Best for summer outfit?

Boho is too mainstream when its summer, but not all people love ‘boho’
If you don’t like Boho, you can wear alternative outfit. We’re all encouraged to wear white in summer, since white clothing is supposed to keep us cool.

When finding black clothes choose the same thickness and looseness, it also needs a little help from atmospheric conditions. While white reflects a great deal of energy coming in, and it reflect the sun’s rays back.It’s better to wear one piece or oversized shirt and style them

I saw lot of people wearing floral clothes when its summer. Honestly, I don’t like floral that much cuz I look so girly wearing florals and I don’t like floral (I don’t know why) I honestly don’t know why its too mainstream though.

Summer is going to end soon (here in my country) wear whatever you want, wear comfortable clothes and don’t wear to much (like cardigans, coat or whatever)

Enjoy the sunny day hunny!!

All pictures are not mine. Credits to the owner