idk i’m changing up my Cecil headcanon i guess. or coming up with yet another one? anyway i love the idea of him having really long hair that he braids or ties back most of the time (but that doesn’t stop him from playing with it). also not sure if the platinum hair is a result of blood stone rituals or clever bleaching techniques.

also constellation tattoos! and he still has tons of freckles i don’t think i’ll ever let those go.

ok So its carlos appreciation week and day two is ‘development’ so really quick i wanted to kinda? show the difference between how i used to perceive/draw carlos and how i draw him now.. (the first drawing was kinda painful to do tbh)

back in the day before carlos as developed as he is now the fanon carlos was kinda of just this straight-faced dude that maybe always looked mildly uncomfortable.. and i mean i definitely hopped on that bandwagon (i have the old art to prove it) but im so so so glad that we’ve been able to get to know the real carlos over the course of the podcast!!

hes super dorky!! and full of love and genuine enjoyment! and he has silly lab coats and he loves cecil more than anything in the world! he is my delightful gay son and i wouldnt have carlos be any other way tbh!!

masteringastronomy said: cecil playing an acoustic guitar?

“Are you ~seduced~ yet Carlos?”

“Cecil oh my god give it back stop twanging at me.”

Cecil took Carlos’ guitar and is trying to serenade him with his lovely twangs 

Also I changed up Carlos a lot and now he looks really young? Anyway I imagine he has more than one pair of big dorky glasses, in several colors and shapes (though most of them are thick rimmed and square)

also close-up so you can see dimples and freckles (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

[steve carlsberg voice] “i dunno about this guy… he’s probably secretly evil or something”

i just kind of finished this up real quick because i posted that WIP a while ago and yeah here you go

i’m very upset over the existence of adorable, affectionate, caring, earnest and adoring carlos the scientist