So I was driving today, and kagerou days comes on shuffle. And I glance at the date….it’s fucking 8/14…… the feels be hitting me like a truck (i saw the opportunity and I took it, I regret nothing) .

The stars have finally aligned for me to finish the draft that has been lying in the WIP folder for years _(:3」∠)_

I haven’t followed kagepro at all after the anime, kinda miss these kids who are obsessed with hoodies.

(It’s kinda hard to tell but that’s azami’s shadow in the red part)


                                                   over the castle on the hill


Summertime Moons

Aries Moon= Fireworks of the mind and emotions.

Taurus Moon=  The subtle heat pine trees give off on a cooler summer night.

Gemini Moon=  Fireflies dancing. The swiftness of summer is their mind and energy.

Cancer Moon=  Nurturing, warm waters of the pacific during summer time.

Leo Moon= The sunshine. Sands in the desert or at the beach. They are the HEAT of summer. 

Virgo Moon= The sound of insects at work in the summer time. Plants in full bloom.

Libra Moon= The few cool summer breezes.

Scorpio Moon=  Sunglasses, leather seats that burn, a strong current in the ocean, a deep water hole to explore and jump in.

Sagittarius Moon=  The dangerous wild fires of summer, mind of summer optimism, emotions like sparks from a campfire.

Capricorn Moon=  Shade under the tree in summer. Dry earth. Top down in convertibles.

Aquarius Moon=  The monsoons, hurricanes, and tropical storms of summer.

Pisces Moon=  Your favorite ice cream flavor in summer. Water parks, river tubing, pools. Also that more powerful wave you weren’t expecting.