.      i know it’s past my bedtime,     my lady”     she sniffed, GRATEFUL that they were alone without any spectators to witness the scene.      but i had A SCARY DREAM,     i was afraid to be by myself   ——   am i in trouble ??? ”

Ever since my friend Graham post his summit photo of Mount Baker’s shadow I’ve been driven to go capture one of my own. This is Mount Cheam’s shadow. If you look closely you can see the Brocken Spectre casting a ring shaped rainbow around the peak.

@krxtaa ♥’d for a thing

low lights - kanye west

           you WANT ME to give you a testimony about my life && HOW GOOD he’s been to me?