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The very first official remix of The Weeknd’s smashing new Daft Punk produced single Starboy comes from none other than tropical house king Kygo. The Norwegian producer has been relatively quiet since the release of his star studded debut album Cloud Nine earlier this year, so this remix is most certainly a welcome return and unexpected surprise. Starboy gets the signature chill melodic, tropical balmy Kygo treatment. It’s the perfect way to transition our way into the weekend after a rather dramatic and glum week. 

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It wasn’t too long ago that we learned how sublime of an experience it is when LA’s Taylor Wise remixes Maggie Lindemann. We’re still dancing to the producer’s indie dance interpretation of Things. Now we can smile aplenty and twirl about even more to this airy buoyant, breezy elegant remix of the SoCal chanteuse’s endearing pop song Pretty Girl. Taylor Wise injects the song with summery exuberance on his future pop styled transformation. This effulgent treat is sure to chase away any Valentine’s Day blues.

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That brilliant rising producer from Washington, D.C., Eau Claire, is at it again, this time with a transformative edit of an old classic hit. Who else does she remix but the king of sexy music, Marvin Gaye? She takes quintessential honeyed soul anthem How Sweet It Is and remixes it into a fresh and uptempo jam, brimming with nu-disco radiance and summery breeziness. There’s a dreamy quality to the remix that befits the song’s romantic, doe eyed romanticism. How sweet it is, indeed.

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Posted also on Facebook, I really like this song, happy, upbeat, summery and with a hint of being a romantic type :3

Baby, You’re A Firework

Weekly Challenge: Fireworks
Part 3 of the Something’s Begun Series
Klaine, 1300 words, A03
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This is a series of canon-compliant fics for the 2016 Klaine Summer Challenge; each will feature a summery song, and focus on the summer between Seasons 2 and 3. Thanks as always to my beta, perry_avenue.


Kurt sat back in his chair at the Lima Bean, smiling softly to himself as he watched Blaine get their drinks.  Blaine was wearing a red polo which pulled attractively over his arms and chest.  No doubt about it, his boyfriend looked good in red.  Better than in that stuffy Warbler jacket.  

Blaine twisted to grab a stirrer from the other side of the counter, and Kurt couldn’t help but note how his back muscles shifted under his shirt, hinting at how toned they were.   A hypothesis that had been confirmed last week, at Brittany’s pool party, when Kurt had the chance to explore Blaine’s lovely back in great detail under cover of putting on sunscreen.  Not that anyone was really fooled by the excuse, but it had worked, so he wasn’t going to question it.

Blaine met his eyes as he headed back to the table, and Kurt tried to draw his thoughts away from wishing he had had more time to explore Blaine’s skin that day, preferably somewhere more private than in Brittany’s backyard with most of the Glee club present.

“So, the fourth?” Blaine’s question successfully interrupted his musings.  

“What about it?”

Blaine grinned.  “I have the day off.  The whole day.”

“Are you serious?  I thought Kings Island did a huge fourth of July thing.”

“They do.  They’re just going to do it without me.”

“However did you manage that?”

Blaine smirked.  “I may have promised my manager I’d sing at her daughter’s Bat Mitzvah this fall.”

Kurt laughed.  “Now that, I have to see.”

“Oh, you will.  You’re coming with me.  And as many of the Warblers and New Directions as I can rope into it.”

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