summertime again

There’s a scent of summer in the air and a hint of sadness in her heart.
But for once in ages, the sadness isn’t real. It’s only made out of the remains of all the past summers she spent crying. The sun was too bright to understand the darkness of her soul, only the rain could get her sorrow, and its drops matched her tears perfectly.
But this year is different, this summer will be different. She wants to lay down in a poppy field, she wants to waltz with the wind, she wants hand-in-hand runs on a golden beach, she wants ice-cream flavored kisses under the stars. There’s nothing to be sad about any longer. She has life ahead of her, and for once it looks fucking beautiful. She just needs to learn how to love the sun again. She just needs to get used to happiness again.
—  Summertime Sadness
Golden Days is ryden af

I found a pile of Polaroids
In the crates of a record shop
They were sexy, sexy looking back
From a night that time forgot

Boy he was something debonair in 1979
And she had Farrah Fawcett hair
Carafes of blood red wine”

These lines are so throam.

Polaroids: ryan! throam took a picture of brendon! throam naked (and it explained the line “they were sexy, sexy looking back”).

Record shop: this is where ryan worked because of the bet ((?) idk i forgot lol)
1979: this is the year when the story ended

Probably brendon read throam and I’m sure because dallon knows the abbreviation for The Heart Rate of a Mouse


debonair means “dressing and acting in an appealing and sophisticated way : fashionable, attractive, and confident.” (sounds like ryan)


Keltie’s (or ryan’s) hair was similar to Farrah Fawcett hair before.

“In the summertime, in the summertime”

He mentioned summer again. In the pretty odd album, they mentioned summer several times. And what happened in the summer? Oh right, myrtle beach happened.

“Oh don’t you wonder when the light begins to fade?
And the clock just makes the colors turn to grey
Forever younger growing older just the same
All the memories that we make will never change
We’ll stay drunk, we’ll stay tan, let the love remain
And I swear that I’ll always paint you

Golden days, golden days
Golden days, golden days”

Golden. Sounds familiar? Well, it was in the song “When The Day Met The Night”.  

“When the moon fell in love with the sun
All was golden in the sky
All was golden when the day met the night”

Golden days is more like when-brendon-and-ryan-were-inloved-with-each-other days.

“I bet they met some diplomats on Bianca Jagger’s new yacht
With their caviar and dead cigars
The air was sauna hot
I bet they never even thought about
The glitter dancing on the skin
The decades might’ve washed it out
As the flashes popped like pins

In the summertime, in the summertime”

The glitter dancing on the skin.

In Ryan’s demo, Where I Belong mentioned glitter too.

“The glitter is gone”

and also, decades means “10 years”. 10 years ago, ryan and brendon met.

“Time can never break your heart
But It’ll take the pain away
Right now our future’s certain
I won’t let it fade away”

I think brendon waited for ryan so long and he was broken. But as the time passed by, he felt less pain. Brendon thought of their future together, but it’s impossible. So, let the memories remain.

Of summer loves and other drugs.

klance food truck au inspired on the steven universe comic (x)

Summertime rolled around once again in the blink of an eye.

Golden sunshine sneaking throught to your window bathing the entire room with warmth and light, the raw earthy smell of freshly mowed grass silently inviting you to lay over it, being lulled into numbness by the foamy waves of the ocean till you got rinkled like a raisin, strangers’ smiles passing by with the weight of responsabilities lifted off their shoulders and turned into just desire of having a good time before going back to their routines.

Who wouldn’t love that, right?

Keith, that’s who.

Sun? The poor boy couldn’t spend one second in the open without at least three generous coats of factor one hundred sunscreen and not getting roasted like chicken, he learned that the hard way since he was a child, and let’s not even start with how easily he sweats. Grass? All it did for him was attract mosquitoes and other bugs, leaving him with bites in places very hard, not to mention embarrasing, to scratch. Another lesson learned the hard way and a experience he was definitely taking with him to his grave. Water? He didn’t knew how to swim and never bothered to learn how to do it, he somehow managed to function decently on land until this day and that was more than enough for him thank you very much. People? That was a straight down ugh for him. 

Groaning loudly as he felt his pijama top stick to his body like a second skin, as if attempting to smother him in his sleep and almost succeeding if he was being honest, Keith rolled around under his sheets in desperately need for cool air, the blood running through his veins burning when his mullet held onto his neck, dripping with sweat.

Daring to finally open his eyes, blinded by the amount of sunlight for a few seconds, the boy stretched his arm to get a grip of his phone, unlocking it to read the time.

08:17. This was going to be a long day.

After a inner struggle between actually putting effort into getting out of bed and staying in what will become a pool of sweat if he stayed any longer, the first option winning by far when the familiar smell of eggs and bacons slowly filled the place, he threw his covers to the side, deciding to not wear his slippers since the floor was still chilly enough to enjoy barefoot, and walked down the hallway towards the kitchen.

“Morning.” Keith mumbled covering a yawn with his inner elbow, taking a seat in front of the counter, letting his feet dangle lazily.

“Keith, darling.” Allura’s wide smile fell as soon as she spotted the younger boy, suddenly concern written all over her features as she hurriedly pressed her palm against his forehead without any warning. “Are you coming down with something?”

A snort from behind them caught both of their attention, Shiro placing a plate of food between the two of them and wrapping an arm around his girlfriend’s waist.

“It’s just the heat.” His brother giggled and Keith would really like to stick his fork in his throat if he wasn’t busy devouring his breakfast like he hasn’t eaten in days. But you know like, don’t bite the hand that feeds you or something. Don’t impale them with cutlery either.

“Awe, the poor thing.” Allura cooed sweetly, combing his bangs away from his face as he ate, if she felt grossed out by his sticky skin she didn’t show. “That’s a shame, I was hopping you could join Shiro and I today.” She grinned sympathetically, as if on the inside persuasively hoping he would change his mind.

Oh hell no, those pretty blue eyes only worked their magic on his brother.

“Where are we going?” Shiro quirked a brow taking a seat next to Keith, wipping the foamy mustache above his mouth with the back of his hand, sliding a glass of juice to the boy next to him with his free one. The latter busy snickering to himself at the though of how his brother looked like his boss, Coran, for a second.  

“To the beach!” Allura chirped excitedly waving her arms in the air, the sudden motion making her messy bun fall apart, letting her silver hair cascade down her back. Keith could swear he heard his brother’s heart grow three sizes. Gross.

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One Direction: Capital FM Summertime Ball 2015

AESTHETIC! Outdoor Performance at Daylight.

me: i miss liam
me @ me: bitch it’s only been a little over 24 hours since you watched that livestream of his performance at the summertime ball
me @ me again: ok and?

September is...

September is change

September is wearing sweaters that smell like holidays

September is finding out where all the freshmen are from because the only jackets they brought to school were their high school varsity jackets

September is when your friends start combating seasonal depression with pumpkin spice and Halloween shopping

September is homecoming, but it is not coming home

September is finally warming up to the people in your classes

September is passing in the mornings because everyone looks like a genderless marshmallow when it’s cold

September is not passing in the afternoons because suddenly it’s summertime again

September is rejoicing outside in the freezing wind but sprinting inside as soon as the rain begins

September is when everyone else starts getting into relationships, and you wonder, not for the first time, if you are missing out

September is feeling holidays in the wind, and only wishing they were closer

September is feeling comfortable where you are

September is desperately aching for something different

September is settling in

September is whimsy

September is loneliness

September is nostalgia

September is

anonymous asked:

can i ask pls if you don't mind sharing how you stopped believing in larry. what was the turning point for you. i'm trying to figure shit out & it helps to hear other viewpoints

I don’t mind. I came into the fandom late 2014 through Harry, but got pulled into the Larry stuff quite quickly (it’s hard to miss when you’re a harrie, I guess). I didn’t know about larries/antis etc, I just thought it was something everyone in the fandom knew. I was in pretty deep until I went to the first OTRA gig and they basically blanked each other the whole way through. That was the first seed of doubt. Then the next day I watched the Summertime Ball footage and, again, Harry basically acted as though Louis didn’t exist. Just as a lil aside, I didn’t ever believe in the 5 year strong fairy tale of Larry, but still I started wondering if I was wrong.

Basically, I went back and tried to look at everything I’d seen from a point of view that Larry wasn’t real rather than assuming it was, and came away feeling pretty fucking confused tbh because it was pretty obvious that so much of the info out there was distorted and often just not true. I shared my doubts with fandom friends and they (mostly) didn’t agree and distanced themselves. When I said what I was feeling online, I was pretty much ostracised.

I was determined to figure it all out though, and went in search of others who thought like I did. I almost gave up and left the fandom because no-one at that time was willing to share doubts online except three lovely women who I messaged and started talking to. Together we bashed it out and came to the conclusion that whatever may or may not have happened in the past, Larry were most definitely not together anymore. That was summer 2015, and when B’s pregnancy was announced that was pretty much the nail in the coffin for me.

It’s a really difficult process because you go through feeling shame, disbelief, guilt, all the nasty emotions that make you feel like shit, and it’s a long hard slog to get to the point where you don’t care. I’ll be really honest, I still sometimes um and ah about the past, but eventually you get to a place of ‘whatever’ because you realise that when it comes down to it, it’s none of your bloody business. The day I realised that was an eye opener.

When Freddie was born I hoped things would change, but we are where we are. And now that Jay is gone, I am just so sad that there are still people out there who insist on keeping on. There’s nothing I want more for both Harry and Louis to be able to live free of this nonsense, and the thought that it will continue to haunt them as they move on in their careers pretty much disgusts me tbh.