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Life is possible only through challenges. Life is possible only when you have both good weather and bad weather, when you have both pleasure and pain, when you have both winter and summer, day and night. When you have both sadness and happiness, discomfort and comfort. Life moves between these two polarities. Moving between these two polarities you learn how to balance. Between these two wings you learn how to fly to the farthest star.
—  Osho

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TOPICAL INQUIRY, PER YOUR POST: I know you don't know me all that well, but based on what you know so far: when I ultimately move to the Los Angeles area, where exactly should I live?

First, I hope it is clear that at my core, I love Los Angeles. It’s a major character in the novel I’m writing because I want others to hear the voice she whispers in my ear on summer nights, feel the loose shade of palm trees and the aching sun bounce off stucco, get sand and sunscreen in crevices, and bathe in the glow of neon strip malls.

LA has a little for everyone, although it’s terribly expensive, so it really depends on your means and your vibe; namely, how close to your neighbors do you want to be? The Valley is good for proper yards and pools and homes that still seem like you got your money’s worth. The gentrification of the east side means you’ll overpay or you’ll renovate; both will put you in striking distance of a hot yoga studio or a hip Trader Joes. I’m partial to mid-city, because I love that stretch of Fairfax, La Brea, La Cienega, 3rd St., Beverly, Melrose, and all the shops and stores and people in between. There’s the hills, of course, which are for big money and a decided immunity to vertigo; Culver City and West Palms for young families who scraped together enough funds to buy their first house; the beaches for a different kind of big money; DTLA for expensive lofts. There are other places, too, of course.

LA is one of those cities that has to speak to you to know where to drop anchor. You have to drive the streets with your windows down at 2pm on a Wednesday or 2am on a Saturday. Pay attention to the places that feel like home even when you see them for the first time. Where the shade falls, where the music from your car sounds the best, where the tacos taste just right, where your neighbors love you as much as you love them.

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Wow just imagine us - fast forward a few months: it's almost summer, the nights are getting warmer, you just wear a simple Tshirt in the evening while enjoying a drink with your friends, your phone vibrates and you see a notification, it's an update on the nrk website. A feeling of dizziness and warmth flows through your whole body and you think: "oh that's nice, another update from skam today, we're so lucky" while you take a sip from your drink and open safari to watch the new clip...

this sounds really nice and all but,,,,,would u really be that chill when theres an update

Dress (Sugar daddy!Calum smut)

Summary: You wear a dress guaranteed to send Calum up the wall (okay pls I can’t do summaries but it’s sugar daddy and they fuck and ahhHH hot stuff!)

Word Count: 4.8k (SO LONG OH MY GOD)

Warnings: There’s three sections of smut! Yes, three! Also daddy kink and bondage ;)

A/N: Jfc you have no idea how much effort I’ve put into this! I really hope you like it, I think it’s pretty good, if I do say so myself <3

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For my CEO!5sos blurb night with @felicityash and @pretendtobepunkrock!

Crisp shirts. Sparkling cufflinks. Neat sheets. 

Just some of the many things that spring to mind when you think of him. 

Calum Hood, CEO of Hood Incorporations, hasn’t left your mind ever since you met to discuss a partnership deal. Your father owns a business similar to Calum’s and you, his devoted daughter, handle some of the more day-to-day tasks, including meeting with the extremely attractive business partner.

From the start you knew Calum was different. Maybe it was the elegance in which he operated, the silky smoothness embedded in his voice. 

Or, perhaps, it was the fact that he’d had you spread across his desk within ten minutes of your first encounter. 

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Do me a favor, Stand up, walk to wherever the nearest window is, and just look outside. You may not know this, but there’s an entire planets-worth of summers, friends, sunsets, moon, buildings, street lamps, songs, late nights, great films, and night skies waiting for you. Your life is as amazing as you want it to be, but first, you have to let it be that way.
—  Chad Sugg