Mason Winter (Young Adult)

I have decided to put Mason Winter ( the current Heir to the Winter Legacy) up for download, to see more pictures of him see his tag here.

If you use him please message me or tag me in the post because I love him and would love to see him in other people’s games!

Brave | Commitment issues| Disciplined ( You can change this if you don’t have WA) | Perceptive( same but with Ambitions) | Good sense of humor 

Lifetime Wish: Paranormal Profiteer


Hair | Default Skin | Default eyes

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Creator: summersims

Boy my inbox sure is more active than it’s ever been!

1. I use S3PE! But I merge a billion files at once so it takes a while.

2. Hahaha I plead the fifth. I bet that tells you who my favorite is too, right? :P

3. That chair was part of Awesims’ contribution nursery set for the SF Magazine for an issue back in 2010, I believe. I can’t find the link to the issue itself but here is the link to the download. :)