Well, looks like no more summertimeMMXIII hashtagging for me! Hahah, by far this has to be one of the funnest summers I’ve had in a while. I’ve been blessed with numerous opportunities to meet new people and get close to the ones already in my life. Ya did well, #summertimeMMXIII 😊

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Last day fun! 😁😁 @itbemaee @ukulelejammer09 @shota_451 @jesse_dulay #summertimemmxiii (at South Bay Galleria)

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SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!! #summertimemmxiii #happybirthday @_eimirisl

I just wanna wish a happy 17th birthday to my Kuya Elijah/Eljo/Lyj/Ling Ling! 🎁🎉🎊🎉🎁 Haha I remembered cuz we’re both first babies 😝. If I haven’t told you yet, you’re one of the most intelligent and talented people that I’m blessed to have as a friend, even when you can be such a damn troll to everyone HAHA. And I’m hella proud of how much you’ve grown as a dancer, I would’ve never thought you’d get this good tbh LOL. I know we weren’t as close this year as we said we were gonna be during sophomore year, but nevertheless, no matter what happens you’re always gonna be one of my closest friends ✊. I wish we had the chance to hang out more this past year, but I guess that’s something we can look forward to for next year, and hopefully even after high school when we go to UCLA together LOL. I really don’t know how you do it at the exact same time, but thanks for always bringing some sort of light and catastrophe into my life when I need it, even when it stresses me out the majority of the time AHAH JKJK. But yeah man, have a blessed and awesome day today kuya! And hope you’re recovering well from your surgery! HURRY UP SO I CAN TAKE YOUR SIX FLAGS VIRGINITY AWAY ALREADY 😂 Haha love you broderr! 💙💛💜💚❤ @eljocap #happybirthday #summertimeMMXIII #firstbabies