summerslam 2009


WWE.COM: The 20 wildest table moments in sports-Entertainment:

#12 Jeff Hardy Swanton Bombs onto CM Punk: SummerSlam 2009

At SummerSlam 2009, two Superstars battled for the World Heavyweight Championship in a brutal aerial battle of attrition. An innovator of the Tables, Ladder & Chairs Match, Jeff Hardy’s first one-on-one TLC contest was a title defense against the opportunistic, dangerous master of the Money in the Bank format, CM Punk.

Both Superstars displayed reckless abandon and incredible resilience throughout the grueling, back-and-forth battle. At the frenetic height of the match, The Charismatic Enigma left Punk downed on the ECW announce table, climbed the tallest ladder of all at ringside and went for, perhaps, the most high-risk Swanton Bomb of his entire career.

The incredible kamikaze dive was an instant-classic moment that decimated both Superstars and the announce table. WWE medical officials attempted to carry Hardy away on a stretcher, but the champion returned to the ring and met Punk at the top of another ladder, before finally succumbing to The Straight Edge Superstar and losing his World Heavyweight Title. — JAKE GRATE