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Bring me summertime ☀️💕🎶
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Wearing my summery new outfit from @dharmabumsactive (at Worsley)

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Beach day (RQ)

Summary: You are ready to enjoy a nice day at the beach with your boyfriend JB, but he seems more busy trying to keep other guys from looking at you.
Genre: Fluff
Length: 733

You were wearing your most summery outfit, but you were still sweating. This summer had been especially hot. Your shirt was sticking to your back, giving you that gross uncomfortable feeling. Your boyfriend and you were heading to the beach today. It was a perfect day to go anyway. You were super excited to get out of these clothes and run into the cool water, but JB seemed less excited. “What is bothering you?” you wrap your arms around his waist and push your face into his arm. He seems to get out of deep thoughts as he answers. “Oh, nothing.” he kisses your forehead. “Okay, then stop moping.” You let go of his arm and walk back in front of him. 

As you walk through the sand, a few meters ahead of JB, you are dragging the heavy bag full towels and snacks with you. A young guy walks over to you. “Need some help, pretty?” he says and smiles at you. You were just about to deny but JB walks past, picking your bag up and placing him arm around your waist, pulling you away from the guy. You look at him in some confusing as he lets you go and puts down all the stuff a good 50 feet away from the water. “Thank you?” You grin at him. Was he jealous? You run over to him and throw your hands around his neck. Then you pull him in for a sweet kiss. You feel him lean in to the kiss more, giving you a smile inbetween. 

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no one gave me a Stevonnie to draw so i just. used a random number generator and made my own. and i got what are probably the most summery and wintery outfits in the whole show lol. so they’re a mess! but a beautiful lovely mess nonetheless