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please help me

i really hate doing this i really really do but it’s come to the point where i physically, emotionally and mentally cannot take it anymore.

my family physically, emotionally and mentally abuses me.

long story short, i live in an abusive household. my parents are forcing me into debt by threatening me to go to university (when my job career path does not call for it). 

i cannot come out, i am not safe. they do not believe in mental illness and have THREATENED ME (physically as well) if i chose to take medication (which i desperately need for my mental illnesses, i still take it even with the backlash from my parents). they have threatened to kick me out and block my bank card and phone if i do not go to school, even when i dont need and and they make me take a ridiculous amount of classes, hence digging my own grave of debt. ALSO, adding to the school thing. i will have NO INSURANCE AND NO FINANCIAL AID (if i drop out) for my mental and physical illnesses in which i need medication for.

basically, im living in a house that in inhibiting me from transitioning, draining me of all my money and forcing me through an expensive education and debt and threatening me to do so . im sorry if this isnt making sense but im so tired and stressed.

i’ve done my part though, i have gone to school (from highschool, summer classes and university without a break), kept up my grades, DROPPED ALCOHOL AND SUBSTANCE ABUSE, i am now straight edge (this has saved me tons of money and has helped my emotional state tremendously, ive spent more time being productive and less time in the hospital and in therapy which also costs money) and even gotten 2 JOBS. i do commissions and i work COUNTLESS HOURS at mcdonalds, unfortunately because i have mcdonalds, my parents are now trying to make me pay for EVERYTHING, even things they want, and i really REALLY CANT AFFORD THAT.

my goal is to move out into the apartment with my boyfriend @animeadult and our awesome friend @cruciphix by april. however, my family has already drained my first paycheck and yet they take it out on me (even though it wasn’t a lot in all honesty, it was a lot to ME), ive been trying to earn DOUBLE by taking in more commissions and snagging as many hours as i can from mcdonalds.

im so tired and so desperate to leave my abusive family, and find a way to pursue my transition in a safe environment for me physically, emotionally and mentally. i genuinely apologize that it has come to this but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you can 

please donate to my paypal, its

and if u cant please spread this i just need to get out so badly i need to leave i really need to leave please help me.

if anything i will send a small drawing to those who donate as a thankyou, and you can even commission me its the same paypal just please.

i really need help and i know tumblr is a great place to go when someone needs it.

thank you for reading this and please share for me.

Ok hear me out; Endless Summer High school AU.

I’ve been trying to find a story I can follow through with to make a more than one chapter story to focus on and I think this is it.

Ideas? Opinions? Questions? Comments? Anything~?

I’ll post more on this as I figure it out. Nothing’s set in stone though ❤️

~my art too though. Don’t repost please 💕~
~Jake as a High schooler~

Seeing your Notp like

Paid to be Popular (MASTERLIST)

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Paid to be Popular is a series that I am currently writing. It takes place in high school and let’s imagine that all the boys went to the same school. This list will get updated as the parts come out. 

The idea came from this amazing anon.

Summary:  When Calum, Michael, and Ashton are offered 5000$ to get the nerdy Luke to be popular, there was no way to deny. And who knows, maybe one of them will mingle with the gorgeous Y/N?


Paid to be Popular - Pt. 1 

Paid to be Popular - Pt. 2

Paid to be Popular - Pt. 3

Paid to be Popular - Pt. 4

Paid to be Popular - Pt. 5

Paid to be Popular - Pt. 6

Paid to be Popular - Pt. 7

Paid to be Popular - Pt. 8

Paid to be Popular - Pt. 9

Paid to be Popular - Pt. 10

Paid to be Popular - Pt. 11

Paid to be Popular - Pt. 12

Have fun reading!


-Regular Masterlist- 

  • me, hearing a tfb song for the first time: wtf? what is this garbage, i hate this completely, what did brian do i can't believe this, this is so bad
  • me, hearing a tfb song for the tenth time: BITCH!!! BITCH U GOT ME!! THIS MY SHIT!!! *banging pots and pans together rhythmically* WEED! WEED! BASEMENTS SUMMER NEW JERSEY HIGHSCHOOL AND WEED

kinda inspired by melanie martinez - pacify her and btw when i write ‘football’ i mean the kicky kicky british one because calum actually does that and its hot/. sorry americans.


You subtly looked over your shoulder when you heard Calum’s laugh echo over the football field. Your eyes instinctively rolled when you saw he was holding hands with the bimbo he called his girlfriend. You turned your attention to your friends and passed the time until the bitch finally left his side.

Show time.

“Hi Calum.” You giggled, walking over to him with your hips swinging.

“Hi Y/N!” He seemed a bit taken aback as you threw your arms over him to pull him into a hug, but he hugged you back nonetheless.

You drew back and ran your eyes down his body.

“Has anyone ever told you how good you look in all your football gear?” You flirted shamelessly.

It was true, the dark maroon of his kit complimented his skin tone beautifully and the white shorts showed off his toned legs.

Calum blushed and looked at his feet, before glancing up and catching your eyes.

“You think so?”

You nodded enthusiastically in reply.

“Well don’t tell anyone but that cheerleader uniform looks great on you too.”

You couldn’t stop yourself grinning at the compliment, which only boosted your blind courage more.

“So after your practice do you want to come back to mine and study for the chemistry test?” You proposed, playing with your hair as you looked up at Calum with wide eyes.

“Um, yeah, okay.” He stuttered nervously, making you giggle, “Where should I meet you?” His eyes glanced around, probably scared of a teammate hearing and reporting to his girlfriend.

“I have cheer now as well so we’ll find each other.” You said elusively, happily turning on the balls of your feet and waving as you strutted back to the huddle of cheerleaders waiting for you. You greeted your friends with a wide grin and laughed as they all clamoured around you, begging for details only for you to brush them off and start warming up.

The hour and a half of training was agonising; sneaking looks over the fields, Calum putting in more effort to score whilst you made sure to stretch every so often, bending over and unsubtly waving your ass in the air.

The second you were dismissed you made your way over to the benches and sat down, waiting for the last five minutes of the football session to end. You waved at Calum as he jogged over to you, your stomach doing little flips as sweat dripped down his face and he panted, trying to catch his breath.

“You were amazing out there.” You spoke, nodding to the field behind him.

“Funny, I was going to say the same thing to you,” Calum smiled bashfully, “Do you mind if I go and change?”

You were a bit disappointed to see him go, but then an evil little idea struck you, “You could just change here?” You offered, testing Calum.

“In front of you?” He coughed as a blush crept up his cheeks, “And them?” He nodded towards the few stragglers left around.

“They’re not close,” You stood up, moving to the fidgeting boy, “But only if you want to, you know.”

“Okay, but don’t look.” He said quickly, his adam’s apple bobbing nervously.

You nodded in agreement, sitting back down on the bench and waiting for him to make the first move. Calum dithered a bit, digging around in his bag before finally removing his football top, nervously biting his lip before quickly removing his undershirt, giving you a glimpse of his taught body before pulling another shirt over his head. He grinned at you when he noticed you staring hungrily. You simply bit your lip as you waited for him to remove his shorts, allowing your eyes flick over his lower body.

“I’m not going to…” Calum’s voice faltered as he realised what you were implying.

His cheeks were on fire by now, and he played with his jeans in his hands before hurriedly shimmying out of the material and throwing on the dark denim. You quirked an eyebrow as you watched him, the look on his face telling you that he loved the excitement of possibly getting caught.

“You’re ready?” You checked, making no big deal of what Calum just did, despite inwardly exploding.

“Mmhmm.” He nodded at you, biting back a smile from how outrageous he just was, and following you off the school grounds.

You let a small sigh fall from your lips as you unlocked the door to your house. Now the real fun could begin.

“It’s empty.” You reassured Calum, calling over your shoulder.

“O-okay.” He stuttered, looking around anyway, letting you lead him into the kitchen.

“You want anything?” You hopped onto the marble counter and began peeling a banana, eating it slowly, a feeling of pride washing over your body as you saw the effect it was having on the boy opposite you.

“Can I, uh, have a shower?” Calum swallowed thickly, “I’m all sweaty from practice.”

He was right, but you also knew an ulterior motive was there, judging by the way he was strategically using his bag to cover his crotch.

“Great idea!” You enthusiastically replied, abandoning the fruit probably much to Calum’s relief, a new scheme popping into your head.

Motioning for him to follow, you ran up the stairs, making no effort to conceal your ass poking out from under your short uniform skirt.

You lead him to the bathroom, turning on the shower and leaning your palms on the sink, biting your lip mischievously, silently daring yourself to carry out your impulsive plan.

3… Your hands traveled to the hem of your shirt, 2… You locked eyes with Calum, his breath shaky as he predicted what you were about to do, 1… You gripped the stretchy fabric of your top, pulling it over your head in one swift movement.

Your gaze connected with Calum’s again, this time a cocky smirk tugged at your lips as you watched him drink in your half naked appearance. His eyes were fixed on your body, giving you a surge of confidence and you allowed yourself to unhook your bra, letting the straps fall off your shoulders and abandoning it on the floor. You teased the hypnotized boy by pulling the zip of your skirt down agonizingly slowly, finally left in only your black briefs.

“You coming in?” You shook your hair out of its tight ponytail, moving towards the shower and glancing at Calum over your shoulder.

“I–uh…” His jaw was slack, and you couldn’t help but feel proud over the effect you had on him.

You shimmied your underwear down your legs, stepping into the shower and behind the glass partition, which was now steamed up.

“Calum?” You prompted. After all your effort he better get his butt in here.


You heard him struggle out of his jeans and pull his top off, through the glass you could see his silhouette, standing frozen in his boxers. You peeked your head around the glass, and giggled a little as you saw his red underwear was printed with little snowflakes.

“How festive,” You smirked, moving back under the steady shower stream, “However I’m a tad more interested in what they’re hiding.”

You bit your tongue to stop yourself from bursting out laughing at what you had just said, but it seemed to work as within no time you felt Calum’s presence behind you.

“Hi there.” You turned and grinned, leaving your bodies as close as you dared without skin-on-skin contact.

“Hi.” You could tell he was nervous but his shy smile caused you to make another move.

You tenderly grabbed his wrist, walking him into the water stream and running your hands over his muscled, tattoo-rippled arms.

“I have a girlfriend…” He protested weakly, knowing full well that if he actually wanted to leave, he could.

“Don’t talk about her.” You leaned forward, wrapping your hand around the back of his neck and gingerly pressing your lips to his, only deepening the kiss when you felt him respond with his arms holding your waist securely.

The warmth of the water running over your body didn’t stop the goosebumps forming on your skin. You let out a gasp as Calum moved his full lips across your jawline and started nipping at your neck. You cockily pushed your chest to his, wanting, needing to feel closer to him. Your hands scratched down his back, and it only turned you on more to hear him moan against your skin in reply to the sensation.

“Wait, wait, wait!” Calum shook his head and held you at arm’s length, “What are we doing?” He sighed.

The confusion in his eyes almost made you feel sorry for him. He was one of the only football players who wasn’t, well, a player. Throughout the whole of his high school career he had only dated two girls and stayed faithful to both of them. Looks likes things are about to change.

“I want you.” You said, now was not the time to play games so you told the honest truth.

“But I love my girlfriend.” Calum was slightly exasperated.

“You don’t have to love me to fuck me.”

Your words seemed to have flicked a switch in the boy, who proceeded to roughly turn you around and pin your torso to the wall, deliberately leaving your ass pushed out.

“Don’t tease me.” He growled, rubbing his cock over your folds.

You whimpered, delirious with the thought that all the fantasies you had conjured over Calum were about to really happen. You tipped your head back as he pushed into you slowly, one of his hands gripping tightly on your waist. What turned you on even more were Calum’s small whines, you knew he was loving this just as much as you were.

“Move, oh god move.” You begged, gently thrusting your hips back to end the torture of Calum filling you tightly and not moving.

You rested your elbows on the cold tiled wall as Calum began to set a pace that met the slow movement of your desperate rolling hips.

“You want more?” Calum suggested, leaning forward slightly and picking up the pace as you nodded urgently, “You sure you can take it?” You could hear the smirk in his voice.

“Please Cal-” You let out a small shriek at the sudden speed he was plunging into you.

You could feel your legs shaking at the orgasm threatening to wash over you, Calum may have only been with two girls before but he certainly knew how to work a woman’s body. Consistent moans fell from your lips as he repeatedly hit your g-spot and he pulled your hair tight, eliciting a few more unholy sounds from you.

“You look so good fucking yourself on me babe.” Calum said, causing you to snap back to reality.

You hadn’t noticed but Calum wasn’t holding your waist anymore, instead one hand was tangled in your hair and the other was resting on your shoulder. You were bucking your hips independently but somehow remaining a complete slave to Calum.

You were so close, your legs were working overtime to stay upright, and you let out a frustrated groan as you felt Calum pull out of you, your orgasm fading away fast. Before you could complain he pinned your back to the wall, smirking as you let out a hiss at the touch of your skin against the cold wet tiles. You shot Calum a glare, but got distracted with how good he looked when wet. His hair was damp and curling naturally, the complexion on his upper chest and shoulders flushed from where you had run your fingernails over him. The water droplets on his skin were glistening in the low light of the bathroom, making it seem as if he was drenched in diamonds.

“It’s rude to stare.” Calum quipped, obviously noticing you surveying him.

“It’s hard not to.” You bit your lip cheekily and ran your hand over his arm.

Calum yanked your leg up over his waist, taking you by surprise and burying himself in you once again, his lips sucking on your neck making you moan loudly.

“Kiss me.” You breathed.

He took your cheek in his hand, his umber eyes seemingly looking into your soul before leaning in. Your eyes fluttered closed as his soft lips touched yours, warmth washing over you and your hands grabbing at his body, desperate to feel closer to him.

He bit your bottom lip and pulled as he drew away from you, resting his forehead on yours.

“Say you’re mine.” As he spoke you could feel his breath fanning over your skin.

“I’m yours,” You kissed his lips gently, “I’m yours,” Your lips traveled to the sweet spot on his neck just under his ear, “I’m yours.” You bit back a whimper as Calum picked up his pace again, his hips jerking with purpose.

You fell back against the tiled wall, your eyes squeezed closed tightly as Calum hit your spot, your jaw slack and releasing pants in time with Calum’s movements.

“I can feel you,” You took Calum’s hand in yours, laying it on your lower stomach, “Right here.”

Calum pressed lightly, the pressure there causing him to rub your g-spot perfectly, pushing you over the edge.
You cried out weakly as your orgasm finally washed over you, your legs buckling but Calum supporting you and pulling out, letting out a low groan as he pumped cum onto your stomach.

“Fuck.” He whispered, letting your leg down gently, making sure you could hold yourself back.

“I’ll say.” You breathed, giggling a little, moving under the shower stream to wash yourself off.

You turned your back to Calum, running your hair under the lukewarm water. You felt his arms around you, pressing your back to his chest.

“I suppose I have to break up with Norma…” He said softly.

You stiffened up at the sound of her name.

“Do what you want to do.” You hastily got out of the shower, pulling a towel from the rack and drying yourself off, leaving Calum behind you.

You were dressed in leggings and a large hoodie when Calum came downstairs, meeting you in the kitchen. His hair was wet but still managed to look as if a professional had styled it a minute before.

“You look good with curly hair.” You spoke, breaking the heavy silence.

“Thanks.” He huffed, clearly not speaking his mind.

“What are you thinking about?”

“What do you want me to do? Do you want me to leave Norma? Because I will.”

“Is that what you want?” You needed to know how he actually felt about you.

“I don’t know what I want!” He raised his voice, rubbing his hands over his face.

“Do you want me?”


“Then there’s your answer, right?” You acted nonchalant but inside your heart was threatening to burst out your chest.

Calum hung his head in thought, before looking up and walking over to you, taking your hand in his and kissing your cheek.

“I’m taking you out on Saturday.”

“Where?” You couldn’t contain your grin.

“It’s a surprise, I’ll pick you up at 7.”

“Okay.” You said in a small voice, beyond ecstatic.

“Okay.” Calum repeated, letting out a breath he didn’t know he was holding.

Just saying… calum would 100% be that football jock in high school that would be in your math class and constantly make jokes about the teacher and the class just to get a rise out of her. And one day she got fed up with him and told him that because he’s failing her class he has to be tutored by someone (and of course she chooses you since you have a perfect grade in the class). And next thing you know you’re over at Calum’s house trying to teach the toughest guy at your school how to do calculus and calum can sense how tense you are around him so he places his hand on your thigh and when you look up at him you see the most gentle look in his eyes as he tells you “hey, just because the school puts me on this pedestal of being tough doesn’t mean I’m going to kick your face in, you’re way too pretty for me to do that”. And all of a sudden the tough guy at school finally got the pretty girl he’s been wanting since freshman year.


This summer there are a record 11 new anime titles I’d like to at least sample. I can’t remember the last time there were so many– usually it’s like 1, maaaaybe 2 if it’s an exceptional season.

Yeah, a number of these look kinda samey (group of cute/hot guys doing… whatever) but rather than looking at the individual shows I find it much more interesting that, for once, it seems pretty obvious that the female audience is receiving some attention. Hmmm, so this is what it’s like to be catered to… hey, it’s nice! Not that I want it to be the new norm every season but it has seemed so lopsided in the other direction for so long that quite honestly this doesn’t even feel excessive (or at least it shouldn’t). I almost want to support some of these shows on principle alone even if a number of them end up being wholly unremarkable, as some inevitably will.

I’m absolutely sure I won’t be following all of these (the only must-watch shows for me right now are Binan… s2, Cheer Danshi, & Yuri!!! On Ice*) but I plan to try watching the first episodes to see if anything else sticks.

*(I keep seeing Yuri!!! On Ice lumped in with Summer, though as far as I know no dates have been set yet so who knows.)

Anyway, here are the titles shown, in order and with ANN Encyclopedia links:

Binan s2 i.e. Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! LOVE! (a.k.a. Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! LOVE!)

Cheer Danshi!! (a.k.a. Cheer Boys!!)

Yuri!!! On Ice

Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu (a.k.a. The Highschool Life of a Fudanshi)

Fukigen na Mononokean (a.k.a. The Morose Mononokean)




B-Project: Kodou Ambitious

Battery the Animation

Sca-red Rider XechS

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  1. Ah man, the thought of possibly going to UCSD for college. I never dreamed of it and applied on a whim, but yeah, it seems nice now that I got in. I think I will go there. It’s by the ocean and not too far from home. Plus, today I got a pretty neat scholarship from them. Not sure if they give it to all of their students because a friend of mine got it too, but idk. It was a lot of money.
  2. Argentinian Spanish is like… my new favorite thing. (I’m watching this telenovela called ½ Falta - or “Media Falta” - for my class and it’s pretty good for a 2005 show for teenagers. Go watch it on YouTube if you want! It can get a little cheesy, but it does try to bring good messages.)
  3. Egg tarts. Eggs in general.
  4. Loads of art supplies. I don’t care what quality they are; I love them all. Even if I find a ruddy pencil left behind, I love it. Scratch paper? Useful. Who cares if I have 3 unfinished sketchbooks and 50 pens. 
  5. All of you guys. You rock, and I mean it. Shout out to @takeabreathandsmile / @chiscribbles4smiles. She is a meadow of flowers and a ball of sunshine.

If I follow the rules: @fakingsmilesallround @throwaninkpot @fair-and-finn @aceofstars16 @takeabreathandsmile @pinkkittehisajediknight @homeqrown @fillyreports @teabeflying @jupiterlandings AND YOU YES YOU THERE WITH THE EYES ON THE SCREEN

Update: Me after finishing Clannad After story

Lockers (L.H.)

A/N: So, I had one particular scene in my head (which isn’t written) and this is what came to mind when I tried writing it. Obviously, it could/will contain another part or two. I figured I should post something since I haven’t really written anything in a long time… anything good for that matter. Enjoy.

Masterlist || Ask

Part 2 // Part 3


You nervously made your way down the hallway where there were a ton of other students just ambling around, talking by their lockers, or just grabbing things from their lockers.
You tried avoiding anyone’s gaze and path, not wanting anymore attention than what you’d be receiving in class already for being a transfer student.
You were originally from Southern California and had moved to Sydney, Australia over the course of the summer.
The school system was different than the one back in America, but education was education.
You breathed a sigh of relief as you made it to your locker. You glanced at the combination on the piece of paper the lady in the office had given you and tried it.
You pulled the lock up, but it didn’t unlock. You frowned and tried the combination once more after taking another glance at the paper to make sure you had it correct. You huffed in frustration when it remained locked. You tried one last time, going a lot slower, and making sure you lined up the numbers precisely. It still didn’t open.
“Ugh!” You groaned and yanked on the lock in annoyance.
“Need a hand?” A deep accented voice asked from your left.
Duh, they’re all Australian. It’s you who actually has the accent.
You jumped, a little startled from the voice, and looked up at the source.
It was guy with sandy, blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes with, wait, was that a lip ring?
You took in his attire. He had on a black leather jacket, a printed tee, and black skinny jeans on with black boots adorning his feet.
He raised an eyebrow at you, a smirk lightly playing on his lips as you took in his appearance.
You realized that you hadn’t answered his question and blushed. “Oh, uh, yeah. If you don’t mind,” you managed to say.
He chuckled and moved so that he could look at the lock. You showed him the paper and he began to twist in the combination. “American, huh?”
You leaned against the locker to the right of yours. “Is my accent that obvious?”
He pulled up the little latch and it gave in. He opened your locker, “Just a tad.”
You laughed. “Thank you.”
He leaned back against the locker to your left, propping one foot up against it and stuffing his hands into his pockets. “So what made you decide to come down under?”
You put some things in your locker that you wouldn’t need for your first few class. “Down under?”
He shrugged. “That’s what Australia is usually referred to as.”
You nodded. “If I told you that I’m a fugitive who’s in hiding so I ran away to another country, would you believe me?”
He raised an eyebrow at you. “Not really. Although, if you are, I know a good hiding place.”
You couldn’t help but laugh as you turned to look at him, one hand holding onto your locker door. “Why am I not surprised that you would help a criminal?”
He grinned at you. “Only for those who happen to be a beautiful little thing like yourself.”
You rolled your eyes. “Wow, five minutes have gone by and the compliments have begun. You don’t even know my name.”
“Fine, we’ll do all the boring introductions,” he dramatically sighed. “The name’s Hemmings. Luke Hemmings,” he impersonated.
You laughed. “Dork.”
He shrugged. “What can I say? I’m a man of character. So, what might your name be, love?”
“Wouldn’t you like to know?”
“Hence the question.”
You heard the bell ring and all the students started to make their way through the corridor to their first classes.
You closed your locker, making sure it was locked, before looking back at Luke who was still waiting for you to tell him your name.
“Y/L/N. Y/F/N Y/L/N,” you tell him, giving him one last smile before turning around and walking to your first class.

Half of the day had passed and you were now back at your locker.
You stared at it with a look of determination. “Okay, locker. I will open you,” you told it and started twisting in the combo. “Fucking hell,” you muttered when you didn’t unlock it.
“Trouble again, America?” A voice asked with a hint of amusement lacing their tone.
You huffed. “I’m not in the mood, Aussie.” You tried putting in the combo once more, your tongue poking out of the corner of your mouth as you concentrated. “Ugh! You just hate me, don’t you?” You told the locker as if it would respond back to you.
Luke chuckled. “Here, you’re doing it wrong.” He moved to stand behind you and grabbed your hand to place it on the lock while his other rested on your hip. “I’ll guide you.” His fingers held yours and you watched as he directed you on which way to turn the knob. He put in the last number and used your hand to lift the little latch. “There.”
You turned slightly so that you could see him since he was stood behind you. “Thanks.”
He smiled. “Anytime.”
You blushed as you began to exchange the things you needed for your last set of classes with your first set.
“So, how was-” Luke started to ask you, but was cut off.
“Hemmo!” A voice boomed.
You both looked over to where a group of guys and a few girls were stood in front of some lockers.
One of the guys motioned with his head for Luke to go over to them.
Luke turned to look back at you. “I, uh,”
You gave him a small smile. “It’s okay, Luke. You can go. I’m not making you stay.”
He smiled back at you. “I’ll see you around, yeah?” He told you as he started walking backwards in the direction of his friends.
You nodded and gave him a small little wave of your fingers before going back to your task at hand.
You had just finished putting away the last book when a body leaned against the locker beside yours. “Wow, very brave of you to talk to Luke Hemmings on your first day.”
You looked to see who the voice belonged to and saw a girl with short, pixie-like, black hair and bright green eyes. She wore a printed skirt with a white blouse and a nice coat over it with brown boots on her feet.
“I’m sorry?” You ask her.
She nudged her head in the direction of where Luke was.
He had his arm slung around one of the girl’s shoulders while her’s was around his waist and she leaned into him. He was talking amongst the other guys while the two girls talked on the side.
You looked back at the girl in front of you. “Why do you say that?”
She stood up straight and faced you fully. “Luke isn’t just your normal guy.”
You raised an eyebrow at her. “And definition of normal is…?”
She rolled her eyes. “The not nice ones.”
“Now, what would be the reason on why he’s not normal?”
“You could say that he has the term fuckboy under lock and key.”
You stole a glance at Luke and saw the girl kiss his cheek and him smile down at her. “He was just opening my locker because I couldn’t open it after so many tries.”
“I’m just saying, watch your back. He’s capable of so many things, and most of them aren’t with good intentions,” she warned you.
“I wasn’t looking for anything with him. All he did was unlock my locker. That’s it. That’s all that it will ever be,” you told her.
She shrugged. “Suit yourself. I’m just warning you that he could be a manipulative little fucker when he wants to be.”
You shut your locker. “Look, thanks for the warning, but I think I can handle myself.”
She lets out a low whistle. “You sure are something,” the girl tells you with a shake of her head. “No wondering you’re of interest to Hemmings.”
You shifted your bag up higher on your shoulder. “Look, I don’t mean to be. He helped me open my locker. That’s all there is to the story. If you’ll excuse me, I’m starving and I should go get something to eat.” You tried to walk past her, but she pulled on your arm.
“Why don’t you eat with my friend and me. We could use someone like you in our group,” she offered.
You raised and eyebrow at her offer, but then shrugged. “I guess. Why not? It’s better than eating alone,” you tell her then follow her in the direction of the cafeteria.


Recently I’ve been kind of at war with myself on how I should go about studying for Bio…on one side I like taking notes like this, because it helps me understand what I’m reading, but at the same time it’s so time consuming that I feel like I should just go spend my time more wisely, you know? “Work smarter, not harder” is something that I still haven’t fully understood 😂

Cure || LRH

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Abstract: Luke Hemmings becomes known as your typical rich kid who gets away with everything until [Y/N] learns that he’s more than just his money when she starts to fall with him, acting on her feelings when drunk. 

Word Count: 4622 words

Request part 2

“Did you hear about the new kid in town?” Your friend, [Y/F/N], snorted at her own remark as you laughed with her.

“What new kid?” You asked in confusion as you both calmed down from her earlier remark.

“Luke something, I think.” She said as she bit into her sandwich causing a chunk of egg salad to spill onto her tie, “fuck.”

“No, I haven’t heard about this kid but clearly everyone else has.” You laughed as you watched her struggle to clean the mess on her tie.

“Well I’m just gonna have to smell like egg for the rest of the day.” She groaned as you laughed, offering her a few of your napkins which she gladly took.

“What’s so special about this Luke kid?” You asked trying to get her back on track.

“Apparently he’s psycho.” She beamed excitedly as you gave a very confused look not really seeing the correlation between his supposed crazy her happiness.

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