My Gravity Falls tribute is finally finished! This one was a lot of blood sweat and tears. I lost my entire first 5 days of work to 2 cats with muddy paws, and had to start over from scratch. I hope you all enjoy it! Thanks Gravity Falls for an amazing summer!



In honor of Gravity Falls ending, and letting the spirit live on, I am proposing that we collectively as a fandom actually celebrate Summerween on the fourth Friday of June: June 24, 2016 

I know that I’m not letting go of this small town any time soon, and It seems like most of you aren’t either. And plus Halloween is literally the best holiday and there’s no reason to not celebrate it twice a year. This does not actually entail trick-or-treating to other people’s homes, as that would be greatly disrespectful. It does definitely include wearing costumes and throwing parties. And making Jack-o-melons. Possibly. 

I’m just throwing this out there, so if you’re in or have any ideas or feedback, talk to me! 

P.S. I really don’t want this fandom to die, please make this a thing. 

(Edit: I understand that in the show it occurs on June 22, but by having it on a Friday many more people will be able to participate while still keeping true to the show.)


I wanted to make more people for this set but I got lazy cause it took so damn long- but I am happy with what I managed to finish!

First is Mark and Jack, who have no money for costumes so they make ones with things they find in the shack and what junk Ken gave them that the costume store was gonna throw out.
After a while though, as the night goes on, Mark stays in character a little too well, Jack realizing that its linked to the pink gem he gave Mark as a necklace, with approval from Bill Cipher (Its a crystal that causes insanity and chaos-)

The rest are just other kids in costumes- I really like them all- Here’s little junk to go with the pics just for you guys who like any kinda story-

  • Jack added to his costume by putting a plastic green fang in the spot of his missing tooth
  • Mark’s knife turned out to be a real one and Jack only found out when Mark started to stab Jack-o-melons.
  • Cry doesn’t join civilization after he gets found and stays in the cave with the Sup Guys by choice, and keeping on his mask by choice. Felix is one of the few people who is his friend and is chill with him keeping on the mask and living in a cave- So, with a marker he finds a way to incorporate Cry’s mask into his costume-
  • It was definitely Phil’s idea to put whiskers on Dan too, even if it didn’t match.
  • Vanoss and his friends constantly fight and roughhouse for fun, hence why he straight up punched Delirious.
  • Not sure how well those could be considered costumes since everyone except Nogla dresses like that the rest of the year anyways- atleast the masks-
  • Vanoss was almost given a cape and hat in that picture to be “Hoo-dini”
  • Alternately, Vanoss was also almost BatOwl, but I went against it cause then I wanted to make regular masked Delirious instead of Batcoon.
  • All the photos except the first one seem to be taken from shots inside the Shack (and I’m just realizing this now) so I’m dubbing it that before they all went trick-or-treating, they met up there.

Dipper Pines + strength/ fighting abilities