summerslam 2011

Just in case people question the “it’s a staged production and they’re all in on it” aspect of things pertaining to wrestling, here’s a former WWE writer talking about how the company plants staff in the crowd to tape “fan footage” for viral releases:

It should be noted, and I’m gonna say this from firsthand, some of those are planted fan videos. When I was there at Summerslam (2011), I actually was sent into the crowd to film Kevin Nash on my cell phone so that we would have, and then we planted it on some fake Youtube account, but it was from the company. We planted fan footage.

…‘cause clearly they knew a title change was gonna happen and I don’t know if neccessarily every fan at ringside was just shooting at exactly the time the finish was coming. So maybe one or two of those, not to be unfair to the company, one or two of those might not be on the up.

Just something to remember when you see things on Youtube, Insta, or Twitter.