Drunk in Love by Beyonce Last Ones Standing by Example
She Looks So Perfect by 5 Seconds of Summer
We Found Love by Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris
Pony by Ginuwine
Feeling Good by Michael Buble
No Diggity/Thrift Shop by Blackstreet/Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z & Alicia Keys
Royals by Lorde
Baby, One More Time by Britney Spears
Skinny Love by Bon Iver
Make You Feel My Love by Adele

Bonus:  I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift


Let's go!

La rutina de las porristas por fin había terminado, por lo que Summer estaba asquerosamente sudada y cansada. Los partidos de los chicos de futbol estaban por iniciar y por lo regular las porristas tenían que hacer nuevas rutinas y ese tipo de cosas.

Llevaba su bolso en su mano, y una ropa ligera para entrenamiento, la mayoría de sus amigas se había ido, pero Summer se había entretenido en guardar sus cosas, se fue a sentar a las gradas mientras tomaba aire y se soltaba el pelo. — ¿Que opinas? ¿Nos movemos bien? —Pregunto al darse cuenta que una persona les había estado observando. 

时间者雨 | Time Boils the Rain
  • 时间者雨 | Time Boils the Rain
  • 吴亦凡 | Kris Wu Yi Fan
  • 小时代 3 OST | Tiny Times 3 OST

風吹雨成花 時間追不上白馬
你年少掌心的夢話 依然緊握著嗎
Fēngchuī yǔ chéng huā shíjiān zhuī bù shàng báimǎ
nǐ niánshào zhǎngxīn de mènghuà yīrán jǐn wòzhe ma
Raindrops are blown into flowers by wind
Flowing time cannot catch up with the galloping white horse
Those teenage dreams of yours,
Do you still hold them tightly in your palms?

雲翻湧成夏 眼淚被歲月蒸發
這條路上的你我她 有誰迷路了嗎
yún fānyǒng chéng xià yǎnlèi bèi suìyuè zhēngfā
zhè tiáo lùshàng de nǐ wǒ tā yǒu shuí mílùle ma
Clouds rolling up and down in summer
Tears are evaporated by flowing time
All of us along the way
Did any one of us get lost?

我們說好不分離 要一直一直在一起
就算與時間為敵 就算與全世界背離
wǒmen shuō hǎobù fēnlí yào yīzhí yīzhí zài yīqǐ
jiùsuàn yǔ shíjiān wèi dí jiùsuàn yǔ quán shìjiè bèilí
We promised not to leave each other,
Must always be together
Even though we had to fight against time
Even though the whole world turned its back against us

風吹亮雪花 吹白我們的頭髮
當初說一起闖天下 你們還記得嗎
fēngchuī liàng xuěhuā chuī bái wǒmen de tóufà
dāngchū shuō yīqǐ chuǎng tiānxià nǐmen hái jìdé ma
Snowflakes are blown into shining pieces by the wind
Our hairs are whitened
We said that we would venture into the world together
Do you still remember?

那一年盛夏 心願許的無限大
我們手拉手也成舟 劃過悲傷河流
nà yī nián shèngxià xīnyuàn xǔ de wúxiàn dà
wǒmen shǒu lāshǒu yě chéng zhōu huàguò bēishāng héliú
In that summer
We made an infinitely large wishHand in hand we may form a boat
Carrying us across the river of sadness

你曾說過不分離 要一直一直在一起
現在我想問問你 是否只是童言無忌
nǐ céng shuōguò bu fēnlí yào yīzhí yīzhí zài yīqǐ
xiànzài wǒ xiǎng wèn wèn nǐ shìfǒu zhǐshì tóng yán wú jì
You said that you would not part with me
And that we would be together forever
Now I want to ask you
Was it just a kid’s babble?

天真歲月不忍欺 青春荒唐我不負你
大雪求你別抹去 我們在一起的痕跡
tiānzhēn suìyuè bùrěn qī qīngchūn huāngtáng wǒ bù fù nǐ
dàxuě qiú nǐ bié mǒ qù wǒmen zài yīqǐ de hénjī
I did not have the heart to cheat you during our green days
Neither did i betray you when we were young and stupid
Oh heavy snow, i beg you
Please do not erase the traces of our past

大雪也無法抹去 我們給彼此的印記
dàxuě yě wúfǎ mǒ qù wǒmen gěi bǐcǐ de yìnjì
Oh, the heavy snow must not be able to erase
The memory we left to each other

今夕何夕 青草離離
明月夜送君千里 等來年 秋風起
jīnxī hé xī qīngcǎo lí lí
míngyuè yè sòng jūn qiānlǐ děng lái nián qiūfēng qǐ
What date is it today?
Green grasses are thick
The bright moon accompanies you a thousand miles away
I am waiting for next year’s autumn wind

Fall and Autumn

Wait wait wait

So we’ve got Winter

We’ve got Summer

We’ve got Fall




We’ve heard that “She” is responsible for Autumn’s condition. And the chances of Fall’s and Autumn’s surnames meaning the same and being a coincidence are basically zero in this show.

Are they related, are they somehow the same person? WHAT ARE THEY?!

Fuck Spring.

I wanna know the story behind Cinder and Autumn!

hogwarts au + romances


  • Dick and Kori dated for like the entirety of third year
  • which of course means that they went to hogsmeade together and heald hands in the halls
  • their first kiss was with each other under an awning in hogsmeade while it snowed
  • they broke up because they didn’t want a long distance relationship over the summer
  • wally asked dick the next year if they’d get back together
  • dick always shrugged
  • babs made him talk to her and tell kori that he didn’t want to date her again
  • kori was chill with it and they remain friends


  • happened in their seventh year
  • everyone called it
  • dick was running the bet about when it would take place
  • zatanna won


  • they both had crushes on each other all of first year
  • they dated for a month in second year
  • they realized that they liked being friends better than boyfriend/girlfriend
  • (not that they were doing much as girlfriend/boyfriend anyway)
  • to this day tim brags about how he was younger than dick when he had his first kiss


  • jay, roy, and kori all hung out a lot in the room of requirement
  • roy and jay had a lot of joint detentions
  • and they were all super confused about their feelings
  • except kori
  • in fifth year she kissed jay in front of roy, then she kissed roy
  • then she told jay and roy to kiss
  • then that was pretty much that
  • nobody understood their relationship at all
  • which was frustrating for kori, fine for jay, and roy was kinda like “it’s their business how?”
  • everyone thought they’d break up (or whatever) before seventh year
  • they never did


  • there was that bet about superbat being canon or not, so it was a lil awkward when kon got a crush on his bff who happened to be the son of his dad’s maybe boyfriend 
  • tim told him he was adopted, and superbat might not be canon anyway, and so there it went
  • this happened in fourth year
  • neither of their dads protested 


  • dick had a crush on her like all his years
  • she thought he was stupid, then he was her friend, then he was stupid and cute, then they were making out on the astronomy tower at midnight sixth year
  • they did not start dating until seventh year, though
  • they were head boy and girl together and dating and the Power Couple™ of the school
  • (there were bets on their relationship too)
  • (steph won)


  • they studied together a lot at midnight in the gryffindor common room
  • then they went to hogsmeade alone together while steph had detentions and missed out
  • and harper dyed her hair between third and fourth year and suddenly cass was like “omg she’s hot”
  • and harper was meeting the gals in the room of requirement and she saw cass dancing alone in the dark and she was like “welp there goes my heart”
  • there was no defining moment when they started dating, it just….happened
  • they were so cute and Pure™
  • everyone shipped it, esp cullen and dick
  • tim ran the betting pool, though, but it never worked out because nobody was sure when they got together


  • dick ran the betting pool
  • wally caught them snogging in a broom shed while he was in his fifth year
  • the person who won the bet, down to the day, was….
  • bruce
  • tim pretended it was him
  • nobody could know that bruce was secretly a halbarry shipper
  • nobody


  • they became friends when they were fifth years
  • this was when duke hung around professor wayne’s office a lot and claire had to go to bruce for help in managing her newfound anxiety
  • duke rlly helped her without meaning to
  • holding her hand helped ground her
  • they were holding hands while watching a quidditch match when hufflepuff won and claire kissed him in the victory exhilaration
  •  damian ran and won the betting pool


  • damian had a huge crush on steph since the beginning
  • then she left school and he was really sad 
  • but he practically lived at her apartment all summer long
  • and she was still at his house for holiday breaks and stuff
  • once he took her with him to talia’s house
  • talia approved of her because she was a slytherin and her dad was a “decent wizard” (aka evil as heck but we can ignore that)
  • damian graduated and started to be an apprentice to be the Care of Magical Creatures teacher
  • but he managed to get to all of steph’s matches
  • (she was a pro quidditch player)
  • and one day she approached him after a match and informed him that he was cute and they were going on a date
  • he took her to the forbidden forest and they ate waffles and looked for unicorns
  • it was perfect 
  • they told the family they were together and dick screamed and sent out like twenty owls
  • he won the betting pool 

we fell asleep
like kids on the beach
on the last day of summer

we woke up in
the middle of the night
to find we were being watched

by ignorant stars
fixed in constellations
too far away to obliterate us

but close enough
to provide the tiny spark
that made our wet bodies burn


When you call my name
I shudder at the sound
when the words are familiar
i get up then come back down
when you’re off for the summer
we’ll get lost among the clouds
we can toss along the river
i’m in love when you’re around

did you lose your way
leaving bread crumbs on the ground
when the sun starts to flicker
when the moon is coming around
when you’re lost in the garden
when you’re wasting away to the ground
can i waste with you darling
i’m in love when you’re around

when you’re laying in the grass
you remember when love was found
hold my heart in your pocket

Finn Mertens Fanmix: 07 (Final): Christmas Island (Lake)

Come along with me
To a place beside the sea
We can wander through the forest
And do so as we please

Come along with me
To a cliff under a tree
Where we can gaze upon the water
As an everlasting dream

All of my affections
I give them all to you
Maybe by next summer
We won’t have changed our tunes

I still want to be
In this place beside the sea
Making up new numbers
And living so merrily

All of my affections
I give them all to you
I’m eager for you always
And always keep for you

Come along with me
To a place beside the sea
We can wander through the forest
And do so as we please
Living so merrily

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