summertime road

australian gothic

  •  everybody notices the strange, everchanging weather. nobody mentions the change of month. nobody acknowledges autumn.
  •  cyclists start wearing ice cream tubs. pedestrians don their sunglasses. you protect ourselves from the birds, but never fight them. they were here first. you know your place.
  •  the ground is so parched that it trips you just for a taste of liquid. any liquid will do. there are more scabbed knees in the summertime.
  •  the warnings of ‘road slippery when wet’ makes you wonder what happened on this road to call for such signs, and why you’ve never heard of any incidents involving such conditions on the news.
  •  nobody stops the train for the kilometres of bushland and desert towns that the railway line runs through. nobody wants to know what would happen if the train stops. somebody is waiting at one of the stops. the driver ignores them.
  •  the beach is flocked year long, no matter the weather, despite the heat. the coast is populated. the desert and deserted in the centre of the continent is never talked about. you live in silent fear, worried what lives in woop woop will eventually reach the coast.

One Direction: Capital FM Summertime Ball 2015

AESTHETIC! Outdoor Performance at Daylight.

Day 4: Dex and Chowder

These are some headcanons I came up with for Dex and Chowder’s relationship, so I hope you enjoy them.

Dex and Chowder: summertime road trips

  • Biggest…
    • They decide they want to road trip it from Samwell to California!! Go big or go home, right??
    • That’s a coast to coast trip…a lot of miles in between…
    • Well, if they are going to do this, they are going to do it right and make plenty of stops
    • They have a list of things they want to do and see…they felt the need to add as many of the “biggest _____” as they could onto that list
    • This includes things like the biggest ball of twine, the biggest thermometer, the biggest pencil, the biggest rocking chair, and so on and so forth
  • Music
    • They listen to just about anything and everything mainly
    • The driver will usually give the passenger a theme, and it’s the passenger’s job to play whatever music they can find that fits that theme
    • For instance, Dex told Chowder to play anything from the 90s
    • Another example, Chowder told Dex to play anything with a female vocalist
    • Nothing is really off limits, except maybe polka??
  • Historical landmarks and national parks
    • Just like they want to stop off at as many “biggest ____” places, they also want to stop off at as many historical places and national parks as possible
    • There’s plenty of places along the East coast and down South for them to check out
    • All of the memorials in Washington D.C. are big on their list
    • They need to stop off at the Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, the Alamo, Yosemite, Hearst Castle, Alcatraz, and plenty of other places
  • California missions
    • Dex finds the California missions quite fascinating
    • Chowder has always wanted to start at the top of Northern California and work his way south, stopping at every mission along the way
    • Yay, they get to do this together!!!
    • They take a picture in front of every mission together, and eventually create a cute scrapbook dedicated to this wondrous adventure and life goal that they completed
    • At the very end, they each try to pick which was their favorite mission
    • Dex quite enjoyed San Juan Bautista and Santa Bárbara
    • Chowder has a soft spot for Santa Clara de Asís, after all that was his mission he researched in elementary school and he still remembers visiting it for that project
  • Pacific Ocean vs. Atlantic Ocean
    • Dex had never seen the Pacific Ocean before, so that was a big to do for them
    • Vice versa, Chowder has never seen the Atlantic Ocean…and Samwell is like, right there!!! *points* Close, but not close enough for Chowder to have seen it
    • So they make beach days out of it so they can spend time in each ocean
    • In California, they drive along Highway 1/the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) for added ambiance