My take on Summerween Trickster Human form :3♥
A bit too early for Halloween but this guy is in my top 3 fav character in Gravity Falls, so why not XD!!! 

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AND! on this occasion, I made a speedpaint video of this picture I hope you guys enjoy!! 

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PS. there’s a billdip I hide it in the picture. Can you find it? XD

  • things in gravity falls I would like to know more about: the doomed future, time travel, blind Ivan, Stan and Ford's mom, the extended Pines family, literally anything about Melody, Tambry and the other teens, gompers, the UFO and aliens in general, where's Bigfoot how's she doing, the ghosts in town, the secret agents, fords relationship with the us government, the hidebehind, what Halloween is like in town is it just like summerween does the trickster only work on summerween?, Mabel's Zac Efron cardboard cutout, where Stan got that toxic waste from, lazy Susan's cats
  • Things I don't need to know any more about, thank you very much: bill cipher
  • Things alex hirsch wants to write about: bill cipher, sometimes gnomes
The signs as Gravity Falls Villians

The Northwests: Pisces

Li'l Gideon: Taurus

Bill Cipher: Capricorn

Agent Powers: Libra 

Wax Sherlock Holmes: Leo 

Giffany: Gemini

Rumble McSkirmish: Scorpio

The Shapeshifter: Sagittarius 

Robbie Valentino: Virgo

Blendin Blandin: Aries

Blind Ivan: Cancer

The Sumerween Trickster: Aquarius


Mysteries of Gravity Falls Series #1

One more series that I drew during the long wait between seasons.  My biggest regret is that I didn’t have enough room to include Tumbleweed Terror in this set, it would have been fun.  Ah well, maybe in a future set.  Also, I apologize for not drawing Rumble in a pixelated style, but I had neither the time nor the skill for that (and still don’t).

anonymous asked:

Does Billi ever encounter the Summerween Trickster? (What, no, of course this isn't partly an excuse to see what costume the disaster child would come up with... not at all... <_<)

He’d be a Billigoat. Of course.

Billi would of course run into the Trickster. And he’d be foolish enough to yell Trick or Treat at it.

Cue many goat related jokes and shenanigans and at least one can getting chewed on.


non specific 30 20 day fandom challengegravity falls

day 2: moment that made you fall in love with the series

“We’re getting older, there’s not that many Halloweens left! I guess I didn’t realize it was already our last one.”