summertime goals

κάτι παραπάνω από καλοκαίρι βασικά.


omg… sonique’s feel so good playing with the top down


1. Go to Michigan (5/30)

2. Go tubing

3. Go to a concert

4. Grow out my hair (Don’t cut it)

5. Get my doubles 

6. Kiss a boy 

7. Go downtown 

8. Buy a new swim suit  

9. Write a book

10. Read a book for fun

11. Tan noticeably darker

12. Lose stomach fat

13. Eat healthy for 3 weeks straight

14. Go to Six Flags

15. Go to the movies

16. Go night swimming (after 10 p.m.)

17. Swim in your clothes

18. Get ice cream at cupids

19. Swim in the rain

20. Get my nails done

21. Go out to lunch with a friend

22. Have a sleepover

23. Have a slumber party outside

24. Own a naked palette

25. Finish Grey’s

26. Disney movie marathon

27. Go to a baseball game

28. Go to Starbucks

29. Drive on a highway

30. Make a strawberry daiquiri

31. Get my eyebrows done

32. Tie-dye

33. Write in a journal at least once a week

34. Go berry-picking

35. Go to jamba juice

36. Get ice cream from an ice cream truck

37. Chinese fire-drill

38. Have a bonfire (6/1)

39. Do a photo shoot.

40. Get a cute guy’s number

41. No technology for a day

42. Sing with the windows down in the car

43. Go on a roller coaster

44. Meet someone famous

45. Late night food run 

46. Go outside during a thunderstorm 

47. Start doing pilates and/or yoga

48. Do something illegal 

49. Buy a fish and keep it alive (6/4)

50. Cover more of my picture wall

51. Get a new and meaningful ring

52. Visit a college

53. Get the splits 

 54. Go to tropical sno  (6/24)



This is how I imagine a sugar daddy/baby relationship! Tag your girlfriends!! Let'em know!
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