summertime sodas

Curtis Brothers Headcanons

- Pony has a habit of popping his zits and likes to tell Soda when he got a ‘good one’

- Darry knows how to play guitar, but hasnt touched it since their parents deaths

- Soda had learned all he knows about girls from Darry

- Pony always eats the crust off his sandwiches first, leaving the middle for last

- Darry likes grilling in the summertime

- Soda is always asking Pony if he has a girlfriend yet just to make him blush

- Every once in a while, Darry will take Pony out for a morning of fishing. Soda doesn’t go cause never has the patience and he likes to see them spend some time together anyway

- Pony keeps a special picture of his parents in his desk drawer

- Soda really likes pineapple on his pizza

- When he can, Darry secretly saves a little from his paychecks to put towards a college fund for Pony

- One time Soda was teaching Pony how to dance with a girl when Darry walked in on them

- Pony will sometimes feed the stray dog in their neighborhood their leftovers

- Soda is secretly jealous of Pony’s artistic abilities, but is very proud of him

- Darry really likes raspberries

- Pony is the most ticklish of the three and his brothers take full advantage of that. Sometimes Soda and Pony try to gang up on Darry, but Darry can take on both of them easily

- Soda is deathly afraid of snakes

- Sometimes Pony and Soda play Would You Rather before falling asleep

- Darry has a clean driving record

- Pony knows how to play piano and will sometimes play and sing when nobody else is home

- Darry always has Soda help him when there’s something wrong with his truck and they always have a good time working on it together

- Pony isn’t a big fan of spicy things

- The brothers all have fun pulling pranks on each other from time to time

A quick gif I made yesterday before diving back into major work on my book (which I’m drawing right now as we speak, which feels very good).

The number of things I’ve missed while living over here (besides friends) has been mostly burritos, semi-frequent dance parties and biking around town (the holy trinity of my life in Chicago). I’ve riden a bike twice over here, once on a rainy night in Paris and two weeks ago with a new bud on a bike trail and its just all I can day dream about, a nice summer spent with a little more sunshine than the long french winter had to offer.