summertime is movie time

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You have 2 ½ weeks from this date ( July 8th) to create your edit, gif(s), manips, and fanfiction. I wanted enough to time for everyone to perfect their work and still have time to enjoy their life. If you have any questions please ask by inboxing me!
Samcedes Week: Summer Edition will take place from Sunday July 26th - Saturday August 1st. Here are the themes for each day!

Sunday July 26th: Summer Lovin’; It’s the 1950’s and Samcedes meets in the summer and they experience summer love.

Monday July 27th: Strip Tease; Sam or Mercedes (your choice) drop it like it’s hot in their place of work or in the comfort of their home for their significant other. Add Smut at your own risk!

Tuesday July 28th: Swimmin’ Samcedes; Samcedes spends the day at the beach (or the pool or a waterpark). Fluff it up at your own risk!

Wednesday July 29th: May the Fourth of July treat you well; fourth day, Fourth of July, and stars wars. Samcedes spends Fourth of July together. Bonus points if your can incorporate Star Wars in your work.

Thursday July 30th: Action Samcedes; summertime is the prime time for action movies, so project Samcedes as your favorite superheroes. (Example: Captain America & Black Widow, Capitan America and Wonder Women, Batman and Catwomen, Ect.)

Friday July 31st: Family Vacation; Samcedes and their kids go on summer vacation with a family summer trip. Disney World, Bahamas, Cruise, your choice. Create the perfect Samcedes Summer Family Vacation.

Saturday August 1st: Last Day Samcedes; it’s the last day of school (elementary, middle school, high school, college, graduate school, your choice) and Samcedes has to make a choice. Angst as fuck… if your wish!

I hope you all enjoy this creating your work and the actual week this will be happening! Can’t wait to put some happiness into the tag!

The edit above was made by a dear friend of mine. Thank you juliettefabrays! She gets all the credit for that!